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Financial calculator templates

Hey guys, we are back with a new article on financial calculator templates which help you in calculating certain financial calculations which ease. Here we will be discussing everything about financial calculator and financial calculator templates. So first and foremost thing that we have to know is what have calculated templates? What are financial calculator templates? And at last, we will be seeing the best top 5 financial calculator templates that can be downloaded for free.

Calculator template are those which we use to calculate certain financial calculations which may include savings calculations, budget calculations, Dept calculations, loan calculations, mortgage calculations age calculations are many other.

 Financial Calculators

What are Financial calculator Templates?

The templates which help in calculating financial calculations with ease and flexibility are called financial calculator Templates.  There can be different types of financial calculator templates, which includes.  savings calculator template, Mortgage calculator template,  budget calculator templates,  college savings calculator templates,  monthly budget templates and many other financial templates.

Now let’s look at the best top 5 financial calculator template and their descriptions along with the free download link of these templates.  We are here providing the best and the most downloaded financial calculator templates for Excel.

Free home mortgage calculator template:

Free home mortgage calculator templates, these free home mortgage calculator templates are used to calculate the net mortgage values. These home mortgage calculator templates flexible and simple to use, this template can be used for both fixed interest rates and for variable interest rates.  These templates work efficiently for both types of interest rates. These templates help you to save lots of savings by calculating the perfect figures that can be made on the mortgage values. There are many other features of home mortgage calculator templates apart from just calculating the mortgage values and savings. Let’s have a look on some of its features. Using this home mortgage calculator template you can estimate the Insurance and property taxes, you can calculate Accelerated Bi-weekly payments, flexible more payment options, and many other features can be utilized using this free home mortgage calculator templates

You can download it from:

Free college savings calculator template:

These free college savings calculator templates are exclusively built so as to make some savings from the college expenses. These college savings calculator templates include mini features rather than just creating a spreadsheet which shows the college expenses. Let’s have a look on the features that come with this template. This template can calculate the net savings that can be generated from the total college expenses, it can also be used for Solving day monthly deposits Which help in choosing a different deposit frequency, You can make use of this template for adding some extra deposit for extra savings, This template free includes the cost for grades such as k-12, High School, college and other.

You can download it from:

Free yearly budget calculator template:

The free early budget calculator template is one of the most powerful templates among the financial calculator templates. This template is a combination of both monthly calculator template and family budget calculator template. This single template can be used for both purposes, purse making it a very powerful template.  Let’s have a look on the features of this years budget calculator template. This template can be used for budgeting for the entire year or for a month, you can easily add and remove the rows and columns that you require are not needed.  This template shows the difference between actual expenses of the year to the budgeting expenses And there are many other features that come with this template, you can enjoy all the features for free.

 Financial Calculators

You can download it from:

Free Auto loan calculator template:

This free Auto loan calculator template can be used to calculate a loan taken for any object.  Let us consider, we have taken a loan for a car, now let us calculate the loan amount required for this car. Whenever you are using this template to calculate the loan it includes all the cost, which includes,  sales tax, Actual cost of the car, the price required for registration of the car sales price and other prices which includes with spare parts etc. This template typically includes three spreadsheets they are, the auto loan can calculator spreadsheet, payment spreadsheet, graphs spreadsheet.  in the first spreadsheet, it just consists the loan amount and savings that can be made from the loan and the second spreadsheet consists of the payment details and the amount need to be paid more and at last the third spreadsheet consists of a graph that shows The analysis for different interest rates.

You can download it from:

Free Debt reduction snowball calculator template:

This free Debt reduction snowball calculator template is used to reduce the amount of the earth has to be paid by Project Planning. This is one of the simplest snowball calculator templates that can be used to cut down the number of debts and this template can be used in Microsoft Excel Microsoft word or Google spreadsheets. This template is very well designed and executed so as to make the calculations more efficient. This template consists of two spreadsheets, in which the first spreadsheet consists of the information related to the creditor and the second spreadsheet consists of the information related to the payments that have to be made. This template is also available in pro version for more features you can download the pro version from the same link provided below to download the free version of Debt reduction snowbell calculator template

You can download it from:

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on financial calculator templates, the above provided financial calculator templates are the most downloaded financial calculator template.  If you feel we have missed any of the important financial calculator templates please do mention in the comment box and highlight it. Please do like and share an article and feel free to comment your views and comments for queries.

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