Best Free Keynote Templates for Creative, Web Designers

Keynote Templates

There is a saying that looks matter as it’s the first thing that people notice. However, when it comes to creativity there is no doubt that it becomes more crucial than ever. Whether you are looking for a way to make your presentation more creative, informative or interesting, Templates are the best way that you can get here. Different designs are available in templates which help you to focus on the potential clients and the investors. It also saves a lot of time and also it’s effective.

Well, Keynote templates are offering the best-designed templates for making your presentation better and interesting in a different way. Here are the listed 15 templates that you can get without costing anything.

Keynote Templates

Mention Top 15 Free Keynote Templates to Download

1. Zane Keynote Templates:

Well if you are looking for keynote template which can suit both personal and professional presentation work. The template is perfect for those who seek creativity with a modern touch. The design of the template is made in order to meet with today’s audition taste. Here you get high quality in images but also you can edit the vectors easily. The package includes slides which are pre-made. So basically you just add the content you have and rest thing will be done simply.

Zane Keynote Templates

2. Thumper Keynote Templates:

The keynote template is designed considering all the points that you are going to need so you can pitch the clients as well as the potential people in 21st Century. The design of the keynote is updated with the requirements that you are going to require for today. Also, it’s a good option that you can consider.

 Thumper Keynote Templates

3. Creative Keynote Templates:

Uses of geometrical shapes designs are boosted up as lots of big companies are using such slides for their presentations. Creative keynote templates are one of the ideal options that creative loving people can choose. Here you get tools which let you design your slides in different shapes with the options to choose any lively colors that fit you. Also, you can save time as here you get editable elements which let you get the things that you want. With the package of 25 slides which are unique for making the presentations different than anyone else.

Creative Keynote Templates

4. Sella Keynote Templates:

The keynote template is based on business class focusing on the website with modern style. The design you get helps users so they can easily explore the site by facing fewer hassles. The content on your site will be easy to access and also help in promoting your business more genuine way. The colors of the templates are chosen in order to make the overall look elegant to the audience. Here you also get per made five slides with full authority for customizing the way you like.

Sella Keynote Templates

5. Kreatify Keynote Templates:

If you are looking for the template where you can get minimalist style but with perfect and overall great looks. This one is perfect for you as Kreatify helps in getting the best presentation for a business, also it includes slides lookbook and pitching for projects. The visual of the template gives you a clean and neat touch that makes the approach more firms.

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6. Balance Keynote Templates:

Balance keynote is one of those temples which solemnly focus on what you want to say.  The template is best to choose if you want that your idea deserves the attention and it should be heard clearly. Balance keynote templates help to present the content more nicely and simply to the audience.

Balance Keynote Templates
7. Simple Minimal Keynote Templates:

If you are looking for the simple yet effective templates, this one should be in your list. Here you get minimal templates with the background of white clean and texts in bold. The design of the presentation is suitable for business and casual presentations. Template lines are also used in order to give the simple look; also the slides are designed in the section which helps you in getting the template with interactive design. It also helps in focusing on the presentation of the content and also makes sure that your content is presented in the most elegant manner.

Simple Minimal Keynote Templates

8. Agency Keynote Templates:

There are three themes that you will get in agency keynote templates includes Yellow theme, blue theme and green theme with their own layouts. Also, the template helps in turning your idea into an impressive personation that will attract the audience you want.  With the help of agency keynote, you can communicate your message to the people and achieve the goals that you want. Here you get different features which include free font, HD resolution, editable keynotes, icons sets which can be edited as well.

Agency Keynote Templates

9. Heyra Keynote Templates:

Heyra is one of the keynote templates that you get with minimal designs which are recommended for the business presentation. Along with useful elements, you also get images with high quality and icons which make your template effective and approachable.  Apart from this, you also get maps that are edited, mas that are made with hand and other different 12 slides with their own uniqueness. The sides allow you to edit the format and easily do the replaces of content a well as the images.

Heyra Keynote Templates

10. Sandy Keynote Templates:

 If you are looking for more options in templates then here you get 150 + slides with sandy keynote templates.  Not just that, you can choose the color variations as here you are getting 5 different color variation. Sandy keynote templates are an ideal choice if you want something different that make your presentation better and approachable.

Sandy Keynote Templates

11. Duotone Keynote Templates:

The template is based on duotone scheme color which is also used mostly when it comes to formatting modern web designs.  The template is preferred more by the creative people or photography related work. The keynote is suitable for creative related work as it makes the presentation far interesting as compared to any other keynote templates. There is enough space for adding different content with the unique slide’s layout which is more than 18.

Duotone Keynote Templates

12. London Keynote Templates:

Recommend for fashion related personation as the template is based on the lifestyle of London.  There are more than 230 vectors for free and numerous premade slides. This is not just helpful but also let you create lots of slides without wasting too much time where each slide have its own unique touch which makes the presentation elegant looking. The texts, as well as the elements, are readable and also everything is covered that you look in templates.

London Keynote Templates

13. Basics Keynote Templates:

Counted as one of the best options that you can get where the designs templates are minimal with the  31 + layouts in slides which help in creating the best slides without taking too much time. With the package, you also get options in customizing the shapes and also you get free fonts to add. The only thing that you need to do is adding your content and your work is all complete.

14. ProBusiness Keynote Templates:

The keynote is the perfect balance between corporate and professionalism. Also, you can consider the template if you want to make presentations which can match with the company image to the clients who belong to the corporate world. For making the templates more professional looking, you are getting different elements and tools that you can use. Along with everything, here you are getting vector icons, drop and drag placeholders and widescreen layouts.

ProBusiness Keynote Templates

15. Business Proposals Keynote Templates:

You get 50 premade slides with the package; also this one is best if you are looking for a template for making the proposals for business. The template can be helpful for making the presentations so the poetical clients and people can be targeted completely. Apart from the premade slides, here you are also getting section breaks; text slides for images and can add diagrams which include charts and graphs, timelines etc.

Business Proposals Keynote Templates

16. Professional Pitch Deck Keynote Templates:

The template is best when you want something so you can impress the investors, clients and potential clients.  Professional pitch deck keynote templates are best for such work. There is slide available so you can do the fact presentation related to the company and your team members. Here you get the space and the format that you need for creating the successful presentation.

Professional Pitch Deck Keynote Templates

How to Make Use of These Free Keynote Templates

Well as you already noticed that there is no limit when it comes to keynote templates which are not just effective but also friendly for the pocket. These free templates are best for different work but it depends on what you want at the end. Not just that, in a creative industry so important to look at the end results so you can get the perfect templates for enhancing the presentation and focus on the potential clients.

Use these keynotes temples which are free and design your presentation that looks more than just good. These templates will make your presentation beyond stunning and impressive so the clients will hear what you wanted to say.

Tips that you must follow: get the presentations that you want, follow these tips!

Without any doubt, Keynote is not just availing the best templates for the creative industry but also helps in enhancing the presentation.  It avails different options so you can choose whatever you want without worrying about anything.  For making it more effective, here are the tips that you should follow!

  • Do the slides last:

It’s important to understand what to put first, make yours slides for the last. Before that, add the information you want to share and the message that you want to tell. Add the plus points and the main idea to the presentations.  Not just that makes sure that slide is strong enough as they make their own statements

  • Go creative, use photos:

Don’t choose cheesy or too literal photographs for your presentations. There are a few things that you need to remember when you choose the photos. Always make sure that the images you choose are matching with the words you are going to tell or to present. There should be a connection between both. Always go with punchy yet simple images that relate to the concept you have. They should not be completed when it comes to the composition.

  • Charts and graphs simplification:

Don’t just use graphs or charts; make sure that they are signifying something important. Charts or graphs attract the eyes more than the text does. That’s why it’s important to add the information which can directly deliver to the audience.

  • Do practice:

There is no doubt that practice makes a man perfect. Dealing with the templates can be easy but making it more effective and strong need some practice. Not just that, it’s important to the presenters to be natural but states the strong points to the audience.

  • Make a story:

The story is important as it keeps your audience connected with you. It’s a crucial thing that you should not forget as it makes your presentation much effective and efficient.  The story does not just turn the boring stuff into the interesting thing but also it inspires a lot of people.

  • Don’t overdo it:

Making your presentation interesting, it’s important to remember that anything in excessive amount will work opposite. So the overuse of fonts or designs will make your work clumsy and hard to understand. Not just that, there should be a connection between what the audiences are reading from your slides and what they are hearing from you. Too much stuff on slides will make their head stuck to one thing where they will be less interested in what you are telling.


For turning the boring personation into interesting, creative and fun so the potential clients can understand your point of view much better. Keynote templates are helpful in different ways. Also, these templates are available for free, however, it’s important to know what you want at the end.  Use these free templates to get the best experience and the results.

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