Best Top 5 Business Templates

What are Business templates?

Business templates are used in designing or doing some necessary work before starting a Business and also for ongoing successful business. These templates help in evaluating the business in all the areas and also with ease. These templates reduce the time required to fully analyze a business from a low level worker till a CEO.

The great thing about these templates is that these are available for free of cost. Anyone can download and use these templates, either it be a small business or a big industry. Here we are providing you with the best Top 5 Business Templatesthat are mostly used by every company or a business.

Free Business Plan Template

One of the best uses of this template is for pre-planning and paper work of the business you are going to start. Thinking of a good business plan doesn’t bring you success, it only comes from the implementation of it. This template is best suitable for excel sheet and it provides many tables and worksheets to perform certain activities. It is mostly used for creating the financial statements, charts and data tables. You are also provided with a feature to export the excel sheet to word, this can be done just using copy and paste operations. You can also add images to this template.

You can download it from : .

Business Budget Template

Thinking of a Business?

The first and foremost thing that strikes our mind is what type of business and then we estimate the budget of that business. So, budget plays a key role in choosing a business, you can’t think of a business before its budget is estimated. So, here we are providing you a way that reduces the time to make a budget plan for your business. Business Budget templates, these are the ready made budget plans and you need to just edit the preferences as you need. You can easily and efficiently make a perfect budget plan using this template. As, I said before it will be available for free and can be downloaded from internet.

You can download it from : .

Loan Amortization Schedule Template

A Loan Amortization Schedule holds all the details regarding the payments info of mortgages or loans. It shows the amount used on both interest and principal amount. The schedule in it is responsible to show the remaining amount, thus you can easily find the amount left and you need to pay. This templates makes it easy to calculate the amount, rather by sitting for hours on a single topic. This template is used for only fixed rate loan, if the loan is varying, it is not that useful. This template is also available as a premium version and you can download the premium version with some advanced features using the same link below.

You can download it from : .

Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss template is one of the most used business template. It may be a small company or a big industry, profit and loss has to be estimated by any of the two companies. Profit and loss templates are also called as Income templates sometimes. This template can be used to create a maximum of 3 year Profit and loss projection. You can even create it for a year or two, there are only some mere differences between both Budget and profit or loss templates. Most of the categories of profit and loss are almost equal to Budget template.

You can download it from :

Sales Forecast Template

Sales Forecast is one of the most essential analytics of a business plan. This Sales Forecast will be useful when someone is planning to take a loan from a bank or expecting some investors. This template makes your work easy by analyzing the unit sales, profit margin, gross profit and growth rate. These templates can calculate Growth rate, margin per unit, gross profit and total revenue. You can use these templates to print either a monthly chart or a yearly chart. There are some other awesome features coming with these templates for making our work go easy.

You can download it from : .

Conclusion :

Here ends our article, the above mentioned templates are created by some experts and we do not own any rights on it. We have just provided you the free source that might help your Business. Thank you for reading this article, Please do like and share, and feel free to comment in the below comment section.

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