8 Best Property Management Templates

When we talk about property management, we think about how we can manage our properties and how often do we go thorough the details.

There are several things involved in property management. We all have property which can be used for other purposes than simply keeping it empty or years. Some of the property is build for leasing it. There are properties owners, they want to sell, lease, rent or buy it even more.

8 Best Property ManagementTemplates

When we are acquiring a property or selling or lease a property, we have to get the paper work done and not always we do not have the time to reach a lawyer to get the legal work done. That’s when we have a solution called Property Management templates.

Property Management Templates:

Property Management templates are pre-made legal papers for different purposes and different categories so that you won’t miss a client, who is at your door step.

Property Management templates already have points and every legal point is mentioned of them so you do not need to worry about taking it to a lawyer. You can proceed to a lawyer later on once you and client are agreed to those terms.

Still think how they ca be use of, then take a look a few examples, we usually face when we try to sell or buy properties

For instance let’s say that you are new to hood and you are looking for a place to stay. You start looking for a place before you have moved in to the city. You need a place to stay and even if you find one then you won’ to able to stay at the place without meeting the property owner. You can discuss with the property owner and get the paper work done. You do not have time to reach a lawyer and get the paper work done.

Let’s say that you have a property and you have been keeping it empty for a while. All of the sudden now somebody shows up to ask your permission to buy it as the buyer is in a hurry to acquire the property.

There you are in trouble, since you cannot decline the offer after all he has proposed a deal and it take a lot of guts to say No to such an opportunity to sell your not in use property at a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at another example, a businessman who has plenty of space to lease and he is looking for someone who can acquire the space for time being (Now a days it is difficult to find one) and one day somebody knocks your door with a deal on hand. He is in a rush, Will you let him go? Because you have failed to provide the tenant an instant paper work solution.

If you were in any one of the situations then 8 Best Property Management templates is for you. Let’s check out some best Property Management templates.

How Property Management are Related to Templates:

In this list we are going to provide you different types of property management templates, Lets take a quick look at what we have for you here.

  • Lease Agreement.
  • Residential Lease.
  • Rental Application.
  • Quit Claim Deed.
  • Home Rental Agreement.
  • Intent to Purchase Real Estate.
  • Eviction Notice.
  • Contract for Deed.

Lease Agreement: Commercial or Residential

A lease agreement can be very helpful when you are tenant or the land lord. It doesn’t matter if you are leasing a apartment or commercial building, a lease agreement is to help both tenants and owner come to understanding what they both are expecting from each other to avoid unnecessary situations in coming days or years.

It helps both tenant and owner to lay down few custom points added to agreement then come to an agreement. What does a Lease Agreement covers?

  • It covers duration.
  • The expected rent per month.
  • Date and time of rent collection.
  • How much they will increase after expiry.
  • Property damage.
  • Pet policy.
  • Guest policy.
  • Parking lot.
  • Maintenance charges.
  • Extra charges.
  • Names of tenants and land lord names.
  • Advance payment or security deposit.

The templates covers all of the information, we have mentioned above and you do not need to worry it is very simple and easy to use.

Residential Lease: Non commercial Cum Residential

One of crucial aspect of every landlord of a property to make sure to add proper stipulation and make it clear to tenant to minimize confrontations later on. From how much you have to pay for repairs and previous dues. To clear the doubts and complains of tenants before signing agreement.

The agreement should include Name of both tenant and landlords, address of the property and description of the property, monthly rent, damage fine, parking lot, gym, guest allowance, pet policy, responsible in charge & maintenance charges. It also tells you how you can terminate the contract if you have change of plans. in case landlord has not received his rent on time he can collect late fee from tenants.

  • Security deposit.
  • Maintenance charges.
  • Pet policy.
  • Guest policy.
  • Address of property.
  • Names of landlords and tenants.
  • Parking lot space.
  • Extra fee for damage.
  • Late fees.

Rental Application: Apartment Agreement

If you are a landlord and you have flats in apartment, with this template you can finish the in matter of moments. It has important points a landlord such as yourself require.

  • You can check the background of the tenants.
  • Covers all regular terms.
  • Contract has duration.

Quit Claim Deed:

Quit Claim Deeds is nothing but transferring a specific property to another family member. Most of the times Quit Claim Deeds is used in name change of the person or the property is transferred. Quit Claim Deeds is also used in divorce cases to give up interest in the property. Quit Claim Deeds doesn’t not assure you about property transfer because of that property is being transferred among the family members.

Quit Claim Deeds is quite helpful in dealing with cases like divorce, name changes, transfer to another family member and etc.

Home Rental Agreement:

A landlord wants to maintain a healthy relationship with the tenants. To keep that relationship stable Home Rental Agreement can assist you in this matter. A Home Rental Agreement is a legal paper with some information and stipulation on how to do and be like. The tenant has to go through all of the points one by one then come to an agreement, whether he would like to agree to th terms laid by landlord. This is how any tenant can manage a healthy relationship with his landlord since everything is mentioned on the Home Rental agreement.

  • Duration From & To.
  • Monthly Rent.
  • Date and time of rent collection.
  • How much they will increase after agreement expires.
  • Property damage (You will pay for the repairs).
  • Pet policy.
  • Guest policy.
  • Parking lot.
  • Maintenance charges.
  • Extra charges.
  • Names of tenants and land lord names.
  • Advance payment or security deposit.

Evict A Tenant:

Things don’t go as we all envision. Sometimes, time does not co-operate ending up taking some drastic measures like evict a tenant. This template is for those landlords who want their tenant to vacate in smooth manner. Evict a tenant policy helps you to take a legal action against if the tenant does not cooperate to the terms he agreed to during paper work. This is one of the advantages landlord get, however even tenant has rights, if the landlords does not stand on what he agreed to.

Eviction Notice:

A landlord has rights to ask the tenant to vacate the place, whatever the reason behind it. An eviction notice is a notice which allows sometime and clearly advises the tenant to move on to another place without taking extreme steps. If there is such case then landlord the power to move on to next step.

Intent to Purchase Real Estate:

If you are looking for a property to acquire for your self then you need a place, which is easy to find. Before you can acquire you have go through a legal paper work. You can use these templates to get the legal work done in matter of 60 minutes.

Contract for Deed:

You can purchase a new home for yourself using contract for deed process. You can get a home from the bank and you have pay them monthly wise plan. It is not a deed the bank gets to keep the property papers until you pay off the complete loan you took from the bank. The bank acts as mediator to help you acquire a property by helping you lending some capital. You can pay the bank due on monthly basics.

Bank will hold on to the property papers until you clear the capital you owe to the bank. It is also called Property sale. The finance lent by bank will also have interest (Not all bank charge interest).


This is the 8 Best Property Management Templates you can use to make your work go smoothly. These templates can be useful when you are in to property business.

each and every point is mentioned in these papers so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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