Top 6 Data Analysis Templates

Welcome back readers, here we are back with a new article on new topic related to some useful templates for excel and word. Today we are going to see some Data Analysis Templates that makes your work easy and efficient. So, let’s get started by knowing some basics things about Data Analysis Templates.

What are Data Analysis Templates?

Data Analysis Templates are those which help you to analyze some large data sets of specific data. These templates save loads of time and get you the most efficient data than any other process. Here there can be different types of Data Analysis Templates, some of them are Portfolio Analysis template, Cash Flow Analysis Templates etc.

Here, below we are providing you the most downloaded Data Analysis Templates by many of the individuals and companies to analyze particular data.

Portfolio Analysis Template

Portfolio Analysis templates, it is one of the most downloaded data analysis templates and very efficient template of all the other data analysis templates. There can be many Portfolio Analysis Templates such as Stock portfolio, candidate portfolio etc. Here with this template you can make your work easy by just renaming the rows and columns according to your process. This template also makes easy to calculate the complex numbers by providing some easy formulas. You only need to substitute the values in ti it, in order to get the desired result.

GE Stock Analysis Template

Stock analysis is always been a tough task and if there is a small mistake in the analysis it may cost you very high. That is the reason why we brought you this GE Stock Analysis Template which helps you to analyze the huge stock exchange data and get the accurate result from it.  You can also easily compare the results of two data sets of a GE Stock Analysis data and find the best one for you. Everyone can easily understand this GE Stock Analysis Template, as it displays the results in the form of a graph.

Cash flow Analysis Template

Cash flow analysis, it is often very important in a company to manage and analyze the cash flow in and cash flow out in a company. To make the work easier and efficient we have made this awesome Cash flow analysis template. You can easily manage large sets of data and compare the data with the previous years stats and can get the clear picture of the cash flow in a company. You can also get different types of Cash flow Analysis Template, such as yearly Cash flow Analysis Template, monthly Cash flow Analysis Template and weekly Cash flow Analysis Template.

Swot Analysis Template

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats.  It is one of the mostly executed processes for any company, industry or even for a project. SWOT analysis has got very much importance in every aspect of a company or a project. The SWOT forms the major units of a company or a project, without them there could not be a successful project or a company. So, to make your work done quickly and efficiently, you can use this SWOT Analysis Template. It provides some pre described areas, which make it very easy to complete the work.

Website Competition Analysis Template

Website Competition Analysis, it is also one of the most important analysis done by the website owners to keep track of their competitors. As, if are not following the analysis frequently, your competitor may go cross you to get the better Google page rank. So, keeping in mind all these things, we have designed this awesome template that makes you to keep track of your competitors and implement some new techniques to get a better result. This type of template will be available mostly in a word format rather than a excel.

Market analysis Template

Market analysis is also one of the key data analysis template used by many companies and industries. These Market analysis templates help you to analyze the current market data and compare it with the past data to excl in the market. Some of the Market templates is also used to analyze data related to stock exchange, thus it is also called as a multipurpose data analysis template. There are many other awesome features that pretend you to download this template.

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on Top 6 Data Analysis Templates for Excel and word. Hope this article helped you and do not forget to like and share this article, which helps it to reach many like you. Please do comment your views and opinions on the above article in the below comment section. Thank you for reading.

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