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Free Instagram Templates

Instagram is one of the most effective and popular social media which is attracting lots of attention. There is no doubt that a huge amount of people are opting this option for personal as well as professional use. Even these days lots of business are also taking help of Instagram in order to promote their brand, product services etc. it’s an also a great option to stay connected with the people and the potential clients. Not just that, Instagram is helpful in a lot more ways but for that, it’s important to understand what potential does the Instagram have and how it works for a business promotion like work.  For knowing more about that there are points that you need to consider

# Picture that speaks more than words

 The words take time when it comes to understanding whereas photos have instant effects. The audience who will get to see the photos you share will help in knowing directly about the work or product you are offering. Not just that, make sure that the photo you share contains strong points and quality which help in attracting more. Also, you can go creative and do something different.

Free Instagram Templates

# It shows ‘Behind the curtains’ to the audience

People connect more when they know about you and your work more. Don’t just let them be the customer or clients of yours, share the photos of your behind the work so they can understand and involve with the process too. This will create a sense of knowingness which somehow boosts the familiar feeling as well. Also, people are born with the tendency to get curious more and more when you show something unexpected.

# Build the personality of the work you do

Choosing the best photos are important in this case for developing either the personality of your business. The images you share help your business to create n aura among the people. Not just that, its waste to underestimate the potentials that Instagram have, however, it’s also powerful when you have a strong grip on some particular niches.

# Go viral!

There are high chances these days to go viral however for that you should have something powerful to offer. Well, going viral makes a hugely beneficial impact on your business as it will share the word more about the work you do and also target potential clients.

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Top 20 Free Instagram Templates for Posts, Story for easier content planning

For enhancing the post, stories etc for Instagram, here are the best 20 and absolutely free templates that you can get. Every template has its own bright points which suit some specific work. For example, there are some who are good for bloggers, some are good for branding or some are excellent in promoting your services. Well, make sure for what you are looking for before you choose the template. Here is the list of top 20 free Instagram templates which will help you in getting the perfect and creative Instagram stories as well as post.

1. Social Pack: 8 Layouts for Instagram.

There is a pack of 8 layouts which are different on the basis of graphics, designs, and purposes.  However, you can use the layouts for other social media like Facebook, Pinterest and even for blogs.  Here you get pool scenes with a dreamy beach that help in styling and add text for making it best for the use. The list is customizable, square in size, etc.

8 Layouts for Instagram

2. Holiday Mini Instagram Templates 005.

The template is suitable for you if you are a professional photographer who wants something which makes your work more professional.  The templates are easy to customize and comes with colors and text options. Along with clipping masks that help you in dropping the photos, you also get different fonts that are completely free to use.

Holiday Mini Instagram Templates 005

3. Instagram Advertisement Banners – V381.

The templates are available in the size of 900 x 900px with 5 pages templates for fashion Instagram promotion. Also, the color mode that you get is RGB with the font used raleway and Montserrat.  The working file of Instagram advertising contains Photoshop cs or if not then it will have the latest version and elements of Photoshop.

Instagram Advertisement Banners

4. Instagram Branded Templates.

For developing the brand and showing templates which help you in choosing the best trending templates.  It’s also good which matches with the brand that you want to show on your insta newsfeed. However, this one is an ideal choice for you if you want to promote any brand on Instagram or use Instagram for brand promotion.

Instagram Branded Templates

5. 10 Instagram Food Banners.

One of the banners that you can get that not just look good but also give the end results that you want.  Here you get 10 PSD files with PDF help file. Not just that, the layers are well organized and also it’s simple when it comes to customizing.  Along with that, it is easy to customize the objects texts, shapes, colors etc with different 10 styles.

10 Instagram Food Banners

6. Instagram Promotional Templates.

If you are looking for templates for promoting the service or products on Instagram then you can go with these templates. The templates are designed in order to make the whole look of promotion appealing to the people. Here you get 10 options which suit the requirements that you want for promoting.

Instagram Promotional Templates

7. Instagram Wedding Pack Templates.

For showcasing the wedding, Instagram wedding pack templates have uniquely designed options. Here you get 24 templates with colors and styles options which fit perfect for showing the wedding photos. For making it more favorable, you are completely allowed to edit or customize the templates which include color, text etc.

Instagram Wedding Pack Templates

8. Instagram Commerce Pack Templates.

The pack contains 48 templates for Instagram where you can use it for showcasing work related to the store, or for discount advertising. Well if you want something which can add some extra effect to your post then you can use it as well.  However, you are going to need Adobe Photoshop as well.  You also get the access to edit the colors and text as per your need.

Instagram Commerce Pack Templates

9. 10 Father’s Banners for Instagram.

Those who are looking for templates related to promoting the father days on Instagram, here you are getting the perfect and unique options of a set which concludes 10 customizable options.  These are super easy to edit and you can do whatever you like and put our ideas for creative use.

10 Father's Banners for Instagram

10. Minimal Instagram Bundle Templates.

If you want some effective templates to share post and stories on Instagram related to the subject like travel blogging, photography, food, and lifestyle, Minimal Instagram bundle templates have great things for you then.  You just have to replace the photos and change the text as well as fonts for getting the results that you want.

Minimal Instagram Bundle Templates

11. Instagram Photo Masks Templates.

Here you get photo masks pack which includes the 10 templates which are optimizable for Instagram.  The template is designed in layers which create an illusion which makes the photos look like they are floating.  This option is effective as well as creative in order to spice your Instagram feed and make it creative to look.

Instagram Photo Masks Templates

12. Beautiful Templates for Instagram.

If you are not that much familiar with the Instagram post or creating the effective ones then you don’t have to worry. This template option has the easiest options for you which are designed in such an order to help anyone who wants to create a post with all creative and attractive look. Here you get the unlimited damages that are completely optimizable for you Instagram use. The option is extremely beneficial and helpful for you if you want to promote your blog or products.

Beautiful Templates for Instagram

13. Social Media Promotional banners Templates.

The social media promotional banners templates are best in order to get the post that you want for Instagram without doing extremely hard work. The editing of the templates is easy which can help you in a marketing campaign on Instagram without facing any hassle and complete effective results.

Social Media Promotional banners Templates

14. Social Media Booster Kit 2 templates.

This pack is designed in order to focus completely on product marketing.  There are vibrant options that you get in templates which are featuring different shapes of geometry along with vivid colors and patterns which are trendy. This option is a perfect fit for you if you are a fashion designer, blogger or looking for a magazine and retail brand like a post on Instagram.

15. Lifestyle Social Pack templates.

This one is best for driving the traffic for the post and also help in boosting the audience of yours. It is easy and saves the time of yours.  The templates are ideal if you are looking Instagram template related to travel blogging or for lifestyle.  The pack contains three different sizes and along with stock images for free with 10 templates.

Lifestyle Social Pack templates

16. Instagram/ Fashion Social Pack Templates.

Well, this one is easy to handle however it’s important to have information about how Photoshop work.  The Instagram / fashion social pack templates a very simple style with elegant design. Not just that, you are going to get twenty banners, PSD file etc.  Also, the dimension of the template is 1080 x 1080 PX.

17. NEW Instagram UI Kit Templates

This one is the latest option that you are going to get along with 9 main screens for Instagram for stories screen, setting screen, edit profile,   photo feed etc.  The kit has two basic things that you will get PSD and sketch for free.  The photos that you get are for non-commercial use.

Know About Templates that you have to choose for Instagram:

There are some basic yet very important points that are crucial to remember. No matter you are using the Instagram for business or for personal use like blogging or something else, its important you know if the visual content is matching with the rest shared post by you.  Well, this is for creating a perfect look which helps the audience to know better about you. To maintain that, people use templates which are available for the post and stories creating. These templates are based on what you are looking and for what. For example, there are templates which are good for some particular section or for some particular stuff.  For knowing more about how the template is important you need to know the basics and also do the reach. These templates are available for free use but you can also use the paid templates.

However, before you know further about how templates work, it’s important to know what stories or post plays the role in this whole scenario. Well here are the do and don’ts that you must follow to get the effective results

  • Do start your game as soon as you can

Well, the work of algorithm of Instagram pushes all those stories for the forefront which has the shortest lifespan.  That means creating stories or sharing post help your account to get rank top in the Instagram newsfeed. Also, keep your post interesting and content attractive.

  • Do use the tools which are provided

When it comes to stories, there are already lots of tools which are provided by Instagram. However, these tools are a little bit silly and mostly used for fun. There are different tools that are provided such as stickers, highlighters, and filters. Also, you can use frames, polls and other stuff for engaging people to your content.

  • Don’t go with over posting

The biggest and silliest mistake that you can possibly do is posting hundreds of stories or post in a day. Well, don’t flood the post on your account especially if you do not have that much content to share. Sharing the post or posting it mindlessly can damage the connection that the audience has with you. Apart from that, make the most interesting and a little bit teasing for the people.

  • Do get social

For ranking top on new feed, you have to keep your content interesting. Not just that, you can even tag people. However, make sure that no one is getting bothered by that. You can tag different people as it can be the partner of yours or the followers. Not just that you can even tag the ambassadors but before that make sure you ask them about this stuff and if it’s okay or not.

  • Don’t get too promotional

Even if you are using the Instagram for business purpose make sure you don’t get too promotional. Not just that keeps your work light but effective. Apart from that, don’t rush with the stuff and keep the sharing for worth so you can get gain maybe not monetary but at least you can get the people who will follow you. These people have the chances that you can get potential clients in the future.

  • Don’t do reposting

Well, avoid posting your same content on different platforms. There are lots of companies who share the same stuff on all social media options which just make them look lazy. Your followers can be following you on others social media too, give them something different and don’t get afraid to be creative.

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Why your business needs Instagram templates and for what?

Lots of people may think about why you need templates for your Instagram. Well, there are lots of reasons but when you are using this platform for the business purpose then these templates play a vital role. They don’t just help in creating the standard post and make your insta look good as it follows the same templates.  But also it helps you in making your reach to the audience that you want much simpler. The templates are also good in sense of creative you identify. The templates you use to mark your style and using it regularly left an impression on the audience mind. So next time when they get the same post or something similar post using the template they will instantly recognize your company.  Not just that it’s the best way of branding where you don’t have to do anything special or extra.

Also, it helps in increasing the awareness and also develops an interest among the followers to know more about the business. Because of these templates, you get a chance to explore to another side where you are going to get huge numbers of followers but for that, you must know that choosing the templates should be very wisely.


Instagram is turning out as using social media options for business and personal use.  However, with the use of the template, it will help you in creating the post and stories so the audience can understand more about what you are offering. These Instagram templates are beautiful designs and come with different fonts and style in order to give an effect to the post you want to share. Choose the best one for standing out from the crowd of others and get the best benefits from this amazing option which connects you with the audience that you want.

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