WordPress SEO Checklist – Design a WordPress Website that ranks well?

Wordpress SEO Checklist

You must have come across this article looking for the wordpress SEO checklist. Luckily, you have landed in the right place. You must have chosen wordpress as your CMS platform to design your website, and it might be because it is one of the best popular CMS (Content Management System) and often SEO-Friendly.

For instance, checking out the powerful features of wordpress at their official site is itself enough to let you know about its SEO-Friendly part. However, it does not mean that simply designing a website with wordpress will boost its rankings. 

You still have to understand the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to make it work. Thus, we are adding a few lists of wordpress SEO checklist over here. Let’s have a look.

WordPress SEO Checklist – Design a Website that Ranks Well

Before anything, just remember that wordpress is not a replacement for any SEO strategy. However, we still cannot deny the fact that it does save the time and efforts of people while making some good SEO practices.

Honestly, your choice of CMS does not indicate the rankings in search engines. Just because you are choosing wordpress as the CMS platform then it does not mean that your SEO tactics will get change. You still have to create great content, make a good amount of backlinks, and focus on providing the best user experience to visitors.

Wordpress SEO Checklist

However, the wordpress SEO checklist will help you while designing a good and SEO-Friendly website. Let’s have a look.

Choose a Reliable Hosting Provider – 1

Before anything else, the first step while designing a wordpress website is choosing a good and reliable hosting provider. You cannot just rely on the local hosting providers that can slow down your website anytime.

It is because the speed of your website matters a lot. For instance, one should understand the importance of website loading speed while designing a website. Thus, choosing a reliable hosting provider is one of the essential tasks in the WordPress SEO Checklist.

Install SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme – 2

Second, when the loading part is done. You now have to choose a reliable and SEO-Friendly theme for your wordpress website. You can prefer the free options, but consider going for the premium options as they provide more security and features compared to the free version.

Moreover, the premium version is easily customizable. You can just make edits simply to design a professional-looking website.

Install a Free WordPress SEO Plugin – 3

You now have to install a Free WordPress SEO plugin to support your content. A free wordpress SEO plugin will let you know about the essential things that need to be done to make content more SEO-Friendly.

You can just simply make those edits. For instance, some of the free wordpress SEO plugins are;

You can install any one of them.


Here we come at the end. Your search might end here. It is not that difficult to design a wordpress website that ranks well in search engines. You only need to know some crucial information and a wordpress SEO checklist to do so.

Thus, we have added this article to provide enough support to the visitors. Still, if there is something else to ask? You can always ask us in the comments section.

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