Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates

Free Printable Calendar

Planning for making a schedule for a day, a week, a month or a year, here we are making your work easy by providing you the best Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates.

These free calendar templates can be used to schedule your work from time to time and day to day, it is the very easy way of scheduling your preferences when compared to any other way.

These Free templates can be used to customize the calendar the way you want. You can also personalize the calendarsbased up on your preferences. Many of these templates are available for free.

There are many types of calendars that exist, some of them are, Free Printable Excel Calendar templates, Free Printable Yearly Calendar templates, Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates, Appointment Calendar templates, Birthday Calendar templates, Office Calendar templates and many other calendars exists according to the specification.

Free Printable Calendar

Here we are providing you with all the best information regarding the Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates. These are the most used calendar templates that are used to schedule any appointments.

Free Printable Calendar Templates for Excel Sheets:

Free Printable Excel dashboard Templates allows you to create a customizable calendar spreadsheet in which you can enter your events, format the dates, highlight the important dates and many more things can be done. Although excel is created for accounting purpose it has become more familiar to create the custom and flexible calendars. You can create your own calendar and customize the way you want in just a few minutes. You can create different types of calendars using excel calendar templates, which includes, Yearly Calendars, weekly Calendar, daily Calendars etc. It uses many awesome features of Excel to look great, which includes, conditional formatting, which is used to control the background colors, form controls and Macros which helps in adjusting the scheme of colors and can link images etc.

You can Download it From:

Free Printable Yearly Calendar templates:

Free Printable Yearly Calendar templates are used to create a customizable calendar for a whole year. These types of calendars help you to schedule your every event of a year with ease. There are many types of yearly calendars, which includes, Portrait Yearly calendar, this calendar displays the calendar as three months per row and has 3 columns and 4 rows, the other one yearly calendar with landscape orientation, this calendar displays four months per a row and has four columns and three rows, Portrait yearly calendar with Notes, in here you can write notes for the year and the remaining all the design and features remain same, Landscape yearly calendar with Notes, this template has the same features of landscape yearly calendar template and the only difference is that it has space for notes on the right side of the calendar, Yearly Photo Calendar Templates, Yearly school Calendar Templates, and many other yearly templates exists.

You can Download it From:

Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates:

Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates are used to create a schedule for a single month using this template. You can customize the calendar template as the way you want with all the awesome features available. You can add holidays, events, highlight them with different colors i.e. a different color for a different event and thus you can easily recognize the dates and duties of the day. Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates are also available in two varieties, the first one is the Portrait Monthly Calendar templates and the second one is the Landscape Monthly Calendar templates. This is very easy to create, you don’t need any proficiency in excel or template designing. It needs only a general English knowledge to understand the commands.

You can Download it From:

Free Printable Weekly Calendar templates:

Free Printable Weekly Calendar templates are used to create a schedule for a week. You can create this template using excel and customize as you wish in the desired way. You can add from any week you want and end it on the seventh day from chosen date/day. You can add time to each day and create the schedule according to the timings. You can highlight the important events, mark holidays and much more personalized calendar can be created. If the same schedule repeats for the next week, you can simply create a duplicate of it and replace the dates and the events if any, that way you can make use of it for the next time.

You can Download it From:

Free Printable Blank Calendar templates:

Free Printable Blank Calendar templates are mostly used in huge business organizations. These templates have only the day displayed above and the remaining space is blank i.e. it is left free. You can fill in whatever you want in it and highlight them with different colors. Mostly these type of templates is available in Microsoft Word format rather in Excel form. These are easy to manage and customize, the calendars here are blank so that we can only fill up the dates and days we want and leave the other dates free. Such that there can be no clumsiness when we look at the calendar.

You can Download it From:

Birthday Calendar templates:

Birthday Calendar templates are one of the awesome ways to remember birthdays of your fellow ones. These types of templates are mostly created for schools, colleges, some organizations to keep track of the students birthdays or employee birthdays. You can highlight the birthdays with a different color so that your eye goes on to it directly. These are very easy to customize, as there is no large data to be written, we need to just add a date and then highlight them. Point to remember, guys whenever you are sharing a template that you have created on a website, make sure that the data is made private, as many of them do not like to reveal their birthdates.

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Appointment Calendar templates:

Appointment Calendar templates are mostly used by the managers or higher grade officers. These are used to schedule the appointments of their clients, employees in a perfect manner such that no collisions occur. You can highlight all the main events that have to be attended and you can also add photos to the Appointment Calendar templates so that it makes easy to remember the event. You can easily print these templates and make a copy of them with you or you can share it to a tablet or notebook so as to keep in mind all the proper timings.

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Scheduling Calendar templates:

Scheduling Calendar templates are nothing but organizing the different types of templates in a proper manner. So that anyone who looks at the calendar can understand the calendar and its behavior. Scheduling Calendar templates can be done in any of the three Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF. You can schedule calendars of type, Yearly Calendars templates, weekly Calendar templates, daily Calendar templates etc. Some calendars come with inbuilt holiday’s specification, such that you no need to mention them once again, you can just add your own customization to the template.

You can Download it From:

Office Calendar templates:

Office Calendar templates or Microsoft Office Calendar templates are the templates provided by Microsoft. These Office calendar templates include a whole collection of templates provided for free by Microsoft. You can download these Office Calendar templates for free from the below link. These templates include daily appointment Calendar templates, Yearly Calendar templates, Weekly Calendar templates, Monthly Calendar templates, Academic Calendar templates, Student Year Calendar templates, College Year Calendar templates, School Year Calendar templates, Photo Calendar templates, Quarterly Calendar templates and many more types of Calendar templates.

Office Calendar templates

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3 Month Calendar templates:

3 Month Calendar templates or Quarterly Calendar templates includes the schedule for 3 months. These types of templates generally have three months listed on a same calendar and events are scheduled for every three months on a different calendar. You are provided with many features to customize this calendar in the desired way you need it to be. Some of them include, you can highlight the present running month and then extra highlight the events of that months, you can also highlight some important dates from the next or previous months, you are also provided with notes section to write down important notes.

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Conclusion :

At the closure I want o say that the above mentioned best Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates list is prepared based on the number of downloads, reviews, and some other stats. We have not designed these templates and we have provided only the data regarding it. Thank you for going through the article, please do share and like, if you feel its worth and feel free to comment your opinions, and any queries.

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