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Planner Templates

We are provided with the unlimited number of excel formats. We can download the required and can edit in our own way. A spreadsheet is a great tool that is designed by Microsoft to solve planning problems. Planning in a word document or in any other format is completely different from planning g in excel spreadsheet. Multiple tasks can be perfectly noted or recorded in excel spreadsheet. It requires some basic knowledge in preparing excel spreadsheet. To solve such excel problems Microsoft has designed some standard planner templates. To meet the needs of planning related issues these Planner Templates support. Maintaining a spreadsheet avoids confusion in doing work as we can have step by step procedure in completing our tasks. If we maintain proper planner template we can manage work effectively keeping track on what we are doing from time to time.

Below are some types of planner templates samples that are commonly used. There will help in maintaining accurate results and track on regular tasks that we are performing.

Planner Templates

Daily Planner Templates for Excel:

Daily planning is like maintaining diary about all our works that needs to be done on daily basis. We can get ready made daily planner templates in excel format. An updated excels format helps in keeping track of daily tasks without any confusion. Great professionals have a habit of following these planner templates. This planning schedule also reduces stress as everything can be done in step by step manner. It is mandatory to follow daily planning for both working and non-working people.

Weekly Planner Template for Excel:

Weekly is a standard format that is available in three versions. The number of working days in a week is different for different working people and hence is available in more versions. Some have 5 working days in a week and some have six working days in a week. For some people, all seven days are working days. We can record our task for that particular day and can also record shift timings. This is intensively used to record working hours in a week. An organization has to follow this template to record their employee tasks and working hours.

Monthly Planner Template for Excel:

This template is also known as calendar template. This is the most commonly used planner template among all other templates. Each and every employee has to maintain this to track their monthly tasks. Not only working people it is also used for non-working people in a different way. Housewives can track their monthly kitchen expenses in monthly Planner Template for excel. Budget-related aspects can also be noted using monthly planner template. Depending on our monthly pay we can completely plan our monthly tour and working hours at the beginning itself.

Year Planner Template for Excel:

This is planned once in a year and it very hard to prepare our own Year Planner Template for Excel as it contains many rows and columns. For instance, the excel calendar for the year 2016 is available with all working days and public holidays mentioned in it. We can follow the pre-designed Year Planner Template for Excel as they comprise holidays and weekends. We are provided with many Year Planner Templates as of now on different websites.

Personalized Planners Template for Excel:

This template is especially used for people who are satisfied with above Planner Templates. We can edit and make changes up to the extent and can use accordingly. This we can use for travel purpose and all our extra expenditure during traveling. We would have some specific well-defined plans and goals and those can be perfectly recorded using Personalized Planners Template for Excel. This excel would become a handset with more flexibility. Most of the project managers and test leads would prefer to use this Planner Template.

Family Planner Template for Excel:

Family planner templates keep on changing and we have many updates versions. This template is exclusively used for budget plans. All kinds of budget-related things can be noted in this excel. We can completely have a track on monthly savings and can plan for next month accordingly. Financial planning is very important to run a successful family and hence this Family Planner Template for excel is exclusively used. A family head can track monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure and savings perfectly.

Planner Templates

Meal Planner Template for Excel:

It is not at all ridiculous in using Excel format for meal planning. If you all fed with regular food habits and are in confusion about what to cook further, then Meal Planner Template for Excel would help us to the great extent. We can add all our family members’ favorite dishes and can satisfy all the family members equally. Meal Planner Template for Excel is almost exclusively used for maintaining meal items. We can note all meal items what we have purchased in that week and can keep track of them before finishing. Most of the house makers would use this template to maintain meal items and can purchase in time.

Homework Planner Template for Excel:

This template is used to track all your homework both official and unofficial. Maintaining a pdf file or word document is not effective in using and not easy to understand. In such cases, Homework Planner Template for excel comes into the picture. This is designed for students mostly MS and MBA students as they would have a burden with a huge number of assignments. Completing all the given assignments in time is a big task for MBA students and there is a chance of missing the count without proper maintenance of excel.

Conclusion :

We would have complex work and less time which increases work pressure. Using Planner Templates make us get out of work stress as everything is planned in a respectable way. This planning should be done according to the priority. Microsoft has provisioned spreadsheet tool and we can use it from small aspects to mandatory tasks. As everyone cannot prepare their own excel spreadsheets planner Templates will come into the picture with multiple and be attracting options designed.

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