Free, Premium Printable Business Card Templates

Printable Business Card

Business cards or simply called as cards hold the information of individual businessman or the information regarding a firm, an Industry,  and Company.  These cards play a vital role in conveying the role of the business person holding the card or what a industry or company does.

These cards form the major way of contacting industry, company or a business person.  These cards are given to a person our company as formal introductions and for a memory aid.

a typical business card includes the business person name, company name, industry name Or logo of the company. It also includes an address of the company a person along with the telephonic numbers, email address, website name, and fax numbers.

Considering the modern Aura, these cards may also include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media account names.

Printable Business Card

These business cards can either be created on our own or can be downloaded from the Internet and just edit the data provided there. Here in this article, we will be explaining how to create a business card for a person, company or industry.

What are Business Card templates?

As I mentioned above, there are two ways to create a business card, these templates fall under one of the ways.  These are the type of cards that can be downloaded from the Internet and can be edited.  Templates can be downloaded from many sites available on the Internet.

Free printable business card templates:

Free printable business card templates can be downloaded from the Internet and can be edited easily. Here we need not require a professional in order to design a business card. Here you need to just enter the information related to the business card you want to print and a logo that you want to be printed on the card. Once you enter the details required and the style you want then you can click on the submit button and then you can preview the card and can print it on a quality printing paper for an efficient look. For the small business, the small company it is the most desired way of printing a card. You can even get a more efficient card using some paid tools or by hiring a design professional.

You can create a free Business Card template from here :

Steps to create free printable business card template:

Printable Business Card

Step 1: Click on the link to get redirected to the website that allows you to create a free printable business card template.

Step 2: Now from the list of fields or departments given below,  she’s the one that most fits you. Click on that card.

Step 3: Now you will be redirected to a new page, wherein you have to select the set subcategory of the department have selected.  Click on the most desired one.

 Step 4: Now you will be redirected to another new page,  here click on the button,  click here to customize this template.

Step 5: Here you need to edit the data and put the data of your company or a person.

Step 6: once you have completed the editing of the template, you can preview the business card that you have created.

Step 7: If you want to add some background to the card,  just click on the add back button.

Step 8: In this step you need to add the photos or logos,  that you wanted to print on the business card, to do that, click on the add photo frames,  and choose the photos that you want to upload.

Step 9: This complete our free printable business card template, now you can either save the template i.e. business card Or you can Print the card.

Premium printable business card templates:

you can get this premium printable business card templates in either of the two ways the first one is by hiring a design professional and make him design the business card the way you want or you can also get business cards from some premium tools over the Internet. These tools provide you more features than the free printable business card templates here you can also upload your own picture onto the card and get some good designs for your business cards. Here, below we are providing the link for premium printable business card templates. You can just click on the link, and enjoy the features.

You can create a free Business Card template from here:

Steps to create premium business card template

Step 1: Click on above link to go to a website that helps you to create a premium business card template.

Step 2: Choose the business card template that you like and then click on the template.

Step 3: Now click on the download premium account button that is to the right side

Step 4: Once you click on the download premium account button you will be asked to register for the premium account, click on the register now button.

Steps 5: Here  you can see 4 options, the first one is the free account the second one is the monthly premium account which is  $10 per  month, the third Option is yearly premium account which is of $96 per year With no auto-renew option, the last one is  the yearly  premium membership plan which is off$72 per year  with auto-renew option.

Step 6: Click on a  subscription plan that most suits you or your interested in,  click on the subscribe button underneath  Each plan.

Step 7: Now you need to enter your personal details and then click on the radio button upon each subscription option  and then click on the register button

Step 8: Now you need to pay the amount that you have registered for using your PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard, Amex card, Discover card.

Step 9: Now you can download the business card template that has chosen and can edit the data and the remaining steps are the same as for free business card templates.

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on printable business card templates, we highly recommend you to use the free printable business card templates for a small company or an industry.  You can also use the premium printable business card templates if you are not worried about the cost or money.  Thank you for reading the article, please do like and share the article if you feel it’s worth and comment your opinion and views in the below comment box.

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