Best Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard Templates

Best Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard Templates

What is KPI: KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, KPI is a crucial business metric to evaluate the proper functioning factors and success metrics of an organization. KPI’s are different for different type organizations i.e. for a Government organization KPI’s differ from an E-commerce company KPI’s.

Why KPI is Very Important for an Organization?

KPI’s measure the performance of an organization or company, how well it is able to attain the goals of the organization, it helps Managers to improve the functioning of an organization, analyze how dedicated the employees are, find the factors that are necessary to improve the performance of an organization and many other things make KPI’s Very important for an organization.

Key Performance Indicator

Types of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

There are many types of Key performance indicators depending on a particular industry or organization. Every industry has their own KPI’s and they might be mirrored for the same type of organization. We have some industries, departments or organizations in which KPI’s are defined.

Marketing KPI, Health Care KPI, Tracking KPI, Human Resources KPI, Sales KPI, Insurance Metrics KPI, Excel KPI with Guage control, Social Media KPI, Customer KPI and SEO Metrics KPI etc.

What are KPI Dashboard Templates?

These KPI Dashboard Templates helps in real-time monitoring of a organization performance, it is the best tool to do such exercise. These tools help in shortening the burden of finding the exact factors that affect the organization. These KPI Dashboard templates can be understood by everyone, even though he is not a professional, makes it easy to work with.

Here are the top 10 best KPI Dashboard Templates that are used in different organizations or industries to monitor the key performance indicators of it.

 KPI Dashboard Templates – Tracking KPI Dashboard Template:

This Tracking KPI Excel Dashboard Template is used to analyze every key metrics of an organization. Tracking KPI Dashboard Template allows you to add any type of graphics to the template that makes it look more visualization. You can also add add-ins for better performance and it also provides provision for adding color-picker so as to modify the template dashboard to look more professional and clear to the audiences. You can even run automatic updates of VBA code of excel on this template, and you can also add some cool infographics to this dashboard template.

Download it from:

Social Media KPI Dashboard Template:

Social media KPI Dashboard Template is used to analyze the key performance indicators of social media involvement of an organization. You can analyze the data related to many social media websites, and the metrics for each social media differs, for example, if you consider Facebook, you can analyze the data related to number of Facebook page likes, Number of people talking about the organization, Number of people engaged in our posts and many other metrics come in to action. If you consider Twitter, you can analyze about the data related to the number of people following the organization, number of people tweeting about the organization and many more.

Download it from:

Health Care KPI Dashboard Template:

When we consider Health Care KPI Dashboard Templates, we have many applications related to it, and it really helps a lot and makes it easy to manage a huge hospital or pharmaceutical. Let’s look at some applications where we us this Health Care KPI Dashboard Template. These templates are used to evaluate the average time taken by the lab to produce reports, can analyze the ability of a hospital to provide service to the number of patients come on a particular day, can analyze the time taken by the average number of patients to recover from a particular disease or injury, can analyze the average time required by a person to wait till he meets a physician and much other useful analysis can be made easy through these templates.

Download it from:

Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template:

Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template also has many applications as of Health Care KPI Dashboard Template. Let’s look at some real-time applications of Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template, these templates can be used in analyzing the average number of recruitment made every month, average number of employees retention, average of turnover of a group of employees, the average number of people undergoing training and development work, you can also analyze the cost per hire of a person, likewise there are many applications of Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template. You can download this template for free from the below link.

Download it from:

Customer KPI Dashboard Template:

Customer KPI Dashboard Templates mostly used in organizations related to Business processing organizations (BPO’s) and Technical support organizations. These two organizations need to track or analyze the data related to customer, such as, number of customer calls daily attained, analyze the average number of customer problems resolved, average number of customers waiting for the call on a day, analyze the data related to number of customers satisfied with the service provided by the organization. You can also analyze data related to the number of incoming calls to the number of calls we have responded and many other applications can be used.

Download it from:

Sales KPI Dashboard Template:

Sales KPI Dashboard Templates also has many applications related to E-commerce organizations, supermarkets, brand bazaars and lifestyle shopping malls etc. These templates are used in analyzing average number of customers visiting the store or site daily, average number of customers purchasing the items, average number of customers photoshopping,  analyzing the average bill made by average number of customers daily, number of sales of a particular brand, average number of customers returning the items daily, average number of sales from a particular region and many other analysis can be made using these dashboard templates for finding the KPI’s.

Key Performance Indicator

Download it from:

Insurance Metrics KPI Dashboard Template:

This is the best and easiest tool to analyze the data or information related to Insurance metrics. Insurance Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates can be used inefficient way to solve many problems related to Insurance metrics, such as, it can analyze the average number of claims in a month, can analyze the average number of payouts by organization, can also analyze the data of average number of policies opened in every month or for a particular period, can also analyze the data of top brokers dedicated in bringing the most number of policies and much other analysis can be made using these Insurance Metrics KPI Dashboard templates.

SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Template:

SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates are used in analyzing the SEO metrics that help in better ranking of a blog or site. Some applications or metrics for which SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates used are, in analyzing the keyword opportunities i.e. it compares the current ranking of our websites with the possible ranking for the keywords used, analyze the average traffic performance of our site or blog and also analyzes average search keywords, can also be used to analyze the number clicks on the SERP pages daily, it can also be used to analyze the trust factor i.e. domain authority and many other analysis can be made using these SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates.

Marketing KPI Dashboard Template:

Marketing KPI Dashboard Templates can be used in online marketing i.e. Digital marketing or offline marketing i.e. door to door marketing metrics. Let’s look at some digital marketing metrics, these Marketing KPI Dashboard Template can be used to analyze how productive is your website and how many people are engaged on the website, analysis related to how the people are visiting your site i.e. how they got to know about your site, analyses the number of dedicated external links that are redirecting them to your website, tracking of people on social media who are talking about your brand and many other metrics can be performed using Marketing KPI Dashboard Templates.

Retail KPI Dashboard Template:

Retail KPI Dashboard Templates can be used in analyzing the data related to retail market metrics, let’s look at some key metrics and how we can deal them with Retail KPI Dashboard Templates, it can analyze the data related to the number of new customers for the organization and how can we retain them for getting more profits, analyses the actual profit from selling the goods, it can also analyze the data related to the customer satisfaction on the products you are selling, it can also be used in measuring the number of units purchased to the number of units per a transaction and much other analysis can be made easy using this Retail KPI Dashboard Templates.

Conclusion :

At the end of the line, I want to say that these Key performance indicator (KPI) templates are the best tools to make your work easy in analyzing different types of key indicators related to different industries, organizations or companies. Please do share if you feel its worth and feel free to comment your opinion on the post/article.

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