Three Best Principles of a Good Website Design in 2021

Principles of a Good Website Design

Your website design is often essential. Since the visitor is the only person who clicks the mouse and makes a decision. Therefore, an effective web design should be good enough to target the visitor. You need to understand the fact that a responsive website design is what every business needs.

For instance, you can look for the quick answers in this article ‘Why does the client need a responsive website design?. Thus, having a good website design in 2021 is often essential. You cannot just rely on some simple practices that often use while designing a website.

Principles of a Good Website Design

You need to be smarter to understand your visitor. Therefore, we are adding up this article to make people understand the ‘three principles of a good website design in 2021.’ Let’s have a look at further information below.

3 Principles of a Good Website Design in 2021

Honestly, we are not going to discuss the design implements. You will find the basic information about designing a website in our previous articles.

The principles are focused upon a visitor. For example, what will you do if you are a visitor?

This is how you gonna make it work. You need to understand the basic principles of a good website design to understand your visitor. 

Do not make users think – 1

According to Krug’s first law, the web page should be visible and not be an extraordinary page. For instance, when you are designing a website, your job is to clear the question marks first from the visitor’s mind. 

You cannot expect a visitor to stay on your website if the website interface is enough to make the visitor confused. Remember, the first principle of a good website design is ‘Do not make users think.’

Therefore, providing them a simple user interface should be our primary priority.

Manage to Focus User Attention – 2

We know that a website provides both static and dynamic content to its visitors. Some aspects of content are eye-catching and do attract more user attention than any other stuff on the website.

Your second job is to create content, design for the website that focuses user attention. It is because a visitor will tend to stay more on the website if they found something attractive or good content enough to catch their attention.

You can count it as the second principle that often requires in a good website design in 2021.

Tip: You can use some landing pages or visual arts.

Effective Writing – 3

You must have heard this statement before ‘a good website needs good content, and good content needs effective writing.’ Alright. Your content should be good enough to attract visitors. 

You cannot just depend on the silly contents with a lot of grammatical errors. Sometimes, it just matters a lot to increase trust among the visitors.


Here we come at the end. You can now justify the need for three principles of a good website design. It is often essential for any website, though. 

Still, we have added enough information for everyone out there. If we have missed out something? You can suggest it to us in the comments section.

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