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Bootstrap Templates

There is a huge change that everyone faced recently, these days’ people are switching different devices and screens such as at first people use desktop more, now they are using tablets and laptops. Also, there are lots of people who prefer phone, well it’s important to have something which can easily adapt the different devices and fit the screen accordingly.  For this, Bootstrap introduced which help the webs designs for having different and creative ways for developing web designs. Basically, it’s a front-end framework which suits perfectly with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when it comes to developing fast, responsive and powerful designs for the web.

Know About Bootstrap Templates – Points to Remember:

There is no doubt that Bootstrap templates or frameworks help the web designs in several ways. But again, it’s important to understand the basics about the bootstrap that will help in knowing better. Also, there are three different types that you get into an installation. However, it depends on your skill level which you can select according to your like.

Bootstrap Templates

Types that you can get in Bootstrap

Here are the three types that you can get, however, these three have their own specification which suits the different requirements. For understanding better, here is what you need to know.

  • Pre – Compiled Version:

This version is suitable for those who don’t want to add anything new and want to start immediately. Well, pre-compiled version is the best option if you don’t know how to do programming as here you get a compilation of  CSS,  fonts, and JavaScript. Also, there are no other files that are needed to add for modification in coding level

  • Source Code Version:

Similar like Pre-compiled version, Source code version has the compilation of documenting as well as the source codes. However, it is less compiler if you compare with the other options that you will get. Well, this one is perfect options that can web developer go with or consider to work.

  • Bootstrap ported formless to sass version:

If you are having the projects related where the sass are important then this one is suitable for you. Along with that, this one is also good if your project is related to Rails or compass etc.  You can simply download this version and use it without facing any hassles and get the result that you want at the end.

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What are the benefits that you can get in Bootstrap Templates?

The bootstrap template is helpful for developers no matter what experience they have. There are different options as well as versions that you can get so the whole experience of yours can be better. Apart from that, there is a list of benefits that you get when you opt for templates of bootstrap. For knowing more, here is what you need to know and will help.

1. It’s Easy to Use:

There are lots of reasons because of which the bootstrap is famous.  However, considering this one is the biggest reason behind its popularity. Bootstrap is easy to use and the whole process is much simpler than you get any other process. Not just that, it suits everyone even if you are amateur and have no information about how things exactly work, still the bootstrap is useful. The CSS files are based on how much experience or skill you have which help in making your work comfortable.

2. It’s Easy to Integrate:

One of another reason why people prefer using as that here you gets integration which suits every kind of frameworks. It’s easy to access the frameworks and also let you implement any bootstrap with pre-defined classes without the use as well as the need for markups. Also, you are not able to convert the design into the markup if you are using the default framework grid in Bootstrap.

3. The Speed you get in bootstrap:

Well, there is no web developer who wants the slow and disturbing process. Hands down but the speed of bootstrap is unmatchable till now. The option is highly recommended for those web develops who are looking for something in building the new as well as fresh website and applications. The web develops also get the speed and development with swift features as well. Also here you don’t have to do coding from zero as here you get already coded blocks that can be sue if you are developing the site.

4. Documentation as well as the support:

If you want to avoid lots of documentation as it waste times more than it should. Not just that, there are some confusions that need proper detailing so the people can understand when they are building the website. However, with the bootstrap templates, you got the easiest documentation with proper detailing which helps in understanding everything much better. Not just that, it’s helpful for the beginners as well as for those who are already using it.

5. It’s Responsive:

The world is changing and people are switching their modes from desktop to their smartphones. However, the smartphones are more utilized as it is easy and simply accessible from anywhere. Because of which it’s important to create the application or the website which are easy to access with both services. Especially with smartphones, the website should be easy to access and simply understandable. It comes with fluid grid layouts that are easy to organize the side according to the dimension of the different smartphones. Also with the help of features that you get in bootstrap, you can load horizontally point that your app or websites have.

6. Easy to Customize:

It’s extremely irritating when you are coding from the zero and still struggling with building the website or the application. However, with the bootstrap, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Here you get the customizable framework with pre-coded that helps you to change things that you like.

Along with that,   you can do the changing according to the need or the requirements that you have related to the project. The webs develop not just get huge choices but also they are free to choose any facilities or functions to create the page that you want at the end for the websites or the application. Well for customizing the page, here is what you are going to get

  • Utilities: Well here you get the utilities which are basic as well as responsive which help you in creating the website or the app
  • Components: there are different components that you are going to get such as Badges,  Pagination,  Input Groups,  Navs,  Navbars, and labels.
  • Common CSS: here you get buttons, forms, code, tables, print media styles, typography, grid systems etc
  • JavaScript components: Well here is the component that you will get for the JavaScript such as dropdowns, models, tooltips, popovers etc.

7. Frequent updates available:

It’s extremely important to have regular updates so the workers don’t stop because of any issues or risks. Well with this one, you get the frequent updates available which help in keeping the bootstrap easy and ready to use. It’s one of the options that you get where the release of updates is more than any other options that you get in the framework.  The updates keep the work compatible and support so it works nicely without causing any kind of hassle.

8.  The Infinite Community:

There are lots of points where the web developer get the stuck dye to any other reasons. However, with the help of an infinite community, the community is always ready for the help as well as for the support. This helps the amateur who is going to deal with everything for the first time.  At any point when they feel like they got stuck or they don’t know what to do, well they are free to take help from the community which is available for them anywhere and anytime. Also, the documentation you get is not just always in theory based but also available in form of illustrations and demos which make the understanding point much clear and easy.

9. Very Friendly:

There is an option but still, people feel hard to deal with another as they are less friendly. However, this one is much friendly and easy to use for those who are going for the first time or those who are using the framework as an amateur.  Also, there is no need to worry about anything as you are getting every support that you are needed. Not just that, even if you are using it for a long time till it’s helpful and make the whole process easy.

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Download Top 30 Bootstrap Landing Page Templates for Free with Images.

1. Scrolling Nav Bootstrap Templates.

Scrolling Nav Bootstrap is perfect when it comes to different purpose use. Even if you are looking for templates for the commercial use, these bootstrap templates can help you. Well, this one is created by David Miller which is perfect for those developers who want variations. Also, the Template is free which help you in saving money and with features, you can save time as well.

Scrolling Nav Bootstrap Templates

2. Shop Item Bootstrap Templates.

This option is best for you if you are looking for bootstrap template options then you should go worth this one.  Well, Shop item Bootstrap templates are good when you want to have something for display for single shops items, especially in online store. Along with that, the templates are basic and unstyle template e-commerce option.  Also, you get different features like section available for reviews or comments.

Shop Item Bootstrap Templates

3. Shop Homepage Bootstrap Templates.

Well, it’s an ideal option for you that you can the starter in the template if you are looking for more in bootstrap based.   Along with that, it’s based on an e-commerce website or for an online store. Here you also get an item card which includes reviews, title, price, description etc system. The template is built stable and updated with all latest things.

Shop Homepage Bootstrap Templates

4. Portfolio Item Bootstrap Templates:

There are lots of people who look for a simpler version, well portfolio item is basic that you can get if you are looking for creating the portfolio item in single pages. Also, it comes with a large section for main images and thumbnails which is related to the subjects.

Portfolio Item Bootstrap Templates

5. Simple Sidebar Bootstrap Templates:

Here, the simple Sidebar Bootstrap Template is ideal if you are looking for bootstrap websites where you can get the navigation off the canvas.  The template is basically sidebar layout of menu page and the navigation especially work on the devices with small screen.

Simple Sidebar Bootstrap Templates

6. Modern Business Bootstrap Templates.

The template is competing based on modern day requirements in business. As you can use this option for multipurpose websites that is easy with bootstrap 4 as well. Here you get 17 HTML pages, with that you also get a PHP working a form of contact. The template also sits the largest websites where the requirements are much bigger than any other option can fulfill.

Modern Business Bootstrap Templates

7. 4 Col Portfolio Bootstrap Templates.

Well if you have large projects with huge numbers than you can go with this template. However, this option basically works great if your project has not that much detailing.     The portfolio comes with basic and four column grid options for images.

4 Col Portfolio Bootstrap Templates

8. Full Width Pics Bootstrap Templates.

Full-width Pics bootstrap templates are designed uniquely so you can get the starter templates which suit the one page or landing page website. The template features the image section with full width including the option for adding a logo to the header. Apart from that, there are more different options which help in adding different design elements as well.

Full Width Pics Bootstrap Templates

9. Thumbnail Gallery Bootstrap Templates:

The template avail the gallery option for simple images based on the website which is built for bootstrap. However, here you get 3 X 4 grip options in the image along with the thumbnails. For those who are dealing the first time, handling this gallery is easy as here you get customizing option that makes the grid responsive along with that it comes with thumbnails linked with the images.

Thumbnail Gallery Bootstrap Templates

10. The Big Picture Bootstrap Templates.

The template is designed to give the artistic background with a completely full-screen image along with the fixed bottom footer. It’s an ideal option if you want that your image fills the background and creative values for the website.  Along with that, the HTML template is fully responsive and created with the bootstrap 4. The template is built which make this supportive as well as easy to use.

The Big Picture Bootstrap Templates

11. Small Business Bootstrap Templates:

An ideal option for those who want templates for the websites related to the small business.  The template is basically for the landing page with logo navigation bar. Apart from that, here are three content columns where you can add the information related to the services. In addition, the template has called to action option too.

Small Business Bootstrap Templates

12. Round About Bootstrap Templates.

Bored with the same kind of stuff well round about bootstrap templates have the round image features.  Also, it looks cool and has their column grid layout that you can easily use. Apart from that, there are lots of features which help in making the template perfect fit.

Round About Bootstrap Templates

13. Heroic Features Bootstrap Templates.

It’s an unstyle template that is featuring hero unit that you get in the header as well as in grid featuring boxes.  Not just that the feature boxes also have thumbnails.  Heroic features bootstrap templates come with different features which include jumbotron Header and HTML template with fully responsible which is created with Bootstrap 4.  The option is good if you want something different than usual.

Heroic Features Bootstrap Templates

14. Half Slider Bootstrap Templates:

Well, the slider comes with a height of half-page whereas the image sliders are full width for bootstrap 4 in the template. However, the theme is considered as one of the great options that you can choose for one-page websites or it’s ideal for landline pages as well.

Half Slider Bootstrap Templates

15. Business Frontpage Bootstrap Templates.

The template is a basic HTML starter which is design for creating the website based on bootstrap.  The templates are a good option if you are looking for something which suits the small business or some kind of small organization.  Also, here you got fixed top navigation menu and boxes for a call to action.

Business Frontpage Bootstrap Templates

16. Bare Bootstrap Templates

Those who don’t want to face any kind of fuss at the time of starting they can try this one. However Bare don’t have any fancy styles in the template and the paths are predefined. The templates are supports by the bootstrap 4 and come with top fixed navigation.


Websites design should be easy to handle especially when the people are switching the modes rapidly. It should be something which can easily get adapt no matter which device you are using. For that, Different Bootstrap templates are helpful. Also, some are available for free so you can use it without any worries. With the help of Bootstrap, you can create the fastest and easy to handle design which will match the need of today’s world.

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