Best Top 5 Budgeting Templates for Excel

Hello guys, We are back with a new article on a new topic, Best Top 5 Budgeting Templates for Excel. We will here discuss what are budgeting templates? Where do we use them? What are the Best Top 5 Budgeting Templates for Excel and there description? And many more things, so, let’s start our session?

What are Budgeting Templates and Where do we use them?

First let’s focus on what is budgeting? So, budgeting is the financial plan made that includes the income, savings, expenses, debt and repayments of a person, family, a organization or for a project.

So, now you got to know what is budgeting. Let’s look at what are Budgeting Templates? So, Budgeting Templates are the spread sheets that can used to calculate the budget of a person, family, a organization or for a project with ease and flexibility is called a Budgeting Template. These Budgeting Templates makes our work easy by calculating the heavy budget plans using some formulas. These are very flexible, easy and are simple to create budget template for a regular income. You can also create a budget plan using these templates for irregular income but it is a bit difficult task to maintain this.

Now, let’s have a look on the Best Top 5 Budgeting Templates for Excel, these top 5 templates are prepared according to some stats, which includes most downloaded budgeting template and some other stats.

Simple Budget Worksheet Template

Simple Budget Worksheet Template can be used to make some simple budgets which includes low income, low debts and low repayments. These Simple Budget Worksheet Template are very much useful for personal budgeting plans, for small organizations, for small business, for a daily payments business, etc. You can have daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budget worksheets using this Simple Budget Worksheet Template. If you are new to the budgeting templates it is the nice ways start up with Simple Budget Worksheet Template, as other templates may include some complicated things, which might be very hard to learn without proper basics. So, for what are you waiting for, go grab this template for free from the below link.

You can Download it From : .

Family Budget Planner Template

Family Budget Planner Template, as the name depicts it is used for budget planning for a family.  This Family Budget Planner Template will be very much useful to depict the changes in costs and expenses taking place every year. This is one of the most popular and most downloaded budgeting templates. This works like this, you need to enter the details of every month, which includes, the family income, expenses, savings, debts and repayments. You need to calculate the total for a year and then compare it with the previous year’s budget. This template can also be used for budgeting for a month, but it would not show the great difference from month to month.

You can Download it From : .

Personal Budget Excel Spreadsheet Template

Personal Budget Excel Spreadsheet Template would be a great tool for the one who have just entered the independently earning world. This template can figure out how much is your income and how much actually you are spending and what is the amount you are saving it for future and many other things can be known. It is one of the flexible and simplest way to keep track of your own budgeting plans, someone said that it is very quick, even lazy lump can work on it.  It is the best practice to keep track of their own budgeting right from their first earning, as, you can be more particular about the expenses and savings.

You can Download it From : .

Household Budget Worksheet Template

Household Budget Worksheet Template, do not get confused between the Family Budget Planner Template and Household Budget Worksheet Template. Although both are very much identical in their meaning, there is a lot of difference between both of them. Family Budget Planner Template mainly focuses on yearly budgeting techniques, whereas, Household Budget Worksheet Template focuses on monthly budgeting and moreover on every single expense of that month. This, Household Budget Worksheet Template is one among the most powerful as well the complicated budgeting template. This template keeps tracks of every single expense of that month, it be a Electricity bill or a bread. So, if you want more detailed budgeting, try to use Household Budget Worksheet Template.

You can Download it From : .

Project Budget Template

Project Budget Template, it is one of the main ingredients of a Project management. Budgeting plays a vital role in a successful project management. This template is well designed for making a proper project budgeting plan, it keeps track of all the expenses made on project and it checks out with the budget of the plan every moment. Be it a large project or a small project this Project Budget Template works efficiently for both, after all it may be any type of budget, we eventually needs the profit not loss. So, you can download and use this Project Budget Template for free of cost from the below link.

You can Download it From : .

Conclusion :

That’s end of the article, there are many other budgeting templates for excel and word. We have just provided the most popular Best Top 5 Budgeting Templates for Excel, and if you feel something might have been included in the list. Please do mention and highlight it in the below comment box. Thank you for your interest in the article, please do visit our blog for more awesome posts. Please like and share the article, if you feel it deserves and feel free to comment for any queries or views on the article.

Top 5 Financial calculator templates

Hey guys, we are back with a new article on financial calculator templates which help you in calculating certain financial calculations which ease. Here we will be discussing everything about financial calculator and financial calculator templates. So first and foremost thing that we have to know is what are calculated templates? What are financial calculator templates? And at last we will be seeing the best top 5 financial calculator templates that can be downloaded for free.

What are calculator templates?

Calculator template are those which we use to calculate certain financial calculations which may include savings calculations, budget calculations, Dept calculations, loan calculations, mortgage calculations age calculations are many other

What are financial calculator templates?

The templates which help in calculating financial calculations with ease and flexibility are called financial calculator Templates.  There can be different types of financial calculator templates, which includes.  savings calculator template, Mortgage calculator template,  budget calculator templates,  college savings calculator templates,  monthly budget templates and many other financial templates.

Now let’s look at the best top 5 financial calculator template and their descriptions along with the free download link of these templates.  We are here providing the best and the most downloaded financial calculator templates for Excel.

Free home mortgage calculator template

Free home mortgage calculator templates, these free home mortgage calculator templates are used to calculate the net mortgage values. These home mortgage calculator templates flexible and simple to use, this template can be used for both fixed interest rates and for variable interest rates.  This templates work efficient for both types of interest rates. These templates help you to save lots of savings by calculating the perfect figures that can be made on the mortgage values. There are many other features of home mortgage calculator templates apart from just calculating the mortgage values and savings. Let’s have a look on some of its features. Using this home mortgage calculator template you can estimate the Insurance and property taxes, you can calculate Accelerated Bi- weekly payments, flexible more payment options and many other features can be utilized using this free home mortgage calculator templates

You can download it from : .

Free college savings calculator template

These free college savings calculator templates are exclusively built so as to make some savings from the college expenses. These college savings calculator templates include mini features rather than just creating a spreadsheet which shows the college expenses. Let’s have a look on the features that come with this template. This template can calculate the net savings that can be generated from the total college expenses, it can also be used for Solving day monthly deposits Which help in choosing a different deposit frequency, You can make use of this template for adding some extra deposit for extra savings, This template free includes the cost for grades such as k-12, High School, college and other.

You can download it from : .

Free yearly budget calculator template

Free early budget calculator template is one of the most powerful templates among the financial calculator templates. This template is a combination of both monthly calculator template and family budget calculator template. This single template can be used for both purposes, purse making it very powerful template.  Let’s have a look on the features of this yearly budget calculator template. This template can be used for budgeting for entire year or for a month, you can easily add and remove the rows and columns that you require are not needed.  This template shows the difference between actual expenses of the year to the budgeting expenses And there are many other features that comes with this template, you can enjoy all the features for free.

You can download it from: .

Free Auto loan calculator template

This free Auto loan calculator template can be used to calculate a loan taken for any object.  Let us consider, we have taken a loan for a car, now let us calculate the loan amount required for this car. Whenever you are using this template to calculate the loan it include all the cost, which includes,  sales tax, Actual cost of the car,  price required for registration of the car sales price and other prices which includes with spare parts etc. This template typically includes three spreadsheets they are, auto loan can calculator spreadsheet, payment spreadsheet, graphs spreadsheet.  in the first spreadsheet it just consists the loan amount and savings that can be made  from the loan and the second spreadsheet consists of the payment details and the amount need to be paid more and at last the third spreadsheet consists of a graph that shows The analysis for different interest rates.

You can download it from : .

Free Debt reduction snowball calculator template

This free Debt reduction snowball calculator template is used to reduce the amount of the earth has to be paid by Project Planning. This is one of the simplest snowball calculator templates that can be used to cut down the number of debts and this template can be used in Microsoft Excel Microsoft word or Google spreadsheets. This template is very well designed and executed so as to make the calculations more effective. This template consists of two spreadsheets, in which the first spreadsheet consists of the information related to the creditor and the second spreadsheet consists of the information related to the payments that has to be made. This template is also available in pro version for more features you can download the pro version from the same link provided below to download the free version of Debt reduction snowbell calculator template

You can download it from : .

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on financial calculator templates, the above provided financial calculator templates are the most downloaded financial calculator template.  If you feel we have missed any of the important financial calculator template please do mention in the comment box and highlight it. Please do like and share article and feel free to comment your views and comments for queries.

8 Best Schedule Templates for Excel

Schedules are important in day to day life. Working hard without is rest will not matter to achieve our goals. We have to learn managing available time effectively with proper schedule. Making and keeping schedule also reduces stress. Once when you look back we can easily understand the status of our work. It avoids confusion in doing work as we can have step by step procedure in completing work. If we maintain proper schedule spreadsheet we can manage work effectively keeping track on what we are doing from time to time. An excel spreadsheet is a great tool that has been designed to solve peoples problem in making and keeping schedules.

We have different excel templates depending on the requirements. Below provided are the most common and adorable excel templates.

Weekly Schedule Template

The above mentioned weekly schedule template is most commonly available in three formats. Some have 5 working days in week; some have six working days and will have same schedule in seven days. Hence this template is available in three formats. It is more flexible in using schedule templates. All we have to do is just download the required template and edit in own way with subheadings. Weekly Schedule Templates are effectively used schools, work places, Business units, camp meetings, official meetings etc. Following Schedule Template should become habit to young people as there will not be any waste of time.

Work Schedule Template

This is especially meant for employees as it is a best source of tracking. To run any business organization smoothly without any issues work schedule is mandatory. Work schedule can record our tracks from time to time and can update to our higher authorities when required suddenly. It is not possible to re-collect last week’s work with any schedules plans. Customized work schedule templates are available for free. We can use for personal and for professional use. Using this we can also track our labor efficiency from day to day instead of avoiding confusion and we can use every resource up to the mark.

Daily Schedule Template

Daily tasks can be recorded using Daily Schedule Template. This excel is designed with respect to our working hours. Hour to hour work can be recorded or noted and can have almost 100% progress in our task. One day works can be divided into subgroups and can be fixed in template provided. This is effectively used for mandatory business tracks like billing; labels can be recorded under Daily Schedule template. Beginning we can form an excel sheet and can plan complete day schedule,

Project Schedule Template

To an employee, his/ her project tracking is huge task. There is no need to create entire framework again and again. We have an option to re-use the sheet for different task. This facility is provided in only Project Schedule Template. We can create our own excel Schedule but the beauty of Schedule Template will miss in our excel sheet. They are designed to meet the need of every employee with multiple options. We just have to download our required format template, update according to our project and excel sheet is ready to use.

Class Schedule Template

To get recognized as best student, one needs to follow his own schedule so that he cannot miss anything and can have a good score. Now a days study became very hard as competition is increasing daily. This works as super time table for any student. Class schedule is must for weekly and monthly time tables. Keeping class schedule makes students to manage their subjects together and further avoiding stress. In student life time is very crucial and everyone has to manage their available time very effectively.

Immunization Schedule Template

In this busy work stress there is chance of forgetting vaccination to children. This is related to health and everyone should be more careful in this matter. Hence to avoid any kind of risks involved we also have Immunization Schedule templates. We can use this and can record our baby’s present vaccination status. We have to get perfect vaccination dates for your baby from the doctor and can have a look daily where we are on vaccination status. There are some medicines that can be followed according to regular time intervals. For such issues also we can use Immunization Schedule template.

Shift Schedule Template

This is exclusively meant for working people with irregular shifts. Some has a problem with shifts that they will not follow one single shift in entire month. These keep on changing and we missed to track our shift details we will definitely fall into risk. To avoid such problems it is better to maintain proper excel sheet. We do not have option and time to prepare effective excel sheet then and there. In such cases Shift Schedule template comes into picture. They are readily available and we have to just update according to our requirements and use.

Employee Schedule Template

This is meant for business organizations. They can have look on the resources working and their working hours. From this no resource can be left without work. Even an employee can also maintain this sheet to avoid confusion with multiple works he is handling. If you are lead of small organization, you will have to observe all your employees work pressure. In such cases Employee schedule template will help as they can keep 100% apt results from time to time. When compared with other templates this is specially designed with some extra specific options that are required for a small business organization.

Conclusion :

Microsoft designed the above excel templates to reduce our stress in making. They are readily available and we can use them depending on the purpose. Using schedule excels will show the capability of the person and helps when a quick response is needed from our side. How much we are working is not important now-a-days, how we are presenting is important which shows our skills more clearly.

8 Planner Templates for Excel

We are provided with unlimited number of excel formats. We can download the required and can edit in our own way. Spreadsheet is a great tool that is designed by Microsoft to solve planning problems. Planning in word document or in any other format is completely different form planning g in excel spreadsheet. Multiple tasks can be perfectly noted or recorded in excel spreadsheet. It requires some basic knowledge in preparing excel spreadsheet. To solve such excel problems Microsoft has designed some standard planner templates. To meet the needs of planning related issues these Planner Templatessupport. Maintaining spreadsheet avoids confusion in doing work as we can have step by step procedure in completing our tasks. If we maintain proper planner template we can manage work effectively keeping track on what we are doing from time to time.

Below are some types of planner templates samples that are commonly used. There will help in maintaining accurate results and track on regular tasks that we are performing.

Daily Planner Template for Excel:

Daily planning is like maintaining diary about all our works that needs to be done on daily basis. We can get ready made daily planner templates in excel format. An updated excels format helps in keeping track on daily tasks without any confusion. Great professionals have a habit of following these planner templates. This planning schedule also reduces stress as everything can be done in step by step manner. It is mandatory to follow daily planning for both working and non-working people.

Weekly Planner Template for Excel:

Weekly is standard format that is available in three versions. Number of working days in a week is different for different working people and hence it available in more versions. Some have 5 working days in a week and some have six working days in a week. For some people all seven days are working days. We can record our task for that particular day and can also record shift timings. This is intensively used to record working hours in a week. An organization has to follow this template to record their employee tasks and working hours.

Monthly Planner Template for Excel:

This template is also known as calendar template. This is the most commonly used planner template among all other templates. Each and every employee has to maintain this to track their monthly tasks. Not only working people it is also used for non-working people in different way. Housewives can track their monthly kitchen expenses in monthly Planner Template for excel. Budget related aspects can also be noted using monthly planner template. Depending on our monthly pay we can completely plan our monthly tour and working hours in the beginning itself.

Year Planner Template for Excel:

This is planned once in a year and it very hard to prepare our own Year Planner Template for Excel as it contains many rows and columns. For instance, excel calendar for the year 2016 is available with all working days and public holidays mentioned in it. We can follow pre designed Year Planner Template for Excel as they comprises with holidays and weekends. We are provided with many Year Planner Templates as of now in different websites.

Personalized Planners Template for Excel:

This template is especially used for people who are satisfied with above Planner Templates. We can edit and make changes up to the extent and can use accordingly. This we can use for travel purpose and all our extra expenditure during travelling. We would have some specific well defined plans and goals and those can be perfectly recorded using Personalized Planners Template for Excel. This excel would become a handset with more flexibility. Most of the project managers and test leads would prefer to use this Planner Template.

Family Planner Template for Excel:

Family planner templates keep on changing and we have many updates versions. This template is exclusively used for budget plans. All kinds of budget related things can be noted in this excel. We can completely have a track on monthly savings and can plan for next month accordingly. Financial planning is very important to run a successful family and hence this Family Planner Template for excel is exclusively used. Family head can track on monthly, quarterly and annually expenditure and savings perfectly.

Meal Planner Template for Excel:

It is not at all ridiculous in using Excel format for meal planning. If you all fed with regular food habits and are in confusion what to cook further, than Meal Planner Template for Excel would help us to the great extent. We can add all our family members’ favorite dishes and can satisfy all the family members equally. Meal Planner Template for Excel is most exclusively used for maintaining meal items. We can note all meal items what we have purchased in that week and can keep track on them before finishing. Most of the house makers would use this template to maintain meal items and can purchase in time.

Homework Planner Template for Excel:

This template is used to track all your homework both official and unofficial. Maintaining pdf file or word document is not effective in using and not easy to understand. In such cases Homework Planner Template for excel comes into picture. This is designed for students mostly MS and MBA students as they would have burden with huge number of assignments. Completing all the given assignments in time is big task for MBA students and there is a chance of missing the count without proper maintenance of excel.

Conclusion :

We would have complex work and les time which increases work pressure. Using Planner Templates make us to get out of work stress as everything is planned in respectable way. This planning should be done according to the priority. Microsoft has provisioned spreadsheet tool and we can use it from small aspects to mandatory tasks. As everyone cannot prepare their own excel spreadsheets planner Templates will come into picture with multiple and attracting options designed.

8 Best Business Flyer Templates

Flyer templates are mainly followed for marketing purpose. Small business unit to large business unit, everyone is in need of flyers to have best marketing of their company or product. Flyer is an adorable tool that is most commonly used for business people. People prefer to use flyers to have best publicity of their product or company. Flyers are flexible as they can be mailed, handed out to another person, displayed in public areas. It makes effectiveness of your marketing using flyers campaign as they are the best sources to reach people easily. We can get available flyer templates and can further edit for our usage with Microsoft. Flyer templates can also be editable using OpenOffice. Some are available with free of cost and some are available with some fixed prices. To run a best business unit flyer template is best source and when compared to other expenses buying an efficient flyer template never matters.

Below provided are some basic design flyer template and for instance description is mentioned for each.

Corporate Flyer Design Template:


Corporate Flyer Design Template is best source to promote any small business unit. Now a days company promotion also matters for better marketing. These are specially designed for new sponsors. Flyers are readily available and we have to just edit name and add our logo. For some standard flyers logos are also available inbuilt. A good looking flyer can promote more easily and can reach people more effectively. Corporate Flyer Design Template is specially designed for business purpose only.

Multipurpose Corporate Flyer Design Template:

Multipurpose Flyer Design Template contains multiple designs comprised in one template. This can be used for multiple purposes both professional and non professional. It is provided with more than two color variants with attractive changes. We can buy one such Multipurpose Corporate Flyer Design Template and can use for multiple marketing products with minor variant changes. This template is easily affordable and has large extent of using. This is completely editable template and can make small changes before using. These templates are specially designed for a business unit which has to market multiple products under it.

Company Flyer Template:

We are provided with hundreds of template with beautiful layouts and readily available. When we are planning to launch new company or a new product from old company we need proper marketing and publicity to make it famous. Some spend hours together in making best suited flyer for their product or company. But this is waste of time as readily Company Flyer Templates are available with good looking and attracting features. For running an effective business we should not waste our time in just making flyers and can use templates which are more attractive than our prepared ones.

Medical Flyer Template:

Free medical Flyer Templates are for medicinal services, dental and other fitness service. They are designed with various layouts and styles. Medical Flyer Templates are designed with all medical layouts and health care images. We can also further add images like building images in the flyer. To prepare an effective flyer of our needs some basic knowledge and it kills time. Hence well designed Medical Flyer Templates are used with watermark features.

Web Hosting Flyer Template:

This flyer design is of photo shop template in multiple color variation with the possibility to change to our required colors. It is completely and fully editable. You can put your prices and description. Web Hosting Flyer Templates are best designed flyers with single page formats and double pages also if needed. Customizable templates are most useful for web hosting and its publicity. A best designed flyer can attract web browsing people easily. A proper flyer could be the best marketing for web hosting.

Real Estate Flyer Template:

Real Estate business is completely buying and selling and needs proper publicity. These real estate flyers are created in Word and can be edited in word document or Open Office to customize any way you like. We can also add images of your property, change text and colors. We have to add a perfect tag line which grabs attention of viewers. The flyer indicates a quick introduction of the real estate brand name to market the best source of Real Estate Company an effective Real Estate Flyer Template is mandatory. Flyer itself should give brief description of real estate capacity and selling authority. To give brief description we can add points in the form bullets which can easily reach into buyers and sellers mind.

Digital Agency Flyer Template:

Digital Agency Flyers are based on Internet Advertising and Website Marketing Company. In order to help your web business achieve its Internet goals we work to improve the quality visitor’s traffic by following well designed Digital Agency Flyer Templates. At the same time it also reduces the cost of running the website. Digital Agency flyers are well designed with most adorable features. Many Global Advertising Media Private Limited Companies follows Digital Agency Flyer Template that helps in advertising their page.

Wealth Management Business Flyer Template:

Wealth Management Business also needs some marketing to make it more efficient. There are specially meant for people’s welfare and hence the best Wealth Management Business Company should to reach each and every corner place, than only we can expect huge response from the eligible people. Along with charity and collecting funds we should also concentrate on marketing. Wealth Management Business Flyer Templates are the best sources for such marketing as it deals with low cost.

Conclusion :

These flyer templates can be easily transferred from one person to other person easily through mails also. Not only for business marketing, flyer templates can also be used for our personal occasions like birthdays and festivals. Thousands of flyers by professional printing company are available with $200 – $600 which is pretty cheap when compared to business marketing.

8 Best Workout Log Templates for Excel and Word

There are so many bodybuilders and fitness freaks who took their fitness very seriously and it is very good though. In this modern and technical era, you can do your workout in a better way. Workout log templates for Excel and Word are one of the best examples. These workout log template would be more beneficial for these people to maintain their health. If you want to stay fit then you can also use an edible excel workout template that will work for you very well. You can download it from the internet and once you have downloaded workout log template on your personal computer then you will be able to make changes in the template according to your needs. It is also available in Microsoft word format and you can use it more conveniently.

A workout log template can be either Excel based or word based will help you to make workout tracker or log. Then you can enter your all workout related details in it. If you are chasing weight loss or any other fitness goal then workout log template is best companion for you. A well maintained workout table focuses on your day to day work out details. With the help of this workout table we can easily chase weight loss goal as it motivates you to achieve your goal and it will also help you to keep you on track.

Exercise log Template for Word

If you are very conscious about your fitness then you need exercise log template which will help you to stay fit. A proper exercise log template consists of all the information that you need to chase any goal. If you have set any goal about your health then you need to find a way for tracking your fitness exercise. A well maintained exercise log template for word will assist you to chase that goal. The only thing you need to do is download a word exercise log template from net and follow it seriously.

Weekly Workout Log book Template


If you are trying to find a way to start tracking your fitness then a simple weekly workout log book template will be helpful for you. You don’t need to spend much time on it when you are tracking your fitness with weekly workout log book. You just need a simple and short workout log template. But the most important thing is that you should have to follow the instructions very seriously in this weekly workout log book. Then you will see the difference within a week with the help of this log book template.

Workout Schedule Template for PDF

Whenever you are trying to chase a fitness goal then you need a way that will help you to track your progress in an efficient manner. You need to decide how much time will it takes to chase your goal? All these things are included in a workout schedule template. You just need to follow it. If you can’t make a proper work schedule then there is a better option available for you as there are lots of workout schedule templates available for you on net in PDF format. Download it and start your workout.

Training Record Template

A training record template will keep you updated about your workout schedule. It will have the required sections that you have to fill like you chest size, back, shoulder size, biceps, etc. You just have to fill the date and other detail in the template. This will give you your day to day progress in workout schedule. It is also available on net so that you can download it and start your schedule. You should not miss any exercise when you workout. A proper well maintained workout schedule will reflects your complete details about your progress.

Food Journal and diet log Template

If you think you are gaining weight and you need to work out then you need a food journal and diet log template. Only exercise template will not be sufficient for you. Therefore you need both food journal and exercise template. A diet log will tell you the proper nutrition that will help you to lose your weight. Food Journal consist of all the important diet material that will help you for making your body fit. Like other journal template Food journal template is also available on net and you can download it.

Create Workout Sheet Template

If you need a workout schedule template then you can create it by yourself. Many people consult with their gym trainers and make their own workout sheet template. He will tell you about your fat part of your body and assist you to make a well maintained template. There are some websites that will help you to create your workout sheet template. You just have to visit to the website and fill the required details and it will generate a workout template for you. Then you just have to follow the workout sheet template and you will become completely fit.

Free Printable Workout log Template

A free printable workout log template will be more beneficial for you. If you want to use this kind of template then you just have to fill the sections of log every day. Fill the date and the time of your workout in appropriate sections. If you have weighing machine then you can weight yourself daily before each workout. It will help you to get the required information about losing your fat. Then fill the exercise that you perform each day. There are several other details that you just have to fill in the log sections.

Daily Food Log Template

Actually we all have to follow a proper diet plan as it will help us to stay fit and maintaining proper diet is one of the most difficult parts to stay fit. It is a great challenge for all of us to be in proper track. We can’t control ourselves when we face some tasty food.  A daily food log consists of some sections like time of food taken, quantity of food, calories and amount of fat. You just have to fill all those sections. It will help you to stay motivated and lose your incongruous fat from your belly.


As we have talked in this article, if you want to stay fit in your life then you just have to follow the proper diet and maintain workout routine which will be better with the help of above Workout templates. You can either create a new workout template or download it as there are lots of workout sheet templates available on net. These templates are available in both Word as well as excel format. You can download it according to your convenience.  But the most important thing is that we should have to follow these templates very seriously and then only these workout templates will be beneficial for us.

Free Resume, cover Letter Templates

Here in this new article for Templateguider we are here with some very useful topic, mostly for students or the graduates who are applying for a Job i.e. Free resume and cover letter templates.

So, firstly we look at what are Resumes and Cover letters, where they are used, how they are prepared and all the details regarding the Resumes and cover letters for students and for experienced candidates.

What are Resumes and Cover Letters?

Resumes gives the brief information related to a person or the candidate who are attending a interview. These resume primarily consists of the academic qualifications of the candidate and the achievements of the candidate in a respective field and some other details.

Cover Letters are the additional information sent along with a resume so that you can express your additional skills and experience in the relevant field. Cover letter is the first thing a interviewer observes, so, it should so fine that it grabs the interviewers attention easily.

So, now we have come to the importance of the resumes and cover letters for a candidate to attend a interview, now let us make it easy to built them using the templates. Let’s look at the resume and cover letter templates for word.

Free resume template

Free resume template provided is a free Professional, contemporary, modern elegant and classic resume template that helps you to build a awesome professional template. Moreover this template doesn’t contain any fancy borders or colors which predicts a template. Thus you can easily download and use this awesome template for free. This template is compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft word and open office. As this is a simple free resume template you can’t find any formatting styles and tables in this template, which is the best part of this template. This free resume template keeps it simple and straight.

You can Download this free template from the below link : .

Free CV Template

Free CV Template, this template helps you to build professional and fabulous template that easily grabs the attention of a employer. This template is build keeping in mind the main aspects of a CV that are. Employment experience, Personal Educational qualifications, professional achievements, honors and awards and many other aspects of a CV. This template can be easily customized using Microsoft word, Google Docs or Open office. You can easily add the rows and columns or remove them if you do not require them. So, it is the best template to built a simple and awesome CV.

You can Download this free template from the below link : .

Free Reference Letter Template

Free Reference Letter Template, it is also known as a letter of reference, it is also one of the main letter or a document to be produced at time of interviews for a Referral Interviews. Here in this format of interview, a presently working employee would be referring the fresher or a experienced from other company and the person attending the interview has to get this reference letter. Thus, we have made your work easy by introducing a reference template for you. You can download this template and customize the way you want. It is compatible with many of the software’s. This is easy and very quick to edit.

You can Download this free template from the below link : .

Free Offer letter template

Free Offer letter template, it is not useful for the students rather it would be very much useful for a company recruiting the candidates. Many of them known about what an offer letter is, but for few of them who do not know. Offer letter is a document or a Paper showing the details of candidate who has been selected by the company and offering a letter to join the company. Here to show the productivity and the uniqueness of a company it is very important to have a good offer letter as it would make a great impression at the candidate.

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Free Resignation Template

Free Resignation Template, you might have recognized it by the name itself. You might feel surprised to see this template here, but it has the same importance like a resume and a cover letter. As, whenever you are leaving a company make a good impression. Not only first impression but the last ones does matter a lot. So, here we are providing you the Free Resignation Template that can help you to prepare one and grab the last impression. So, download the template for free and use intelligently.

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Free Job application Template

Free Job application Template, it is one of the key papers that will make up to a Interview. Job Application has very much importance in their role, only a proper job application would lead up to the interview. So, let’s make a awesome and catchy Job application using this template. You can customize the way you want. Add or remove rows, columns, sub categories, categories and many other customizations are possible using this template.

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Free Job Rejection Template

Free Job Rejection Template, it is also a important one for a company to announce that they are not selected to the company. You have to announce in a way that they should feel that, I’ll again apply and get selected rather than let go there are many other companies. To achieve that this Job rejection template plays a vital role to grab the attention of the candidate. So, to do that we are providing you with this awesome template that makes your works easy.

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Conclusion :

Here ends our article on Free Resume and cover letter templates. Hope this article helped you to prepare an awesome and eye catchy professional Resume and cover letter for your job application. If you fell we have missed something important in the above field you can mention it in the below comment box and highlight them so that everyone can know. Please do like and share our article, if you felt it was useful and do comment your opinions and views on the above article. Thank you.

8 best Cost Benefit Analysis Templates

Every business requires financial system management to calculate a business or a project strengths and weakness to ensure to run the business for longer period. It also helps business to understand their product and run the business accordingly. There are several techniques available to find out the exact or estimated metric of any project or product but the most important of all is cost benefit analysis. It has considered to be the most effective way to find whether the business fruitful or not.

Starting a business often comes with a risk as there is huge investment is involved in any business. They are not sure that a particular business can crack it. Now they don’t have worry as the cost benefit analysis estimates the cost and benefits of a product or project. It also helps you to understand the business in-depth.

What is Cost Benefit Analysis?

Cost benefit analysis is a function used in business to determine what measures is to be taken to improve a business. Cost benefit analysis is a comparison technique, which can tell the expected cost and benefits from the project. This metric is used for to evaluating the monetary gains. This metric is to help business owners to come to a decision that project can meet their expectations. With the results gathered from cost benefit analysis the management can come to an decision to proceed with the project or to put a hold on to the team.

The results plays crucial role in this metric as it can tell the value of project in both monetary gains and it can assess the value.

Cost Benefit Analysis Definition:

Cost Benefit Analysis is commonly used by private business to estimate the product or project cost and benefits from a relevant duration. Cost Benefit Analysis is also used by government to determine the outcome of the project.

It helps the business owner to predict the cost and worth of the project.

List of Cost Benefit Analysis Templates:

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates 1

This is the first Cost Benefit Analysis template, it has very good and simple structure to understand. This template is designed for 3 services.

  • Proposed Product.
  • Initiative.
  • Any Service.

There are several quantitative cost involved in it. you can check which quantitative you are include your project or product. remember all of the cost are non-recurring cost.

On the other hand, the second part of the Cost Benefit Analysis template is recurring cost. After math will be the cost and benefits you will be facing after years.

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates 2

This is another form of cost benefit analysis tenplate, it has very unique yet simple structure. Type your project name then type who has prepared it then add date.

Now you have describe the project. what is this project is about, how you are planning to execute it and what do you need to start the project.

Moving to second part of “List of alternatives”, where you have type in the cost and benefits in the second list to decide what is best for business.

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates 3

Every nature of business and projects are different in all sectors. This another layout but it does the same task as Cost Benefit Analysis. This Cost Benefit Analysis template is unique and very easy to understand.

On the top, you can see that capital cost, years depreciated over and other set up cost then over all calculation.

Now the template is separated in to columns, First is ‘costs’ and other one is ‘benefits’, makes sense isn’t it?

Now that there are plenty of options you can choose from. Add all of them cost then calculate then in the second column add necessary information to get benefits

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates 4

This is another Cost Benefit Analysis, which is quite unique in style and calculation is accurate. This template has four columns, which is good for presentation.

You have to type in the company name then who has conducting the Cost Benefit Analysis. Now add date of submission.

On the second column, type in any objectives, why you are analyzing the project. Make sure to give convincing purpose.

Moving to the third column, which is the most important part of the metric. You have to type 3 cost and 3 reasons for incurring.

In case if you have missed part, you can mention it typing it in “alternative options”. Now you can end it with your signature.

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates 5

Living cost comparison sheet calculates living cost based on our daily life expenses of any individual. The template is quite simple, just fill in the blanks to get a accurate result.

It is clearly visible that it calculates all of the expenses we spend on our daily life and calculates our earnings, spendings, resources, investments & security and then it gives you a good idea how much is the cost and benefits.

This is the most used Cost Benefit Analysis to calculate accurate cost and benefits to keep control over expenses and improve it.

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates 6We have individual Cost Benefit Analysis metric, isn’t that this metric is also available for corporate companies who are aiming to run the project for longer period. This template come in handy, when calculating initial worth of a project after expected year.

Cost Benefit Analysis Example’S:

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples 1

Here is the first example on the list on Cost Benefit Analysis, which is divided in to two columns.

First column is for cost of equipments, hardware, software,consulting, training, personal/operational activity.

Second column is for quantitative benefits such as improved business process, reduced number of errors and development time. Reduced maintenance and number of supporting staff.

Once you done filling all of the blanks, calculate the over all expenses iof all years then you can come down to one value that decides the project worth.

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples 2

As you can see from above image, CBA statistics is for Cost Benefit Analysis. You can calculate up to five year of duration using above template.

Like every template, this template have divided in to two different columns cost and quantitative benefits.

For first column, type in Implementation and recurring amount and calculate the total.

For the second template, type in one-time cost and recurring amount then calculate to get the total.

Benefits and other quantifiable metric will help you understand the project better.

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples 3

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates also applies to education management as well. Now that you have this amazing administrative education template you can fill it up accordingly to get cost and benefits.

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples 4

If you wan to calculate resources hours and financial cost this sample template is worth creating for your project.

Since it has divided in to two column, It can calculate five years of costs and benefits. For business resources this template is crucial so that you can decide a better move.

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples 5

Life cycle cost and benefits is another resourceful way to figure out the cost and benefit of a business, academy, management and staff.

It has very clean and simple template. Any one can design their own Life cycle Cost Benefit Analysis Template like the above sample template.

Fill in the template, you can see there are mentioned advantages and disadvantages, tangible benefits and intangible investments and ROI will decide how well this project do in next few years.

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples 6

The above sample template is designed for construction phase to calculate the outcome of the cost and benefits for next five years. Everything depends on the assumptions of the business.


The design of each template is unique to determine the cost benefit analysis of their project. We have already covered why cost benefit analysis is very important to any new business or project. We have seen in the templates that which particulars are need to be filled and why are they necessary.

A analyst take take and write down all of the fields to come to a decision how this specific business does in coming future. Cost benefit analysis is used by all business owners since it helps you understand how worthy it can be after years of dedication and efforts put on it.

Cost benefit analysis can be created for any structure of project or doesn’t matter which nature of business you want to run. You can create one and determine exact position and value of your project in coming years.

  • Name of the organization.
  • Write down the project name.
  • Mention project ID number.
  • Write brief about project
  • Mention the status of operation , if you are in tosoftware fields.


Here are the 8 best Cost Benefit Analysis Templates which can help you sort of the whether to decide if its best business or not. These 8 best templates are feasible for different category and nature of business, however, they do the same metric in the end.

Cost Benefit Analysis Templates are straight forward and very simple to use. Each Cost Benefit Analysis Templates has unique designs to calculate accurate cost and benefits, which suits your requirement or not.

Now with the help of this metric you can decide which part is the weakest and which is the strongest to approach. We are looking forward to hear from your and in advance your valuable feedback is appreciated.

8 Best Property Management Templates

When we talk about property management, we think about how we can manage our properties and how often do we go thorough the details.

There are several things involved in property management. We all have property which can be used for other purposes than simply keeping it empty or years. Some of the property is build for leasing it. There are properties owners, they want to sell, lease, rent or buy it even more.

8 Best Property ManagementTemplates

When we are acquiring a property or selling or lease a property, we have to get the paper work done and not always we do not have the time to reach a lawyer to get the legal work done. That’s when we have a solution called Property Management templates.

Property Management Templates:

Property Management templates are pre-made legal papers for different purposes and different categories so that you won’t miss a client, who is at your door step.

Property Management templates already have points and every legal point is mentioned of them so you do not need to worry about taking it to a lawyer. You can proceed to a lawyer later on once you and client are agreed to those terms.

Still think how they ca be use of, then take a look a few examples, we usually face when we try to sell or buy properties

For instance let’s say that you are new to hood and you are looking for a place to stay. You start looking for a place before you have moved in to the city. You need a place to stay and even if you find one then you won’ to able to stay at the place without meeting the property owner. You can discuss with the property owner and get the paper work done. You do not have time to reach a lawyer and get the paper work done.

Let’s say that you have a property and you have been keeping it empty for a while. All of the sudden now somebody shows up to ask your permission to buy it as the buyer is in a hurry to acquire the property.

There you are in trouble, since you cannot decline the offer after all he has proposed a deal and it take a lot of guts to say No to such an opportunity to sell your not in use property at a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at another example, a businessman who has plenty of space to lease and he is looking for someone who can acquire the space for time being (Now a days it is difficult to find one) and one day somebody knocks your door with a deal on hand. He is in a rush, Will you let him go? Because you have failed to provide the tenant an instant paper work solution.

If you were in any one of the situations then 8 Best Property Management templates is for you. Let’s check out some best Property Management templates.

How Property Management are Related to Templates:

In this list we are going to provide you different types of property management templates, Lets take a quick look at what we have for you here.

  • Lease Agreement.
  • Residential Lease.
  • Rental Application.
  • Quit Claim Deed.
  • Home Rental Agreement.
  • Intent to Purchase Real Estate.
  • Eviction Notice.
  • Contract for Deed.

Lease Agreement: Commercial or Residential

A lease agreement can be very helpful when you are tenant or the land lord. It doesn’t matter if you are leasing a apartment or commercial building, a lease agreement is to help both tenants and owner come to understanding what they both are expecting from each other to avoid unnecessary situations in coming days or years.

It helps both tenant and owner to lay down few custom points added to agreement then come to an agreement. What does a Lease Agreement covers?

  • It covers duration.
  • The expected rent per month.
  • Date and time of rent collection.
  • How much they will increase after expiry.
  • Property damage.
  • Pet policy.
  • Guest policy.
  • Parking lot.
  • Maintenance charges.
  • Extra charges.
  • Names of tenants and land lord names.
  • Advance payment or security deposit.

The templates covers all of the information, we have mentioned above and you do not need to worry it is very simple and easy to use.

Residential Lease: Non commercial Cum Residential

One of crucial aspect of every landlord of a property to make sure to add proper stipulation and make it clear to tenant to minimize confrontations later on. From how much you have to pay for repairs and previous dues. To clear the doubts and complains of tenants before signing agreement.

The agreement should include Name of both tenant and landlords, address of the property and description of the property, monthly rent, damage fine, parking lot, gym, guest allowance, pet policy, responsible in charge & maintenance charges. It also tells you how you can terminate the contract if you have change of plans. in case landlord has not received his rent on time he can collect late fee from tenants.

  • Security deposit.
  • Maintenance charges.
  • Pet policy.
  • Guest policy.
  • Address of property.
  • Names of landlords and tenants.
  • Parking lot space.
  • Extra fee for damage.
  • Late fees.

Rental Application: Apartment Agreement

If you are a landlord and you have flats in apartment, with this template you can finish the in matter of moments. It has important points a landlord such as yourself require.

  • You can check the background of the tenants.
  • Covers all regular terms.
  • Contract has duration.

Quit Claim Deed:

Quit Claim Deeds is nothing but transferring a specific property to another family member. Most of the times Quit Claim Deeds is used in name change of the person or the property is transferred. Quit Claim Deeds is also used in divorce cases to give up interest in the property. Quit Claim Deeds doesn’t not assure you about property transfer because of that property is being transferred among the family members.

Quit Claim Deeds is quite helpful in dealing with cases like divorce, name changes, transfer to another family member and etc.

Home Rental Agreement:

A landlord wants to maintain a healthy relationship with the tenants. To keep that relationship stable Home Rental Agreement can assist you in this matter. A Home Rental Agreement is a legal paper with some information and stipulation on how to do and be like. The tenant has to go through all of the points one by one then come to an agreement, whether he would like to agree to th terms laid by landlord. This is how any tenant can manage a healthy relationship with his landlord since everything is mentioned on the Home Rental agreement.

  • Duration From & To.
  • Monthly Rent.
  • Date and time of rent collection.
  • How much they will increase after agreement expires.
  • Property damage (You will pay for the repairs).
  • Pet policy.
  • Guest policy.
  • Parking lot.
  • Maintenance charges.
  • Extra charges.
  • Names of tenants and land lord names.
  • Advance payment or security deposit.

Evict A Tenant:

Things don’t go as we all envision. Sometimes, time does not co-operate ending up taking some drastic measures like evict a tenant. This template is for those landlords who want their tenant to vacate in smooth manner. Evict a tenant policy helps you to take a legal action against if the tenant does not cooperate to the terms he agreed to during paper work. This is one of the advantages landlord get, however even tenant has rights, if the landlords does not stand on what he agreed to.

Eviction Notice:

A landlord has rights to ask the tenant to vacate the place, whatever the reason behind it. An eviction notice is a notice which allows sometime and clearly advises the tenant to move on to another place without taking extreme steps. If there is such case then landlord the power to move on to next step.

Intent to Purchase Real Estate:

If you are looking for a property to acquire for your self then you need a place, which is easy to find. Before you can acquire you have go through a legal paper work. You can use these templates to get the legal work done in matter of 60 minutes.

Contract for Deed:

You can purchase a new home for yourself using contract for deed process. You can get a home from the bank and you have pay them monthly wise plan. It is not a deed the bank gets to keep the property papers until you pay off the complete loan you took from the bank. The bank acts as mediator to help you acquire a property by helping you lending some capital. You can pay the bank due on monthly basics.

Bank will hold on to the property papers until you clear the capital you owe to the bank. It is also called Property sale. The finance lent by bank will also have interest (Not all bank charge interest).


This is the 8 Best Property Management Templates you can use to make your work go smoothly. These templates can be useful when you are in to property business.

each and every point is mentioned in these papers so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Top 6 Data Analysis Templates

Welcome back readers, here we are back with a new article on new topic related to some useful templates for excel and word. Today we are going to see some Data Analysis Templates that makes your work easy and efficient. So, let’s get started by knowing some basics things about Data Analysis Templates.

What are Data Analysis Templates?

Data Analysis Templates are those which help you to analyze some large data sets of specific data. These templates save loads of time and get you the most efficient data than any other process. Here there can be different types of Data Analysis Templates, some of them are Portfolio Analysis template, Cash Flow Analysis Templates etc.

Here, below we are providing you the most downloaded Data Analysis Templates by many of the individuals and companies to analyze particular data.

Portfolio Analysis Template

Portfolio Analysis templates, it is one of the most downloaded data analysis templates and very efficient template of all the other data analysis templates. There can be many Portfolio Analysis Templates such as Stock portfolio, candidate portfolio etc. Here with this template you can make your work easy by just renaming the rows and columns according to your process. This template also makes easy to calculate the complex numbers by providing some easy formulas. You only need to substitute the values in ti it, in order to get the desired result.

GE Stock Analysis Template

Stock analysis is always been a tough task and if there is a small mistake in the analysis it may cost you very high. That is the reason why we brought you this GE Stock Analysis Template which helps you to analyze the huge stock exchange data and get the accurate result from it.  You can also easily compare the results of two data sets of a GE Stock Analysis data and find the best one for you. Everyone can easily understand this GE Stock Analysis Template, as it displays the results in the form of a graph.

Cash flow Analysis Template

Cash flow analysis, it is often very important in a company to manage and analyze the cash flow in and cash flow out in a company. To make the work easier and efficient we have made this awesome Cash flow analysis template. You can easily manage large sets of data and compare the data with the previous years stats and can get the clear picture of the cash flow in a company. You can also get different types of Cash flow Analysis Template, such as yearly Cash flow Analysis Template, monthly Cash flow Analysis Template and weekly Cash flow Analysis Template.

Swot Analysis Template

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and threats.  It is one of the mostly executed processes for any company, industry or even for a project. SWOT analysis has got very much importance in every aspect of a company or a project. The SWOT forms the major units of a company or a project, without them there could not be a successful project or a company. So, to make your work done quickly and efficiently, you can use this SWOT Analysis Template. It provides some pre described areas, which make it very easy to complete the work.

Website Competition Analysis Template

Website Competition Analysis, it is also one of the most important analysis done by the website owners to keep track of their competitors. As, if are not following the analysis frequently, your competitor may go cross you to get the better Google page rank. So, keeping in mind all these things, we have designed this awesome template that makes you to keep track of your competitors and implement some new techniques to get a better result. This type of template will be available mostly in a word format rather than a excel.

Market analysis Template

Market analysis is also one of the key data analysis template used by many companies and industries. These Market analysis templates help you to analyze the current market data and compare it with the past data to excl in the market. Some of the Market templates is also used to analyze data related to stock exchange, thus it is also called as a multipurpose data analysis template. There are many other awesome features that pretend you to download this template.

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on Top 6 Data Analysis Templates for Excel and word. Hope this article helped you and do not forget to like and share this article, which helps it to reach many like you. Please do comment your views and opinions on the above article in the below comment section. Thank you for reading.