Top 10 Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Charts or Organigram’s are the diagrammatic charts which depicts the texture of an organization, its communication and proportionate ranks of its jobs, positions and parts of organization.  These organizational charts help in depicting the success and loss ratio of a organization easily and helps in finding the loop holes in the organization.

An organizational chart can be made for any industry and it is the easiest, fastest and efficient way to analyze a organization. Organizational chart shows you the clear picture of the whole organization, its functional areas, its jobs and the work done by the particular part of the organization.

Organizational chart generally organizes or arranges the fields in a top down hierarchy. It makes the managers easy to analyze the whole thing in a easy way, as they first have to take action on the higher authorities then comes the employees.

Here we are providing some organizational chart templates for different fields, organizations or industries that help them attain a good position in their respective fields through these analyses.

Organizational chart template word

Organizational chart template for word is used in small business industries. It can be easily created by following some easy steps. To create Organizational chart template in word, first open word and click on insert tab then choose SmartArt button then a window pops up. Now click on the hierarchy on the left side, and then double click the organizational chart. Work area will be created, Now click on the top box on the chart showing Text, type a name in to the field, it is the highest authority of the organization. Now you can find three other boxes under the highest authority, if you do not want the other one you can simply delete it. Likewise you can create the Organizational chart template for word.

Company organizational chart

A Company Organizational chart template for a company can be created in the same way, we have created for word. We have to just add or delete some cells based up on our requirement. Generally, a Company consists of the follow members from top down hierarchy. President, Vice president, then deputy president, then comes the technologies head, and it the same row comes services head, management head and client CIO’s. Then underneath them there exists managers for respective fields, then comes the support specialists and last you can find the architects, general employees and so on. This is the hierarchy followed by Company Organizational chart.

 Blank Organizational chart

A blank Organizational chart template can be downloaded from various sources from internet and can be used. This blank Organizational chart template can be used to create any type of Organizational chart template. These blank templates make our work easy and efficient, these blank Organizational chart templates save a lot of time. You can find different types of blank Organizational chart templates that can be downloaded from internet and can be used in a desired way. Some of the examples of blank Organizational chart templates that you can get from online are IT company Organizational chart, Project Management Organizational chart, HR Organizational chart templates and many more.

Non Profit Organizational Chart Template

A traditional Non-profit Organizational chart template looks similar to a company Organizational chart template. The only difference between the Non-profit Organizational chart template and company Organizational chart template is that, in company CEO will be the highest authority and where as in Non-profit Organization Board of Directors will be the highest authority and CEO will be under them. The other difference is that apart from Board of Directors, some other personals like Budget and finance committee, Fund raising committee, Program committee and etc will be given more preference over CEO. Then under CEO other professionals are listed and the list goes on in the same fashion as a company Organizational chart template.

Hospital Organizational Chart Templates

Hospital Organizational Chart Templates can be of two to 3 types, these are designed based on the organizational need or Organization structure. Let’s look at the typical traditional Hospital Organizational Chart Templates, in these types of templates, board of directors are given the highest precedence. Then under them will be Auxiliary members, CEO and Medical staff with same precedence, then under Medical staff there will be a Medical Director. The remaining major sections, such as Nursing, Finance, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Quality assurance team and many other fields or departments come under are all under CEO of the company.

Project management organizational Chart Templates

Project management organizational Chart Templates are of 3 types in general, Complex Word Project Management Template, Simple word Project Management Template and a general Project management organizational Chart Template. Let’s look at the structure of Complex Word Project Management Template, in this type of chart, at the top we can find the Steering Advisory committee and executive sponsor’s. Then comes the Program manager, who is responsible for completion of whole project. Then under him there will be two to three other assistant managers, who are responsible for the part of the project assigned to them. Then under these assistant managers, there will be the developer’s staff, under them will be the customer sub team.

Human Resources (HR) organizational Chart Templates

Human Resources organizational Chart Templates are one of the most complex organizational Chart Templates to handle, as HR department has many sub departments under it and the sub departments has some more departments under them. Thus it becomes a very complex to handle HR organizational Chart Templates. Let’s have a brief about the HR organizational Chart Template, first of all will be the HR president. Then under him we can have any number of Vice president of HR’s, under them will be a Assistant’s of Vice president of HR’s. Then under them will be a huge branching, such as, HR administration, Labor relations, Campus HR relations, Marketing department and many more.

CMS Organizational Chart Templates

CMS Organizational Chart Templates is also one of the most complex Organizational Chart Templates to handle, as CMS deals with many more sub fields and departments. There are only a single CMS Organizational Chart Template, let’s have a brief look on it, on the above of all there will be the Administrator of the CMS, administrator will be managing many fields under him, thus it becomes very difficult Organizational Chart Template. Some of the fields handled are, communications, Data analysis, Human capital, finance department, editors, subscribers and many other departments. Here as many fields are managed by Administrator itself, he becomes the back bone of the organization.

ICS Organizational Chart Templates

ICS stands for Incident Command System, ICS Organizational Chart Template is typical word template that is not that easy to manage and create, better you download it from any one of the best website and edit to our requirements. An example ICS Organizational Chart Templates looks like, on the top of the chart, we have to mention Incident name, operation period and time of the period. Then the chart design starts with Incident commander, then we have Safety officer, public information officer, planning chief, logistics section officer, operations chief, Finance chief, admin chief and then there will be number of departments under the above departments.

Horizontal Organizational Chart Templates

Horizontal Organizational Chart Templates are almost similar to the regular top down Organizational Chart Templates. It differs only in the orientation of the chart, this chart shows the chart from left to right. These type of charts are preferred when you have more horizontal space when compared to the vertical one. Or when you have less vertical space Horizontal Organizational Chart Templates are the solution for the problem.

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on the Best top 10 Organizational chart templates, the above are the templates that are most searched and downloaded Organizational Chart Templates. Please do like and share this article, if you feel its worth and please do comment for any queries and suggestions.

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