How Much Does Web Design Cost? (A Detailed Breakdown)

web design cost

You must have come across this article looking for a detailed guide about ‘How much does Web Design Cost?.’ Luckily, you have landed in the right place. Business owners are specifically focused on designing their business websites to increase their customers and outcomes. For instance, 75% of people in the industry admitted. They judge brand and its credibility based on its business website design.

You must have heard this sentence ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ Just have a look at your website and see how does it impact you? For instance, how does it impacting potential customers?

web design cost

Thus, if one is thinking that their website design is turning the potential people away, then it is time to give a refresh. You must be worried about the ‘Website Design Cost.’ No worries, we are here to help. We will be adding enough information to this article and factors that affect the total price for designing a website. Let’s have a look.

How Much Does an Average Web Design Cost?

Whenever a business or individual deciding that it is a time for making a new website or to refresh the existing one, the first thing one has to do is set up the budget. It is because most people do not like to spend much on the designing of the website. Thus, it would be better if one decided the comfortable spending budget while designing a website.

You must be worried about the average web design cost? Let me explain. The average price for designing a new website can be varied and range somewhere between 2500$ to 15000$. It depends upon a lot of factors, tools, and pricing structure of making a new website.

Different Pricing Structures –

It depends. For instance, it depends upon who you hire for this project. It would be either for a complete project payment or one like to make the payment every hour. However, the cost of designing a website hourly can be varied, it starts from $75/hour.

Thus, if one is having a tight budget then opting for a fixed-price project is a much better option rather than hiring anyone on an hourly basis. However, one should do maximum research before hiring anyone for a fixed-price project. It is because a lot of people do not offer many customizations or revisions.

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Factors that affect Web Design Cost

Do you know what is the good news? You are in charge of controlling the budget. It is because few factors affect web design cost. Depending on the budget, one can decide the things.

Let’s have a look at factors.

Number of Pages – 1

It is simple. The more pages you put on your website the more expensive it becomes. Thus, if one plans to write the content itself then it effectively cost less.

Functionality – 2

It depends. For example, if one is only in a need of a simple website that showcases some contents, contact page then it will cost low compared to the online stores. (Whichever requires functionality)

Who you hire – 3

We have mentioned earlier. The web design cost depends upon the person who you are hiring. For example, if one is hiring any junior developer then one will effectively charge low compared to the senior developer. 

Bottom Line

Internet is not going anywhere. Thus, one needs an updated website to compete. It not only makes the business look professional but also attracts a lot of customers. 

However, you now have complete knowledge about ‘How much does web design cost?.’ Thus, it is time to get up and set up a new website. If there is anything that we can help you with? Do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section.

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