Best Free Wireframe Templates for Mobiles, Websites, & UX Designs      

Free Wireframe Templates

During the initial stage, when your idea is raw and not completely formed there is a crucial thing that you need so you can put everything in one place. At this time, Wireframes help you that avail the layouts which you can add the designs and everything.  These things can be created by using pencil and paper, whiteboard or tools that are web-based. However, it is completely based on what makes things easy for you.

But these days wireframing are consider as the most helpful and easy tool that not just let you do the complete work but also it is ready to use. However there are lots of templates that are free to use, here are the listed templates that you can consider and also they will help you in building your idea into something big.

Free Wireframe Templates

Different types of iPhone/iOS Wireframe Templates:

Well before starting this, it’s important to understand the basic first as it will help you in knowing better information about the wireframes templates.  Different types in wireframes are used for a different purpose; however, they are mostly used in industries like manufacturing and web designing. There is no doubt that these are the best options that you can get for putting your ideas without wasting too much time and strength. Also, it helps in reducing the hassle which makes the work more efficient and effective.

The very first thing that is crucial to understand is why people use these wireframe templates and for what.  Well, it’s difficult to explain your ideas just communication with others. For better effect, it’s important to put your ideas into a layout and create a sketch which will help it explains everything clearly. Also, it will be easier to add the feedbacks as you can do that at the moment and also sketch your work one more time. It will be much simpler in explaining the layout to the people around you. Not just that,  some important person like programmers can easily understand your idea as eventually they also need to write down the codes. In general, it saves lots of time and also saves you from doing hard work.  Also, you can just focus on what you are doing and what you want to explain instead of worrying about how everything will happen.

Types that you will get in wireframes

Well, another important factor that you need to understand is what the types you are getting in wireframes are.  However, there are basically two types that you get which are:

1. High Fidelity wireframes:

High Fidelity wireframes are bold and colorful which shows the finest detailing of the interface of users. There is more attention focused on the sizing and alignments of different elements. This one is different but uses more colors to highlight the different parts; also there are lots of things that you must know.

High Fidelity wireframes

2. Low fidelity wireframes:

This type is just a rough sketch that mostly resembles the sketches that you can even make using your hands. These wireframes are representation in black and white which depend on the interface of the user

However, there are a few things that you must remember when you are creating the low fidelity wireframes.

  • Always understand that color should be minimum. Choose the colors wisely and only use them when it’s important to convey your ideas more direct or creatively.
  • Also, don’t go with lots of fonts options however you can choose the font size that suits you
  • The images should not be overused. Make sure that you use images very minimum.

No matter which one you choose, there are a few things that you should never forget as it will help you in getting better results without sung too much time.   Always make sure that you have a grasp on the width when you are designing.  Not just that, the mobile devices are limited width when it comes to monitors where you get large screens. Well, this is important to understand as both screens vary according to their sizes and that’s how you need to prepare.

Low Fidelity wireframes

Apart from all these, there are lots of more questions regarding which type you should choose. There is no doubt that lots of designed have different requirements. There are different designers who use both frames but there are some who like to go for one wireframe. It’s not bad to say that what you will choose is completely dependent on your requirement and need. Also, make sure beefier you go for the wireframe you understand the basics regarding how they will work on different screens and width that you need.

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Best Web Design Wireframe Templates to download for free with images:

The first and most crucial step that is taken in order for designing, there is a template which helps you in making the whole process easy. There is no doubt that, wireframe templates make the complete work fun and also you will enjoy the app creating or website developing work.  It focuses completely on the function of the site or app, not just that it also works on interactivity. Apart from that, it is also helpful when it comes to explaining the site and app to the potential client. Also, it can be used for making prototype which will help the designers and developers for focusing on the audience that they want.

1. iOS Wireframe Kits Templates: There are different kits that are available however they have their own specification and features. With IOS Wireframes kits template you can design without worrying about anything. Not just that, here you get the simples and hassle-free solution which will let you use your creativity for designing.

iOS Wireframe Kits Templates

2. iPhone 6 Vector Wireframing Toolkit (AI) Templates: However this kit is free when it comes to using it for personal and commercial related use. It also helps in creating the website and developing the design that you want. Apart from that, here you get an amazing collection of mockups which help you in doing the work professionally.

iPhone 6 Vector Wireframing Toolkit

3. Turbo iOS Wireframe Kit Template: Well if you are looking for templates which can be helpful in apps creating then this one can be extremely helpful. The turbo iOS Wireframe Kit Frame is highly recommended for the developer who got their interest in apps creating as the kit comes with nine different categories that also available in a sketch, PSD and Al formats.

Turbo iOS Wireframe

4. Snap UI iOS8 Wireframe Kit Templates: These templates are extremely cool for those who want something which can help them in improving their skills for website and apps developing. With the kit of these wireframe templates, you get 22 IOS, different 8 mockups and UI components that are useful which can be helpful when it comes to creating wireframes.

Snap UI iOS8 Wireframe

5. Basement iOS Wireframe Kit Templates: You can consider this one if you are looking for prototypes with serious creating methods. Here you get 200 + elements that are already given so you can use it anything you like. The kit is not just simple and versatile for you but the different features help you in creating the perfect prototypes.

Basement iOS Wireframe Kit Templates

6.  Flow iOS Wireframe Kit Templates: There are lots of people who want wireframes templates for using different purposes like it can be personal or for commercial projects as well. Well, Flow iOS wireframe kit templates are one of the options that you should be aware of, here you get a free kit with Sketch version for uses. The version not just has clean flow but also UI and UX wireframes are also suitable with this option.

7. Sketchy – iOS 9 Wireframe Kit: Well, if you are creating a designing application for travel or for CRM, you will get everything here. The kit considers more than 200 screens that help you in doing your work easily and simply. Not just that, it also makes the whole thing faster than anything. Sketchy is one of those recommending kits that you can surely go for.

iOS 9 Wireframe

8. Apple Watch Wireframe Kit Templates: For those who want to have the easiest option the can consider this one, there are lots of things like mockups that you will in addition with different features which will help you in doing the work more effectively. Apple watches wireframe help you in visualizing the complete concept by providing a sleek and subtle mockup in wireframe to your potential client. Here the kit includes everything starting from most basic to the most important things. Hands down, but the kit is everything that you ever going to need.

Apple Watch Wireframe Kit

9. iPhone Templates Mobile Storyboard Template: this one can be helpful for you if you want something which can avail mobile storyboarding. Well, the kit not just let you do that but also you can do the complete work more professional and also includes whatever you like for conveying the idea properly.

10. Free iOS UX Wireframe & Icon Set: It’s a perfect choice that you can consider if you like to have something which makes your skills little more sharpen. Not just for that but also you get icons in addition which suits the products of apples which also includes iPhones as well as iPads.

Free iOS UX Wireframe

11. WZ Wireframe Kit Templates: this template is not just beautiful in every way but this free template kit also helps in bring your work in order. You can also do the wireframes drawing without facing any kind of hassle. Apart from that, there are different types in the button that you got which also includes the primary buttons. Along with that, you also get iPhone 6 mockup, image placeholder, link, and tags.

12. Material Design Wireframe Kits Templates: This template is recommended for those people who want to use their creativity side for creating different icons and logos which is related to basketball. This free template is basically designed for developers and designers with a creative mind. Well, not just that but also if you want to make your screenshots little bit more popular then you should go with this template. Apart from that, you can also do creating new images without facing any kind of issues m) Material Design Wireframe Kits: This one is considered as one of the high-quality kits that you can choose. The kits no just help you in creating well design wireframe but also you will get mockups which will be extremely helpful when it comes to e-commerce apps.

13. Mobile UI Blueprint Template: People who are interested in technology related mobile, they can consider Mobile UL blueprint Template as one of the best options. It is a perfect match that will help you in getting whatever you are looking for. Along with everything, you are also getting Ul blueprint bad on modern mobile devices. Contemporary files are also available with icons for messaging and different icons for technical apps o) Bolt Wireframe Templates: one of the most organized and well-crafted templates that you can get for making your work hassle-free. Not just that it is helpful in several ways as it avails the feature which helps you in getting the end results you are looking.

14. Liberty Mobile Wireframe Templates: it is a simple option that is considered a tool for mobile apps which help in drawing. Also, you can do that work at the highest speed which saves your time and energy. Along with that, you get 125 screens and elements that cover a large range of work. Not just that, these elements are easy to use and you can do the edits as per you like. Apart from that, it is compatible with Photoshop as well as sketch.

15. Printable Wireframe Templates. : The kit is perfectly fit for you if you are going to design app for iPhones. Also here you get 92 templates which can be used for different devices such as tablets, watch, icon, and mobile designing.


There are different templates that you get in wireframe. However, these free wireframe templates shave their significant role but aging it’s important to know what are the things that you are looking. Choose the perfect kit and start creating whatever you are thinking!

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