Wix Vs WordPress – Which one is better to Design a Professional Website?

Wix Vs Wordpress

You will not believe the fact that over the last fortnights, one developer has gone toe-to-toe with another developer comparing Wix to wordpress. For instance, Wix launched a marketing campaign that attracts wordpress users. Honestly, they had offered various things to convert the wordpress visitor.

However, it is not easy though. WordPress is a huge content management system platform. It even comes in the list of best popular CMS. You cannot just compare them with each other. Recently, we have did a comparison between WordPress Vs Drupal. You should not just compare one CMS to another.

Wix Vs WordPress

For instance, every CMS has its importance. It only depends on the priority and developer needs. Thus, to clear the confusion. We are adding up this article. 

Wix Vs WordPress – Which one is Better?

Wix and WordPress are both content management system platforms. Both of the CMS is working hard and good in their ways. While Wix is providing free subdomain services along with simple web design, wordpress works to provide professional services with a simple user interface to the customers.

WordPress Features –

  • WordPress is more user-friendly when it comes to non-technical people. This means people find it more convenient and easy to use compared to any other CMS platform.
  • WordPress supports third-party themes and plugins that often increase its expandability to its users. Meanwhile, it becomes the most loving CMS platform.
  • You can find quick help in the particular community about any of the wordpress issues.
  • WordPress offers lower development costs.

Wix Features – 

  • Wix provides free subdomain services with limited options to start web development.
  • You cannot just install any third-party theme to the Wix platform without purchasing it. It could be easier but a good-looking theme requires purchasing.
  • You cannot just add simple plugins as the pre-installed tools are enough to customize the website as simply as possible.
  • Wix is more concerned about providing a better user experience. It is a common web development platform and could be known as a better place to launch your first website.

Thus, both of the platforms are good at their places. You do not have to convert them for using it. Just use it based on your needs.

Which one is better to Design a Professional Website?

This answer will depend upon individual needs. You cannot just ask us to choose a better platform for you. You need to check your needs and choose the platform accordingly. More important, one should check their budget before choosing a CMS platform.

If you ask us? Then, both platforms are perfect. You can choose WordPress for simple development and Wix for quicker development. Both of the platforms are good enough to design a professional-looking website.


Here we come at the end. Your discussion and comparison between Wix Vs WordPress should end here. For instance, we have mentioned earlier that both platforms are good at their places. There is no need to compare them. Still, we have added enough information for the people over here to quickly recognize the better option for them.

We hope it helps. The rest of the queries can be asked in the comments section.

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