Best Attractive Free Resume Templates for Graphic Designers

Free Resume Templates

There is no doubt that potential employers don’t have that much time as they have to read all applications and resumes.  For doing such work, the employers have to look for different things at the same time. They don’t just look for how much experience do you have, your qualification but also they look for something unique.  But when you apply in the creative industry, it becomes more crucial to focus on the creativity side which makes your resume memorable.

There are lots of benefits of having the templates for the resume as it helps in making your work lot easier.  But it’s crucial to understand why you need such templates and what exactly you can get at the end. Many organization or companies look for the most effective graphic designer which holds the experience, skills, and talents that they require.  Your resume is the first thing that they receive.  It completely depends on how you are presenting your resume so the employer can consider you as the best options and the most suitable person for the job.

Free Resume Templates

Here, why you even require using resume templates at first place?

Hands down, the resume templates play a very important role when it comes to the application process.  However, there are lots of free templates that you get online but again it’s important to focus on the creativity as it will they be a great factor which will attract the employer. The designers are creating new templates based on modern trends that can help you in getting the graphic designers job.

1. For creating the great impression:

As you already aware that there are so many resumes that are submitted for the job. The employer doesn’t have that much time to look at everything; because of this you should keep your resume creative and eye catchy. Also, it’s the first thing that the employer gets and this creates your first impression. Your resume not just set your skills experience and dedication but also the good template selection help in making your resume memorable for the employer. Also, the proper template helps you to arrange everything and highlight the points that you want the employer should see first.

2. Help in organizing your resume:

The organized resume portrays your character; also it’s counted as professional.  That’s why it’s important that you fill everything properly and all information is organized in a systematic way. The god template can help you to put the right thing to the right place. The order also looks great to the peon who will read it. Not just that it keeps all important details about you without letting anything left out.

3. Save your time as well as hard work:

Creating your resume from zero level is time-consuming work.  Also, there is no assurance that you will get the results that you are looking for at the end. When it comes to graphic design, it’s also important to look for the points which can help you in landing to your favorite job. If you are going for the first time or if you don’t have that much experience, it will be hard to remember all those important points. With templates, you can do that work easily without worrying about anything missing out.  Different templates also avail options that you can choose according to your requirement. In short you exactly know what you need to fill and in addition, you get the results that you are looking too.

4. creating the best easily:

There is no need to have experience regarding how to deal with templates. It’s the easiest options that you get for creating the best thing without wasting too much or even the money.  Also, the templates highlight all-important points that you need and also that is important to have so you can impress the employer. It is also good for those who don’t have experience in writing resumes. Templates help in doing all things with the hassle-free solution.

20 Different types of Free Resume Cover letter templates with Images

It’s important to choose the resume templates wisely as it will help you in doing your work must faster. Not just that, these designs is for free that help you in getting the best options without paying anything. For knowing more, here is the list that you can consider:

a) Free & Clear Resume Template:

The template is designed by Hans-Jørgen Løken which is made in order to provide the complete package to the users. The template contains all important as well as needed points that you want in your resume. Not just that, here you get fonts that are recommended for the resumes and icons which will help you in making your resume creative and enhance the overall look.

Free & Clear Resume Template
b) Clear & Concise Resume Template:

This one is designed by Fernando Báez which is also considering as one of the best templates for the related subject.  Here you get two even columns with icons which are beautiful. Apart from this, the resume template offers circle graphs and bar rating system that will help you in highlighting the best skills you have.

Concise Resume Template
c) Dark & Daring Resume Template:

Abdullah Al Mamun is a person who created the Dark & Daring resume template and it’s completely free to download as well as to use.  However, it can be a little costly if you are going to print this format as the dark theme in the background consumes a good amount of ink. But if you are looking for a template for the emailing purpose, then you should go for this. Also if you want something which can make our resume different as compare to other applicants then this one can really help you in doing that. The dark theme, prominent bar graphs, and coloring styles and social icons make the template completely different than anyone else.

Dark & Daring Resume Template
d) Free, Minimalistic, and Clean template:

If you are looking for resume templates which can be little more customize then Mats-Peter Forss’s designed template will not going to disappoint you for sure. Also, it adds the professional touch to the resume by providing a header which is easy to customize, bar as well as circle graphs with world map etc.

Free Minimalistic and Clean template
e) Colorful & Creative Resume template:

Well, not the template that can count when it comes to minimalistic option, however, the resume gives you the clean and very modern template design. The template is designed by Patryk Koryck and introduced the new way of showing your interest to the hiring manager. You can here use pictures to tell what your interest is as it will not just give a clear picture but also help in making your resume creative.  In addition, you get a frame where you can add your photo with space to write about your bio and information related to your contact in brief. There are spaces that help you to write whatever you want the company to know about you.

Colorful & Creative Resume template
f) Complimentary & Complementary resume templates:

Raka Caesar ‘s designed template gives you perfect balance in colors which includes dull grey header and icons,  line styling as well as skills’ subtle color.  This option can be recommended for those people who are looking for something simple yet impressive without dealing with too much creativity. Also, the simple look of the resumes attracts the eyes which can be a good point for resume building.

Complimentary & Complementary resume templates
g) Blue Da Ba Dee Resume Templates:

Well, the name fits the template as you will get both things here. The free templates look more like carbon copy paper but again it’s an irrelevant thing if you are going to email your resume.  However, the graphic designers or any other person in creative fled will like the templates.  Here you get the combination of old with new. Also the template successful carries traditional style text which shows the importance and blue color which conditions with icons.  Well, Steven Han designed this template for people who want both things in one. Also, you can try this template according to your like.

Blue Da Ba Dee Resume Templates
h) Broad Borders Resume Templates:

Antonio Padilla introduced the template so you can get the clean resume templates.  Here you get modern style with a splash of green color which actually gives a very neat look to your resume. Also, you can add whatever you like as there are plenty of empty spaces that will help you in showing the skills you got.

Broad Borders Resume Templates
i) Neat & Premium Resume templates:

However, the template comes with bold styling and designs which help your resume to turn different and also help in standing out from the crowd.  Also, you get the option to write your name in a bold format which helps in putting your resume in the spotlight.

j) A Pastel Foundation Resume Template:

If you don’t really like too many colors, this one can be an ideal option that you can choose.  You get pastel color combination with earthy touch and the minimal use of colors like black and white. The whole thing makes the templates pleasant for the eyes and also looks impressive.

k) Center Resume Template:

Here you got extremely unique template format which is introduced by Black Tie so it can suit different situations. The layout here you get is single column with the center aligned format. The overall look of the template is extremely simple but it also helps in putting everything in the simplest way.  For heading, you get grey header where you can write your name.

l) Super Skimmable resume template:

It’s a combination of everything that you can get; also the features are extremely nice if you want to have extra look in your resume. Apart from that, the design is made by Wassim Awadallah.  There are different options that you get and the template is well designed considering the traditional as well as the modern touch. The template is also considered as one of the best templates that you can get for a resume.

m) Double Diamonds Resume Templates:

If you are looking for empty which can also easy to scanning, Dzung Le designed templates can help you in that section. The template gives nice texture divide into sections so you can put all your skills and experience clearly. It will also help the employer to go through the details easily.

n) An Organized Mess resume Templates:

If you have lots of things and information that you want to add in your resume then this one can be a good template that you can choose. Also, it is a combination of creativity with a solution of fitting everything on one page. Here you get three columns with two columns that you will get in the header as well as the footer.

o) Material Design Resume Templates:

However the design of the templates is dedicated to the material design standards of Google and even its free, you have to pay a small number of fees. The additional templates can be downloaded so you can also make business cards as well as portfolio pages with matching designs. This style of the format is based on infographics style which is attractive for the eyes.

p) Not Too Shabby Resume Templates:

Ahmed Seneina designed the resume templates in order to give simplest template designs. It includes large bold heading which helps in noticing the important point, designed which is simple, colors that coordinated with each other and don’t give them too much experimental look.

q) Far Out Resume Templates:

It’s a complete package which is designed by Svilen Petrov that provides different yet basic templates for the resume. Also, the design options are minimalistic and available without costing any amount. Far out resume template can be an ideal option if you are looking for different resume templates.


As you can see there are lots of options that are available, however, it requires little digging in order to get the best template for the resume. Different resumes are suitable for the different purpose not just that it depends on your creativity and what exactly you want your resume to look like at the end.  These days, it’s extremely important to make your resume extraordinary so you can stand out from the crowd of other applicants and for that, you need the perfect template for a resume.

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