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Albedo WEB Design Templates

There is no doubt that Adobe Photoshop is one of the important tools that worked as a lifesaving option for web designers. Not just you get the freedom in getting all features and but also you get the web layouts which are beautiful as well as responsive. Well, PSD which stands for Photoshop Format templates is known as the best options that you can get especially when you are in hurry for starting your business or designs. Here you get all collected types that you can in layouts and also everything will come without paying any kind of fees.

Top 15 Best Free Web Designers Templates in Photoshop.

Building a website from zero is not a joke. It requires lots of time, creative and work. However, lots of web designer prefer templates to use as they do not just save time but also help in avoiding the hassles. Apart from that, these templates are simply made with HTML where you just have to add the information and you are all set with the new website.  Not just that, you get the high quality in HTML which helps you in getting the site that you want at the end.

1. Albedo WEB Design Templates: Well, albedo is a different and complete unique template that gives a stylish and universal look to your website. The template can be used for multipurpose where you get design style in soft material. Here you get 8 different and modern ideas that you can choose for work like designing portfolio related business companies, web studios, and designers.

Albedo WEB Design Templates

2. Coco Creative: This PSD Template is specially designed for giving the professional touch to the website related freelancer, web studio etc. Here you get different features such as bootstrap 4 grid systems. Not just that you also get different areas which include Google map, pricing, process, fact, client logos etc.

Coco Creative WEB Design Templates

3. Fusion – Dark Portfolio PSD Template: there are lots of people that want templates for personal portfolio or website related to the agency where they also want a strong as well as elegant design. The PSD template is easy when it comes to customizing and also you can adapt. Not just that, it’s extremely helpful if you are a web designer.

Fusion – Dark Portfolio PSD Template

4. Minimalism: If you are looking for something which can give you elegant, clean and minimal look in PSD template then this one you can consider. Minimalism is perfect no matter which kind of portfolio you want. It matches for photographers, studios, designers, freelancers etc. The template is based on Grid system 1170px which makes this PSD template easy to access and use. You can customize according to your own way too. Apart from this, here you get features like 15 home pages, Google fonts for free and well-organized names layers.


5. FolioMinimal Portfolio PSD Templates: The templates is one of the best choices that you can get, no matter you are looking for agencies or for individual purpose where you want to show related the work you do. Here you get packages which are completely organized layers. You can simply customize the layers as per your own choice and requirements.

Folio - Minimal Portfolio PSD Templates

6. Discovery: One Page Website PSD Template: If you want something simple, this PSD template is a one-page website. Here you get multipurpose features, and also you can add related your application if you have one for your business. Apart from that, you get full-screen options in every section. Not just that, you can also use the free fonts and completely organized files.


7. Kappe: The PSD is basically designed for websites like Blog and portfolios where you get a full-screen view. Here you Get included 6 PSD files that are completely easy when it comes to customizing. Apart from that the pixel quality of the templates is perfect which gives an extraordinary look at the end. Not just that, the whole thing is organized well which help in saving the time of yours.


8. Mark – Free Portfolio PSD Template: The templates basically give a very nice looking results that you get at the end when you are done with the edits and all things. The templates you get are black and red in color. The PSD template is not just responsive and professional looking but also you get option that suit with everything, this free PSD template is an ideal option if you are looking for something simple and easy to maintain.

Mark – Free Portfolio PSD Template

9. Waxom PSD Template: the PSD template is designed in order to give a modern, responsive and unique theme. There are different layouts that help you in creating any kind of page where you want to display your content. Here you also get revolution and layers premium sliders that will also help you in making your site different from others.

Waxom PSD Template

10. Volter: The PSD template is suitable for you if you are looking something creative and clean options. The Volter is customizable and also comes with the highest resolution which gives a great look. There are several different other features that you can get, along with Bootstrap Grid 1170 PX with a unique style.  When it comes to font and icons, you get a great collection which you can choose as per your own requirements.


11. Evana – Free Creative Agency PSD Template: Evana is specially designed and dedicated to the creative agencies. Here you get the recent updates designs and trends, maintain the quality and overall look. Evana is ideal when it comes to websites related to startups companies and business or any other websites related to an agency. The look you get is decent and soothing for the eyes which left an impressive effect at the end.

Evana – Free Creative Agency PSD Template

12. Nuovi: The PSD template has large areas for an application which covers creative agencies, photography, bloggers, designers, personal portfolio and other different things. You can use the templates no matter where you want as the purpose of Nuovi is to prove an extraordinary look to the website related to creating websites. Along with that, the template is the perfect combination of clean and designed concepts. Apart from that, the PSD template is easy to customize and you can use without facing any kind of worries. The elements you got here is 30 fully layered as well as PSD files. The templates are unique and different which will give you the well-designed result.


13. MI Talent – Web Design Agency PSD Template: Well, the PSD templates are basically focused on showing the talent and clients that you have for the project. Not just that you can add information related to the projects you did. Here you get 9 files where you can do the edits and customize it according to the way you want. Along with that, you also get free fonts and organized look.

MI Talent – Web Design Agency PSD Template

14. Piroll – Design Agency or Portfolio PSD Templates: Piroll is suitable when it comes to designing websites or portfolios related to your own agency. You can also use the template for creating your own personal portfolio as well. The PSD template you got here gives a modern but minimal look with flexibility. Because of the features, the template is considered as one of the good options for different web designers, freelancers or for those who have their own studios.

Piroll – Design Agency or Portfolio PSD Templates

15. Deck – Free Card-Style PSD Template: Well, the template is way different than any other templates that you will get here. The templates designed where you get interferences based on cards. The template is tailor-made which suits the desktop, tablets, and mobile like different formats. That means the site will look just fine no matter which device is used for accessing.

Deck – Free Card-Style PSD Template

16. Cesis – Creative Agency PSD Web Template: However it’s a free demo of cesis responsive multipurpose WordPress theme. Well, the template has its own unique and different layouts that help. Here you will get clean, complete clear and creative PSD template which you can consider if you want to create creative agencies related sites.

Cesis – Creative Agency PSD Web Template

List some Free Personal Portfolio PSD Web Templates to Download.       

Well, there are lots of options that you get when it comes to developing the personal site. However, it’s important to look for different aspects when you are planning for creating a personal portfolio using PSD web templates. For helping you out, here are the some listed options that you can consider as they will help you in getting the best option. Lots of people prefer having these templates instead of doing it at starting from zero, also it save time and money, you just have to fill the necessary things to HTML and you are all done.  These PSD web templates can be used for personal work or for personal portfolios. The big bright side that you get, you don’t have to worry about paying anything as they are free to use.

  • Kreshna
  • Avire
  • Personal site
  • John Doe Portfolio PSD Templates
  • Hexal
  • Switch
  • Venzer
  • Alex
  • Personal blog PSD templates
  • Hexagon portfolio
  • It’s me – creative portfolio PSD templates
  • ME- creative portfolio PSD template
  • Lex Luther- one-page portfolio

What else you must know about PSD web design templates: Things to know

Lots of people feel hopeless when they start searching for the PSD templates as there are lots of things that you need to see. Not just that, there are confusions regarding what to choose among so many best designs and which will suit the best for the sites.  Well, you can get an easy answer, for that here are basic but important points divided into their vital categories that will guide you.

1. Which Width to choose in Content:

There is basically two width option that you can get in the market i.e.  Full width and boxed width, both have their own benefits and pros points. however, choosing one of them depend on the look that you want. Such as, if you want something traditional looking website, then you should choose boxed width but if you want more creative look then simply go with full width.

2. Which Header to choose for Page Layouts:

There is no doubt that choosing the head of your page layout is crucial as it’s the first thing your visitor will notices. Also, it works as strategic to hold the interest of the audience who will land on the page. Well, when you are choosing the header to make sure it will be helpful instead of hurting the business. Not just that, chose something which can strongly communicate with the audience and also convey the message that you have. Be careful as this the first thing that your audience will see, so it’s more like the first impression which is crucial to maintaining.

3. Which Design you should choose in the Menu Bar:

lots of people think that menu bar Is not that important which is wrong in so many ways. It’s crucial to select the best designs which can be comfortable for the visitors. Not just that, there are different points that you must remember while choosing. Make sure you choose something which fits as it’s the primary tool which your audience will choose and it will navigate them. The menu bar is like a roadmap which guides the visitors and it also helps in availing things which they want at that moment. There are basic do and don’ts that you must follow:

  • Do clean, simple and well design menu tabs
  • Don’t go with the background which can be distracting
  • Don’t use fonts that are too small for reading
  • Do use colors which are catchy and easy for eyes
  • Don’t go for fancy stuff


PSD Web design templates are the most helpful and beneficial deal for those who want to save time and money for creating websites but without degrading the quality and creativity. Different free templates help in choosing the right option for you, so you can get the best among the rest. Also understanding different points like width, header and designs for menu bar can help in getting the best websites at the end.

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