Top 10 Best Excel Dashboard Templates

Excel Dashboard Templets

Here we are providing you with all the details regarding the Best Excel Dashboard Templates that are available in the market, these templates can be used in an effect to customize your business strategies, make the profit out of it. The list provided below is prepared based on many key factors that rank them.

Excel Dashboard Templets

Best Excel Dashboard Templates

KPI Dashboard Template:

KPI stands for Key Point Indicator, this template is mostly used to track your business performance so as to maximize the profits from your business. This template saves your time in producing many handouts and reports, you can use the KPI Template centralized metric to share the information between the teams of your company for better growth. Using this template you can view the KPI’s either as tables or Graphs, you can compare multiple KPI’s and view the progress of the KPI. This KPI Dashboard template is easy to work out with and understandable.

Project Plan Dashboard Template:

Project plan Dashboard template is very much helpful for the project managers to view the status of the project by standing above all of the employees. It becomes effortless to track all the activities, issues and the progress of the project using a single snapshot of this dashboard template. You can get all the updated information from time to time using this template apart from only keeping track of the progress. It becomes easy to share and discuss the advancement of the project with the team members. You can also view the task status of completion and be remaining using the pie charts.

Project Plan Dashboard Template

Project Portfolio Management Dashboard Template:

Contradiction to Project plan dashboard template that provides you the information regarding the status of a single project, this Project Portfolio Management Dashboard Template provides you the status of multiple projects on a single template. It becomes easy to handle the multiple projects at a time, you can view the accurate status of different projects and can review the least progressed project. It becomes easy to track key project parameters, risks and budget of multiple projects at a time, it becomes easy to address each and every project teams efficiently. Thus many projects can be focused on Key Performance Indicators.

Profit and Loss Dashboard Template:

Profit and Loss dashboard template can also be named as an Income Statement, you can also use the Income Statement template as a Profit and loss dashboard template. This template relay’s on the Business Budget Template, as it makes use of the same business expense and income categories. You can easily create a Profit and Loss projection using this template for multiple years so that it becomes easy to analyze the profits and losses of a particular year and can try to increase them in the present year. You can also use this Profit and Loss Dashboard Template for monthly cash flow analysis, for that, you just need to make certain changes in the labels of columns.

TimeSheet Dashboard Template:

This Timesheet Dashboard Template is most commonly used by every company, industry or organization to keep track of their employee working hours. It is the easiest way to keep an eye on employee working and you can also have some other benefits using this template i.e. you can add an extra column and can assign the pay’s for each hour they worked for, this template can’t be used for the clock in and out the status of an employee. This Timesheet Dashboard Template is available in 4 different versions, which include Weekly and biweekly versions, that has an option to use the H: M format or decimal format of recording.

TimeSheet Dashboard Template

Excel Calendar Dashboard Template:

This is one of the coolest templates that even a very small company, industry or organization uses it, this Excel Calendar Dashboard Template is used to create the calendars and record the everyday events of a full year. You can add the events of the day in the column provided below the date of the month, you can highlight a particular event, anniversary, birthday or holidays. This template comes with all the Holidays included in them, you no need to include the holidays, which saves lots of time. You can fill in the different columns with the colors you want, that can distinguish certain specific tasks or events.

Gantt chart Excel Template:

This Gantt chart Excel Template is used to create a proper schedule for a project and can be printed later, many of the tools that are available in the market to create the schedule for a project needs proficiency in that particular tool, but using this simple Gantt chart Excel Template, you can easily create a proper schedule for your project with basic knowledge on excel. Each row in this template specifies a different task, there will be some default number of rows, if you want more rows, you can simply copy and paste the rows and add a specific task. You can easily view the task and the progress in the specific task using this template.

Job Application Template:

This is the common template used by an employer, this Job Application Template helps the employer to exhibit his preferences and choose a desired person for the position offered. Job application templates are of two types, one without references and the other with references, you can use any of them based on your requirement. These Job Application Templates help you in screening the applicants easily, rather than filtering the applicants personally. This template comes with all the major rows and columns needed by an employer, you just need to edit according to your company or organizational norms.

Cover Letter Template:

Cover letters are the basic thing that an employer first looks at and it is the first impression that your dream job can be acquired or lost, these Cover Letter Templates helps you to create some awesomeness in the cover letters, which are more professional and catchy. Before using this template you have to know the basic format and have knowledge on resume writing and cover letter writing. This cover letter comes with some added preferences, you have to edit to match your profile.

Budget Worksheet Template:

This is the most effective template that every organization or industry uses it to gain maximum savings and profits from their budget. This is mostly used to keep track of the periodical budget of the company and calculate the budget needed or afforded periodically. This is the simplest way to calculate your budget and find some fruitful savings in the areas you spent more budgets in the last period. You can add your budget and then put the bills and calculate the net, thus you can get the exact count.

Closure :

At the end of the line, I want to say that, there are many other best excel dashboard templates other than these, but these are the best in their Genres, so, if you find something that should be added in the list, please highlight it in the comments below. Thank you for reading this article and please do share the post, if you feel its worth.

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