Why should one opt for WordPress for Website Development?

Wordpress for Website Development

You must be wondering ‘Why should one opt for WordPress for Website Development?.’ Let me give you a quick answer before coming to the detailed information. You must be aware of the launch of WordPress. For instance, WordPress was launched back in 2013, and since it is ruling the blogging industry as one of the perfect CMS (Content Management System.)

WordPress has grown by leaps and in terms of usage and adoption for website development. For instance, this platform has gained a lot of users and interacted with a lot of bloggers in its initial stage. Over time, it does expand its market share and features. You can now see that it has been widely used. 

Wordpress for Website Development

So, the question is ‘Why should one opt for WordPress for Website Development?.’ We have given you a quick overview in the introduction itself. Still, let’s have a look at the complete piece of information in this article below.

Why should one opt for WordPress for Website Development?

You must be wondering about this question for a long time. For instance, many reasons are available and enough to justify the importance of using WordPress for website development.

For instance, even to design an SEO-Friendly website in 2021. You need this CMS. 

The reasons ‘why should one opt for wordpress for website development?.’ are;

Easy Interface – 1

WordPress has a quick and easy user interface for the people. For instance, a beginner in web development can use this platform for designing a website in 2021. It is even quick to install on most hosting platforms.

For instance, most hosting companies do offer wordpress as their default CMS (Content Management System). Since it has an easy user interface, one can simply design their website up to the mark with available features.

No requirement of HTML/FTP – 2

You do not need to install any HTML or FTP software for uploading any content or stuff on your website. The wordpress platform is itself enough to complete such tasks. You can quickly add content and other things without even the need for such software.

Customization Features – 3

There are a lot of customization features available in this CMS. You can customize your website in the way you want. You only need expertise in minimal editings and codings to do so. You can also check the available tutorials over the internet for doing this.

Additional Plugins – 4

There is always a requirement for the additional stuff. Thus, the additional plugins are the advantage of WordPress. Meanwhile, you can install the available wordpress plugins to ease your work. For instance, it is even helpful in the optimization of the website. You can install an SEO plugin to make it SEO optimized.


Here we come at the end. We can now hope that your search for this question ‘Why should one opt for WordPress for Website Development?.’ ends here. It is because we have added a definitive answer in this article that supports your search.

You can now see why one should opt for wordpress. Alright, if there is anything else to ask? Do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section. 

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