Why WordPress is Cheapest and Perfect Solution for Small Business?

Why choose wordpress for small business website

We are moving into a digital world. You all must have remembered the time when people generally hire web developers for making small edits on their websites. For instance, people generally hire or visit the web developer office for getting the small modification done on…

What is a Website Audit and Why Do You need one?

a Website Audit

How many of you visit the doctor for a routine checkup? We assume around 75% of people visit the doctor for a routine checkup. It is even mandatory for the people. Just as it is important to visit the doctor for getting the routine checkup…

How to Choose a Colour for Your Website? (Detailed)

How to choose a colour for your website

You must come across this article looking for detailed information about the importance of colour on the website. Do you know that most people generally get attracted to the theme and colour of the websites? Colour is a massive aspect of branding and business websites….

Unbounce Vs Instapage – Which Landing Page Builder is the Best?

Unbounce Vs Instapage

No one creates a website to provide general information, spend thousands free of cost. However, we can understand the concern about the same. Some of the websites even do this work, but the way of getting a return is completely different. For instance, when one…

Five Typical Website Fails and How to Avoid Them?

Five Typical Website Fails

You must have come across this article looking for the typical website fails. It is because the information is related to the website and essential. For instance, a business website is the heart of any digital marketing effort. It is where any business builds or…

What is the future of Web Design? How will web design change?

future of web design

You all must have a question about your future? The simple question that might be running all over your mind would be ‘Where do you think you shall be five years from now?.’ This must be confusing as no one has efficiently seen their future. For instance,…

How much it cost to design an eCommerce Website?

cost to design an eCommerce Website

We are living in a digital world. It is a world where everyone loves to shop online. You may not believe us, but 75% of people prefer to purchase everything from eCommerce websites. Thus, increasing demand in the market has risen the competition, and most…

The Significance of SEO in Web Design (Importance)

Significance of SEO in web design

You must come across this article looking for the significance of SEO in Web Design. Luckily, you are in the right place. You cannot just expect a website without proper web designing, and at the same time, you cannot expect organic visitors without having proper…

Three Elements of Landing Pages that Converts

three elements of landing pages

Landing pages are central to marketing platforms. You cannot expect a better return rate without making use of landing pages properly. For instance, landing pages allow you to target specific customers with particular problems and particular solutions to them. However, it is not easy to…

Wix Vs WordPress – Which one is better to Design a Professional Website?

Wix Vs Wordpress

You will not believe the fact that over the last fortnights, one developer has gone toe-to-toe with another developer comparing Wix to wordpress. For instance, Wix launched a marketing campaign that attracts wordpress users. Honestly, they had offered various things to convert the wordpress visitor. However,…