Top 10 Best Excel Dashboard Templates

Here we are providing you with all the details regarding the Best Excel Dashboard Templates that are available in the market, these templates can be used in an efficient to customize your business strategies, make profit out of it. The list provided below is prepared based on many key factors that rank them.

Best Excel Dashboard Templates

KPI Dashboard Template

KPI stands for Key Point Indicator, this template is mostly used to track your business performance so as to maximize the profits from your business. This template saves your time in producing many handouts and reports, you can use the KPI Template centralized metric to share the information between the teams of your company for better growth. Using this template you can view the KPI’s either as tables or Graphs, you can compare multiple KPI’s and view the progress of the KPI. This KPI Dashboard template is easy to workout with and understandable.


Project Plan Dashboard Template

Project plan Dashboard template is very much helpful for the project managers to view the status of the project by standing above all of the employees. It becomes effortless to track all the activities, issues and the progress of the project using a single snapshot of this dashboard template. You can get all the up dated information from time to time using this template apart from only keeping track of the progress. It becomes easy to share and discuss on the advancement of the project with the team members. You can also view the task status of completion and remaining using the pie charts.

Project plan Dashboard Template

Project Portfolio Management Dashboard Template

Contradiction to Project plan dashboard template that provides you the information regarding the status of a single project, this Project Portfolio Management Dashboard Template provides you the status of multiple projects on a single template. It becomes easy to handle the multiple projects at a time, you can view the accurate status of different projects and can review on the least progressed project. It becomes easy to track key project parameters, risks and budget of multiple projects at a time, it becomes easy to address each and every project teams efficiently. Thus many projects can be focused for Key performance Indicators.

Project Portfolio Management Dashboard Template

Profit and Loss Dashboard Template

Profit and Loss dashboard template can also be named as an Income Statement, you can also use the Income Statement template as a Profit and loss dashboard template. This template relay’s on the Business Budget Template, as it makes use of the same business expense and income categories. You can easily create a Profit and Loss projection using this template for multiple years, so that it becomes easy to analyze the profits and losses of a particular year and can try to increase them in the present year. You can also use this Profit and Loss Dashboard Template for monthly cash flow analysis, for that, you just need to make certain changes in the labels of columns.

Profit and Loss Dashboard Template

TimeSheet Dashboard Template

This Timesheet Dashboard Template is most commonly used by every company, industry or organization to keep track of their employee working hours. It is the easiest way to keep a eye on employee working and you can also have some other benefits using this template i.e. you can add a extra column and can assign the pay’s for each hour they worked for, this template can’t be used for clock in and out status of a employee. This Timesheet Dashboard Template is available in 4 different versions, which include Weekly and biweekly versions, that has a option to use the H:M format or decimal format of recording.

Timesheet Dashboard Template

Excel Calendar Dashboard Template

This is one of the coolest templates that even a very small company, industry or organization uses it, this Excel Calendar Dashboard Template is used to create the calendars and record the everyday events of a full year. You can add the events of the day in the column provided below the date of the month, you can highlight a particular event, anniversary, birthday or holidays. This template comes with all the Holidays included in them, you no need to include the holidays, which saves lots of time. You can fill in the different columns with the colors you want, that can distinguish certain specific tasks or events.

Excel Calendar Dashboard Template

Gantt chart Excel Template

This Gantt chart Excel Template is used to create a proper schedule for a project and can be printed later, many of the tools that are available in the market to create the schedule for a project needs proficiency in that particular tool, but using this simple Gantt chart Excel Template, you can easily create a proper schedule for your project with basic knowledge on excel. Each row in this template specifies a different task, there will be some default number of rows, if you want more rows, you can simply copy and paste the rows and add a specific task. You can easily view the task and the progress in the specific task using this template.

Gantt chart Excel Template

Job Application Template

This is the common template used by an employer, this Job Application Template helps the employer to exhibit his preferences and choose a desired person for the position offered. Job application templates are of two types, one without references and the other with references, you can use any of them based on your requirement. These Job Application Templates help you in screening the applicants easily, rather than filtering the applicants personally. This template comes with all the major rows and columns needed by a employer, you just needs to edit according to your company or organizational norms.

Job Application Template

Cover Letter Template

Cover letters are the basic thing that an employer first looks at and it is the first impression that may your dream job can be acquired or lost, these Cover Letter Templates helps you to create some awesomeness in the cover letters, which are more professional and catchy. Before using this template you have to know the basic format and have knowledge on resume writing and cove letter writing. This cover letter comes with some added preferences, you have to edit to match your profile.

Cover Letter Template

Budget Worksheet Template

This is the most effective template that every organization or industry uses it to gain maximum savings and profits from their budget. This is mostly used to keep track of the periodical budget of the company and calculate the budget needed or afforded periodically. This is the simplest way to calculate your budget and find some fruitful savings in the areas you spent more budgets in last period. You can add your budget and then put the bills and calculate the net, thus you can get the exact count.

Budget Worksheet Template

Closure :

At the end of the line I want to say that, there are many other best excel dashboard templates other than these, but these are the best in their Genres, so, if you find something that should be added in the list, please highlight it in the comments below. Thank you for reading this article and please do share the post, if you feel its worth.

Top 5 Best Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation plays a key in inviting their friends or relatives for the wedding and so they give much priority in selecting the wedding invitation cards. So here are some wedding cards which are unique and different from the regular ones. In general words wedding invitation is to invite or inform the recipient to attend the wedding.Wedding cards are given 3 to 4 weeks prior to the wedding and the message written inside it is in formal. Most of them show love and affectionate towards their loved once by giving them a small personal invitation card.Now-a-days people are sending invitations through online via mail or by creating a html file.

White Pearl Folded Invitationsfor Wedding

Let your special day be remembered by inviting your friends and family members with the special white pearl folded invitation. In this invitation you can get the look of custom. They feature in an elegant raised pearled design which can be printed at your home or with your office printer. You can make your special day even more special with the complete personalized professional printing for a fraction of the cost with this Wedding Invitations. The White Pearl Folded Invitation has a impressing outlook and also the design of the Invitation card is spellbound. There is a border of White Pearl on the envelop of the wedding card. The matter inside the wedding card can be printed by ourselves or can send the text what is to be printed while booking the wedding cards.

Invitation Dimensions:

Length: 3 7/8

Width: 9 3/16

Invitation Envelop Dimensions:

Length: 4 1/8

Width: 9 1/2

The set contains 25 invitations and 25 reply cards with coordinating the envelopes for both.

Burlap Ribbon & Lace Vellum Wedding Invitations

This invitation is for special people whom you don’t want to miss your wedding. You can get the look of custom in this invitation. You can make your invitation even more specialby professional printing for a fraction of the cost with these Burlap Ribbon & Lace Vellum Wedding Invitations. The Burlap Ribbon & Lace Vellum feature an elegant ivory background with a white border, lacy vellum sleeve with slight darkening around the cuts where some of that gives it a more natural look, a laser cut, rustic feel, and a natural burlap ribbon.

Burlap Ribbon & Lace Vellum Wedding Invitation envelopes are ivory with a white border and the envelope flap has a scalloped edge with a Swiss dot punch. The reply cards are also ivory with a white border on four sides and message written in black font and the envelopes to keep the invitation are solid ivory. Burlap Ribbon & Lace Vellum Wedding invitations are compatible with most of the home as well as office printers.

Invitations Dimensions:

Length: 8 7/16

Width: 5 7/16

Invitation Envelopes Dimensions:

Length:8 11/16

Width: 5 5/8

Each package set includes 25 invitations along with envelopes, 25 vellum jackets & ribbon and 25 reply cards with coordinating envelopes and also a template with sample wording will be sent along.

ALWAYS-Responsive HTML Wedding Template

ALWAYS is a Responsive HTML5 / CSS3 Template which is being created for Desktop, tablet, mobile phone .As technology started booming up even people started to use it in all the possible ways they can, so this is the latest way people are inviting their friends and dear one’s for their wedding .ALWAYS templates areCreative, Classic, Clean and Professional. Always templates comesup with Unique Pages, incredible Slideshows, Easy-to-customize and fully featured design. They can Create Outstanding Wedding Website just in Minutes.

ALWAYS has 4 different templates they are Creative, Classic, Scroll menu, Multi page.

In CreativeTemplate we use our own creativity in making the template according to the requirement of the coupe. In this template the coupe can give any message they wanted to convey to their loved ones and also their picture will be posted on the page, along with these things their wedding date, time, place will also be mentioned on this template.

Classic Template is similar to creative template.

In Scroll Template we can have a look at their gallery where their pictures are being posted and also we can see the message written by the couple how they met and the wedding location, timings and all.

In Multi Page template we have multiple pages when compared to the above templates here in multi page  template we have multiple pages and every page there is a unique description about the couple, wedding place, reception date along with timings.

ALWAYS Templates are easy to send and you can send these invitations in just few minutes to all the dear one’s across the world too.Thats the main advantage of ALWAYS Template.

Love-Bond One Page Wedding HTML Responsive Template

Love-Bond Wedding HTML Template is a creative, clean, and modern html template which is purely built as to complete a wedding template. Love-Bond One Page Wedding HTML Responsive Templateis ideal for wedding sites, anniversaries, functions and all celebrating events. It provides you a wonderful user interface which is very important for a perfect wedding site. Love-Bond is completely a designed template which is enriched with modern features that fulfill all the modern day wedding needs. In this template you have all the events being listed and there is a option available on the top where when you move your cursor you can find more options there such as, Bride and Groom wedding place, date and time, reception, mehandi, sangeeth an all the other events which they have kept in the wedding are available.

The best part is when ever you move on to the wedding date it will show you the exact time for the wedding including days:hours:minutes:secondsthe cund decreases like a timer.So that people can remember the wedding date easily.

All Foil Laurel Branches Wedding Invitation

This is a simple Invitation where Casual script is being framed by laurel branches on either sides of the elegant invitation. The simple lines to this modern design are perfect for your romantic wedding celebration.This card has a Rich look where it is being engraved with the gold laurel branches on the either sides and the rest is written in the middle of the wedding card which looks simple and Beautiful for romantic wedding.There are three different colours available cream, jet-black, white where the paper colour are different but the colour in which we print is in the gold colour which looks elegant on all the three different colours available.

The paper is smooth in texture and so this smooth texture brings rich and elegant look to the wedding card. The words which are engraved on the wedding card are having high in quality. Most of the people prefer this wedding card because it is simple and elegant which brings Rich look.


Thus ends our article on the Wedding Invitation templates, I hereby conclude that the above information is reliable as per the information available to us from different sources and we are hereby not responsible if the information is provided above is not reliable.

Top 10 Best Gantt Chart Templates For Excel

Gantt Charts are a bar chart type of templates, these Gantt Chart Templates for Excel are used to describe the start and end date of a particular project, and it also summarizes the key terminal elements of a project. Both summary elements and terminal elements compose to work breakdown structure of any project. Now a days in modern Gantt Chart Templates also describes the dependency relationship among activities. Gantt Chart Templates for Excel are usually used to describe the ongoing status schedule of a project. Apart from the above functions, Gantt Chart Templates have many other applications, such as, it is used in Employee rostering and organizing production process. So, keeping in mind all the applications of Gantt charts, here we are providing you with the Best Gantt Chart Templates for Excel, PowerPoint and Project management Gantt Chart Templates.

SmartSheet – Gantt Chart Templates for Excel

SmartSheet is one of the best Gantt Chart Templates for Excel project management, Smartsheet is a super charged spread sheet with all the awesome functions in it. Smartsheet is rich in all the basic features of preparing the Gantt Chart Templates for Excel. This works as a online spread sheet, where you are provided with all the similar functions of Excel and some advanced functions too. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL : .

Vertex42 – Gantt Chart Templates for Excel

Vertex42 Gantt Chart Templates for Excel is the best available Gantt chart, it is available in both free version and PRO version, Pro version includes all the advanced features that include, coloring Coding, Monthly/Weekly/daily views, free updates for life time and many more exceptional features. It is the easiest template of all the available templates, and it is the most efficient one. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL : .

Google Docs – Gantt Chart Templates for PowerPoint

Google Docs Gantt Chart Templates for PowerPoint is an online tool to create a super fine Gantt chart template, it is the most customizable template among the all the other available. These Google Docs Gantt Chart Templates can be stored to cloud and can be edited and accessed from anywhere and through any smart device at any time, it is the best suited spreadsheet template for tracking the project schedules. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL : .

Free Gantt Chart template

These Free Gantt Chart templates were designed in such a way that any non-professional can also easily understand the chart, but it is not the case with the other Gantt charts, it requires some experience and professional knowledge to understand, create those Gantt charts. The Gantt charts prepared using the other templates and software’s were not that attractive to the non-project audiences, to overcome the defect of such, they have created this Free Gantt Chart template. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL :  .

David Seah – Best Excel Gantt Chart template

 Gantt Chart template

David Seah was a great template designer and analyst, he has designed this Best Excel Gantt Chart template for Excel 2007 or the higher versions, templates for earlier version also exists, you can go to the official site of David and can download them. These are very effective in simple visualization and scheduling the project spreadsheet, but these are not efficient to real time project management, as it can’t perform recalculation of resource used and can’t shift the schedules. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.


Gantt Chart template by

Gantt Chart template by is considered as the best replacement of Microsoft project by many of the experts, it is one of the most powerful template and yet it is considered as the simplest one. You can easily create a professional Gantt chart within minutes using this template, it is the fully automated template that renders you to create a awesome professional Gantt chart template. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL :  .

Gantt Chart template for PowerPoint

This is the easiest way to create a Gantt chart template i.e. using PowerPoint, Gantt Chart templates using the PowerPoint are more efficient and interactive when compared to the Excel Gantt chart templates, these are easy to create and can be customized the way we want. These Gantt Chart templates for PowerPoint are ready to be edited i.e. you no need to create them from scratch, you can directly edit the one that is available. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL : .

Gantt Chart Project Planning Template

This Gantt Chart Project Planning Template is also a readymade template that can be edited according to our preferences, this is a PowerPoint form template. You can edit these templates for your routine range of Years, Months and days, you can also organize the elements the way you want, and you can add your own Timeline for it. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL : .

Doolphy- Gantt Chart Templates for Excel

It is the only template that is available as a Mobile phone application, Doolphy is a online web service project management system which uses Gantt Charts for the purpose. It has many options that you can customize the templates in a desired way, it has cool online alliance and capability to set target dates for specific tasks, apart from these there are many other applications of this. You can download this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL : .

Hello Techo – Google Spread Sheet Gantt Chart template

Hello techo does not provide any template to download or work online, it only provides the steps that has to be followed in creating a Google Spread Sheet Gantt Chart template. If you are new at creating the spreadsheet charts, you can go through this website and can learn a lot, I have included this in this list as it is not only necessary to the best ones, but we should also know the implementation details of it. you can follow this Gantt Chart Template from the below given link.

URL :  .

Conclusion :

That’s all about the Top 10 Best Gantt Chart Templates for Excel, PowerPoint and Project management Gantt Chart Templates for Excel, the above mentioned Gantt Chart Templates list is prepared by observing many sources and we have taken the best from it. These are the best Gantt Chart Templates in their respective functionalities. Please do Like and share on the social media if you feel it is worth and feel free to comment in the below provided comment space for any doubts related to the above information.

Best Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboard Templates

What is KPI?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, KPI is a crucial business metric to evaluate the proper functioning factors and success metrics of an organization. KPI’s are different for different type organizations i.e. for a Government organization KPI’s differ from an E-commerce company KPI’s.

Why KPI is Very Important for an Organization?

KPI’s measure the performance of an organization or company, how well it is able to attain goals of the organization, it helps Managers to improve the functioning of a organization, analyze how dedicated the employees are, find the factors that are necessary to improve the performance of an organization and many other things make KPI’s Very important for an organization.

Types of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

There are many types of Key performance indicator’s depending on a particular industry or organization. Every industry has their own KPI’s and they might be mirrored for same type of organization. We have some industries, departments or organizations in which KPI’s are defined.

Marketing KPI, Health Care KPI, Tracking KPI, Human Resources KPI, Sales KPI, Insurance Metrics KPI, Excel KPI with Guage control, Social Media KPI, Customer KPI and SEO Metrics KPI etc.

What are KPI Dashboard Templates?

These KPI Dashboard Templates helps in real time monitoring of a organization performance, it is the best tool to do such exercise. These tools helps in shortening the burden of finding the exact factors that affect the organization. These KPI Dashboard Template can be understood by everyone, even though he is not a professional, makes it easy to work with.

Here are the top 10 best KPI Dashboard Templates that are used in different organizations or industries to monitor the key performance indicators of it.

 KPI Dashboard Templates

Tracking KPI Dashboard Template

This Tracking KPI Excel Dashboard Template is used to analyze every key metrics of a organization. Tracking KPI Dashboard Template allows you to add any type of graphics to the template that makes it look more visualization. You can also add add-ins for better performance and it also provides provision for adding color-picker so as to modify the template dashboard to look more professional and clear to the audiences. You can even run automatic updates of VBA code of excel on this template, and you can also add some cool infographics to this dashboard template.

Download it from : .

Social Media KPI Dashboard Template

Social media KPI Dashboard Template is used to analyze the key performance indicators of social media involvement of an organization. You can analyze the data related to many social media websites, and the metrics for each social media differs, for example if you consider Facebook , you can analyze the data related to number of Facebook page likes, Number of people talking about the organization, Number of people engaged in our posts and many other metrics come in to action. If you consider Twitter, you can analyze about the data related to number of people following the organization, number of people tweeting about the organization and many more.

Download it from : .

Health Care KPI Dashboard Template

When we consider Health Care KPI Dashboard Templates, we have many applications related to it, and it really helps a lot and makes it easy to manage a huge hospital or pharmaceutical. Let’s look at some applications where we us this Health Care KPI Dashboard Template. These templates are used to evaluate the average time taken by the lab to produce reports, can analyze the ability of a hospital to provide service to the number of patients come on a particular day, can analyze the time taken by the average number of patients to recover from a particular disease or injury, can analyze the average time required by a person to wait till he meets a physician and many other useful analysis can be made easy through these templates.

Download it from : .

Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template

Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template also has many applications as of Health Care KPI Dashboard Template. Let’s look at some real time applications of Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template, these templates can be used in analyzing the average number of recruitment made every month, average number of employees retention, average of turnover of a group of employees, average number of people undergoing training and development work, you can also analyze cost per hire of a person, like wise there are many applications of Human Resources KPI Dashboard Template. You can download this template for free from the below link.

Download it from : .

Customer KPI Dashboard Template

Customer KPI Dashboard Templates mostly used in organizations related to Business processing organizations (BPO’s) and Technical support organizations. These two organizations need to track or analyzethe data related to customer, such as, number of customer calls daily attained, analyze the average number of customer problems resolved, average number of customers waiting for the call on a day, analyze the data related to number of customers satisfied with the service provided by the organization. You can also analyze data related to number of incoming calls to the number of calls we have responded and many other applications can be used.

Download it from : .

Sales KPI Dashboard Template

Sales KPI Dashboard Templates also has many applications related to E-commerce organizations, super markets, brand bazaars and life style shopping malls etc. These templates are used in analyzing average number of customers visiting the store or site daily, average number of customers purchasing the items, average number of customers photo shopping,  analyzing the average bill made by average number of customers daily, number of sales of a particular brand, average number of customers returning the items daily, average number of sales from a particular region and many other analysis can be made using these dashboard templates for finding the KPI’s.

Download it from : .

Insurance Metrics KPI Dashboard Template

This is the best and easiest tool to analyze the data or information related to Insurance metrics. Insurance Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates can be used in efficient way to solve many problems related to Insurance metrics, such as, it can analyze the average number of claims in a month, can analyze the average number of pay outs by organization, can also analyze the data of average number of policies opened in every month or for a particular period, can also analyze the data of top brokers dedicated in bringing the most number of policies and many other analysis can be made using these Insurance Metrics KPI Dashboard Template.

SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Template

SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates are used in analyzing the SEO metrics that help in better ranking of a blog or site. Some applications or metrics for which SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates used are, in analyzing the keyword opportunities i.e. it compares the current ranking of our websites with the possible ranking for the keywords used, analyze the average traffic performance of our site or blog and also analyzes average search keywords, can also be used to analyze the number clicks on the SERP pages daily, it can also be used to analyze the trust factor i.e. domain authority and many other analysis can be made using these SEO Metrics KPI Dashboard Templates.

Marketing KPI Dashboard Template

Marketing KPI Dashboard Templates can be used in online marketing i.e. Digital marketing or offline marketing i.e. door to door marketing metrics. Let’s look at some digital marketing metrics, these Marketing KPI Dashboard Template can be used to analyze how productive is your website and how many people are engaged on the website, analysis related to how the people are visiting your site i.e. how they got to know about your site, analyses the number of dedicated external links that are redirecting them to your website, tracking of people on social media who are talking about your brand and many other metrics can be performed using Marketing KPI Dashboard Templates.

Retail KPI Dashboard Template

Retail KPI Dashboard Templates can be used in analyzing the data related to retail market metrics, let’s look at some key metrics and how we can deal them with Retail KPI Dashboard Templates, it can analyze the data related to the number of new customers for the organization and how can we retain them for getting more profits, analyses the actual profit from selling the goods, it can also analyze the data related to the customer satisfaction on the products you are selling, it can also be used in measuring the number of units purchased to the number of units per a transaction and many other analysis can be made easy using this Retail KPI Dashboard Templates.

Conclusion :

At the end of the line I want to say that these Key performance indicator (KPI) templates are the best tools to make your work easy in analyzing different types of key indicators related to different industries, organizations or companies. Please do share if you feel its worth and feel free to comment your opinion on the post / article.

Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates

Free Printable Calendar templates

Planning for making a schedule for a day, a week, a month or a year, here we are making your work easy by providing you the best Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates.

These free calendar templates can be used to schedule your work from time to time and day to day, it is very easy way of scheduling your preferences when compared to any other way.

These Free templates can be used to customize the calendar the way you want. You can also personalize the calendarsbased up on your preferences. Many of these templates are available for free.

There are many types of calendars that exists, some of them are, Free Printable Excel Calendar templates, Free Printable Yearly Calendar templates, Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates, Appointment Calendar templates, Birthday Calendar templates, Office Calendar templates and many other calendars exists according to the specification.

Here we are providing you with all the best information regarding the Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates. These are the most used calendar templates that are used to schedule any appointments.

Free Printable Excel Calendar templates

Free Printable Excel dashboard Templates allows you to create a customizable calendar spreadsheet in which you can enter your events, format the dates, highlight the important dates and many more things can be done. Although excel is created for accounting purpose it has become more familiar to create the custom and flexible calendars. You can create your own calendar and customize the way you want in just few minutes. You can create different types of calendars using excel calendar templates, which includes, Yearly Calendars, weekly Calendar, daily Calendars etc. It uses many awesome features of Excel to look great, which includes, conditional formatting, which is used to control the background colors, form controls and Macros which helps in adjusting the scheme of colors and can link images etc.

You can Download it From :

Free Printable Yearly Calendar templates

Free Printable Yearly Calendar templates are used to create a customizable calendar for a whole year. These types of calendars help you to schedule your every event of a year with ease. There are many types of yearly calendars, which includes, Portrait Yearly calendar, this calendar displays the calendar as three months per row and has 3 columns and 4 rows, the other one yearly calendar with landscape orientation, this calendar displays four months per a row and has four columns and three rows, Portrait yearly calendar with Notes, in here you can write notes for the year and the remaining all the design and features remain same, Landscape yearly calendar with Notes, this template has the same features of landscape yearly calendar template and the only difference is that it has space for notes on the right side of the calendar, Yearly Photo Calendar Templates, Yearly school Calendar Templates and many other yearly template exists.

You can Download it From : .

Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates

Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates are used to create a schedule for a single month using this template. You can customize the calendar template as the way you want with all the awesome features available. You can add holidays, events, highlight them with different colors i.e. a different color for a different event and thus you can easily recognize the dates and duties of the day. Free Printable Monthly Calendar templates are also available in two varieties, the first one is the Portrait Monthly Calendar templates and the second one is the Landscape Monthly Calendar templates. This is very easy to create, you don’t need any proficiency in excel or template designing. It needs only a general English knowledge to understand the commands.

You can Download it From : .

Free Printable Weekly Calendar templates

Free Printable Weekly Calendar templates are used to create schedule for a week. You can create this template using excel and customize as you wish in a desired way. You can add from any week you want and end it on the seventh day from chosen date/day. You can add time for each day and create the schedule according to the timings. You can highlight the important events, mark holidays and much more personalized calendar can be created. If the same schedule repeats for the next week, you can simply create a duplicate of it and replace the dates and the events if any, that way you can make use of it for the next time.

You can Download it From : .

Free Printable Blank Calendar templates

Free Printable Blank Calendar templates are mostly used in huge business organizations. These templates have only the day displayed on above and the remaining space is blank i.e. it is left free. You can fill in whatever you want in it and highlight them with different colors. Mostly these type of templates are available in Microsoft Word format rather in Excel form. These are easy to manage and customize, the calendars here are blank, so that we can only fill up the dates and days we want and leave the other dates free. Such that there can be no clumsiness when we look at the calendar.

You can Download it From : .

Birthday Calendar templates

Birthday Calendar templates are one of the awesome way to remember birthdays of your fellow ones. These types of templates are mostly created for schools, colleges, some organizations to keep track of the students birthdays or employee birthdays. You can highlight the birthdays with a different color, so that your eye goes on to it directly. These are very easy to customize, as there is no large data to be written, we need to just add a date and then highlight them. Point to remember, guys whenever you are sharing a template that you have created on a website, make sure that the data is made private, as many of them do not like to reveal their birthdates.

You can Download it From : .

Appointment Calendar templates

Appointment Calendar templates are mostly used by the managers or higher grade officers. These are used to schedule the appointments of their clients, employees in a perfect manner such that no collisions occur. You can highlight all the main events that have to be attended and you can also add photos to the Appointment Calendar templates, so that it makes easy to remember the event. You can easily print these templates and make a copy of them with you or you can share it to a tablet or notebook so as to keep in mind all the proper timings.

You can Download it From : .

Scheduling Calendar templates

Scheduling Calendar templates are nothing but organizing the different types of templates in a proper manner. So that anyone who looks at the calendar can understand the calendar and its behavior. Scheduling Calendar templates can be done in any of the three Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF. You can schedule calendars of type, Yearly Calendars templates, weekly Calendar templates, daily Calendar templates etc. Some calendars come with inbuilt holiday’s specification, such that you no need to mention them once again, you can just add your own customization to the template.

You can Download it From : .

Office Calendar templates

Office Calendar templates or Microsoft Office Calendar templates are the templates provided by Microsoft. These Office calendar templates include a whole collection of templates provided for free by Microsoft. You can download these Office Calendar templates for free from the below link. These templates include, daily appointment Calendar templates, Yearly Calendar templates, Weekly Calendar templates, Monthly Calendar templates, Academic Calendar templates, Student Year Calendar templates, College Year Calendar templates, School Year Calendar templates, Photo Calendar templates, Quarterly Calendar templates and many more types of Calendar templates.

You can Download it From :

3 Month Calendar templates

3 Month Calendar templates or Quarterly Calendar templates includes the schedule for 3 months. These types of templates generally have three months listed on a same calendar and events are scheduled for every three months on a different calendar. You are provided with many features to customize this calendar in a desired way you need it to be. Some of them include, you can highlight the present running month and then extra highlight the events of that months, you can also highlight some important dates from the next or previous months, you are also provided with notes section to write down important notes.

You can Download it From : .

Conclusion :

At the closure I want o say that the above mentioned best Top 10 Free Printable Calendar templates list is prepared based on the number of downloads, reviews and some other stats. We have not designed these templates and we have provided only the data regarding it. Thank you for going through the article, please do share and like, if you feel its worth and feel free to comment your opinions, and any queries.

Top 10 Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Charts or Organigram’s are the diagrammatic charts which depicts the texture of an organization, its communication and proportionate ranks of its jobs, positions and parts of organization.  These organizational charts help in depicting the success and loss ratio of a organization easily and helps in finding the loop holes in the organization.

An organizational chart can be made for any industry and it is the easiest, fastest and efficient way to analyze a organization. Organizational chart shows you the clear picture of the whole organization, its functional areas, its jobs and the work done by the particular part of the organization.

Organizational chart generally organizes or arranges the fields in a top down hierarchy. It makes the managers easy to analyze the whole thing in a easy way, as they first have to take action on the higher authorities then comes the employees.

Here we are providing some organizational chart templates for different fields, organizations or industries that help them attain a good position in their respective fields through these analyses.

Organizational chart template word

Organizational chart template for word is used in small business industries. It can be easily created by following some easy steps. To create Organizational chart template in word, first open word and click on insert tab then choose SmartArt button then a window pops up. Now click on the hierarchy on the left side, and then double click the organizational chart. Work area will be created, Now click on the top box on the chart showing Text, type a name in to the field, it is the highest authority of the organization. Now you can find three other boxes under the highest authority, if you do not want the other one you can simply delete it. Likewise you can create the Organizational chart template for word.

Company organizational chart

A Company Organizational chart template for a company can be created in the same way, we have created for word. We have to just add or delete some cells based up on our requirement. Generally, a Company consists of the follow members from top down hierarchy. President, Vice president, then deputy president, then comes the technologies head, and it the same row comes services head, management head and client CIO’s. Then underneath them there exists managers for respective fields, then comes the support specialists and last you can find the architects, general employees and so on. This is the hierarchy followed by Company Organizational chart.

 Blank Organizational chart

A blank Organizational chart template can be downloaded from various sources from internet and can be used. This blank Organizational chart template can be used to create any type of Organizational chart template. These blank templates make our work easy and efficient, these blank Organizational chart templates save a lot of time. You can find different types of blank Organizational chart templates that can be downloaded from internet and can be used in a desired way. Some of the examples of blank Organizational chart templates that you can get from online are IT company Organizational chart, Project Management Organizational chart, HR Organizational chart templates and many more.

Non Profit Organizational Chart Template

A traditional Non-profit Organizational chart template looks similar to a company Organizational chart template. The only difference between the Non-profit Organizational chart template and company Organizational chart template is that, in company CEO will be the highest authority and where as in Non-profit Organization Board of Directors will be the highest authority and CEO will be under them. The other difference is that apart from Board of Directors, some other personals like Budget and finance committee, Fund raising committee, Program committee and etc will be given more preference over CEO. Then under CEO other professionals are listed and the list goes on in the same fashion as a company Organizational chart template.

Hospital Organizational Chart Templates

Hospital Organizational Chart Templates can be of two to 3 types, these are designed based on the organizational need or Organization structure. Let’s look at the typical traditional Hospital Organizational Chart Templates, in these types of templates, board of directors are given the highest precedence. Then under them will be Auxiliary members, CEO and Medical staff with same precedence, then under Medical staff there will be a Medical Director. The remaining major sections, such as Nursing, Finance, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Quality assurance team and many other fields or departments come under are all under CEO of the company.

Project management organizational Chart Templates

Project management organizational Chart Templates are of 3 types in general, Complex Word Project Management Template, Simple word Project Management Template and a general Project management organizational Chart Template. Let’s look at the structure of Complex Word Project Management Template, in this type of chart, at the top we can find the Steering Advisory committee and executive sponsor’s. Then comes the Program manager, who is responsible for completion of whole project. Then under him there will be two to three other assistant managers, who are responsible for the part of the project assigned to them. Then under these assistant managers, there will be the developer’s staff, under them will be the customer sub team.

Human Resources (HR) organizational Chart Templates

Human Resources organizational Chart Templates are one of the most complex organizational Chart Templates to handle, as HR department has many sub departments under it and the sub departments has some more departments under them. Thus it becomes a very complex to handle HR organizational Chart Templates. Let’s have a brief about the HR organizational Chart Template, first of all will be the HR president. Then under him we can have any number of Vice president of HR’s, under them will be a Assistant’s of Vice president of HR’s. Then under them will be a huge branching, such as, HR administration, Labor relations, Campus HR relations, Marketing department and many more.

CMS Organizational Chart Templates

CMS Organizational Chart Templates is also one of the most complex Organizational Chart Templates to handle, as CMS deals with many more sub fields and departments. There are only a single CMS Organizational Chart Template, let’s have a brief look on it, on the above of all there will be the Administrator of the CMS, administrator will be managing many fields under him, thus it becomes very difficult Organizational Chart Template. Some of the fields handled are, communications, Data analysis, Human capital, finance department, editors, subscribers and many other departments. Here as many fields are managed by Administrator itself, he becomes the back bone of the organization.

ICS Organizational Chart Templates

ICS stands for Incident Command System, ICS Organizational Chart Template is typical word template that is not that easy to manage and create, better you download it from any one of the best website and edit to our requirements. An example ICS Organizational Chart Templates looks like, on the top of the chart, we have to mention Incident name, operation period and time of the period. Then the chart design starts with Incident commander, then we have Safety officer, public information officer, planning chief, logistics section officer, operations chief, Finance chief, admin chief and then there will be number of departments under the above departments.

Horizontal Organizational Chart Templates

Horizontal Organizational Chart Templates are almost similar to the regular top down Organizational Chart Templates. It differs only in the orientation of the chart, this chart shows the chart from left to right. These type of charts are preferred when you have more horizontal space when compared to the vertical one. Or when you have less vertical space Horizontal Organizational Chart Templates are the solution for the problem.

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on the Best top 10 Organizational chart templates, the above are the templates that are most searched and downloaded Organizational Chart Templates. Please do like and share this article, if you feel its worth and please do comment for any queries and suggestions.


Visio or Microsoft Visio is a Vector graphics and diagramming application which is a part of Microsoft office. This was first created by Shapeware Corporation in 1992 and later taken over by Microsoft in 2000.

This software is available in two variants, Professional and Standard. Both of them i.e. Professional and Standard has the same interface, the difference only is that in the professional variant, it has some extra or added features for advanced graphics and diagrams.

Visio 2010 and the prior versions to it write and read in VDX or VSD file formats. VDX is referred to as the XML schema based well-documented format.  But in Visio 2013 it dropped down the writing drawings in VDX, and they stated supporting VSDX and VSDM file formats.

There was been a rapid development in the Visio versions, it started from Visio v1.0 and now the current version of it is Visio v16. There was some breaks in between these versions, there are no versions 7,8,9 and 13. Now you can get the Visio along with Microsoft Office.

Here we are providing you with all the important Visio templates that are most often used by various companies. The below are the best 5 Visio templates.

Visio templates

Visio templates are the graphical and diagrammatical representation of a product, a project or an event. These templates make the work easy by eliminating lots of data and instead of the data we take diagrams and graphical representation. This also helps in understanding the project or event easily. As diagrams express more than data do. There can be many Visio templates, you can create a Visio template for your organization using Microsoft Office. You can click on this link to view the step by step procedure to create a Microsoft Visio.

Visio can be used in an efficient way to link data and images together for better understanding. You can use Visio to create flowcharts, organizational structures, Process maps, Floor plans, IT architecture and many. Here the diagrams created are highly secured with Information Rights Management, and it also has data loss protection and multifactor protection and many other features.

You can download latest Visio Template from . .

Visio templates 2016

Visio template 2016 is the super power for designing flowcharts and graphical diagrammatic project reviews. This awesome software is embedded with great added features to previous version. This version keep holds of all the features of the previous version and have some extra in it. How would say no to extra, let’s look at its awesome added features.

First of all, it has made it easy for beginners by adding the steps to create the Visio templates in almost all its domains. It has given some starter diagrams for the newbie’s, it has a new built in Tell Me Support, that can navigate up to 800 commands, it has a new Information right control (IRM), which helps to protect the data.

Data center Visio stencils templates

Data center Visio stencils templates are mainly created for networking related technologies, these Data center Visio stencils templates have many diagrams representing a network component or relation between those components. These are complex to understand for newbie. Let’s look at some of the examples of Data center Visio stencils templates. There are three types of Visio templates for Single phase power products, Batteries Stencil & UPS Systems, Surge Suppressors Stencil & Rackmount Power Strips, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) Stencil. When we talk about connectivity products, we have, KVM switch stencil, Stencil for network Accessories and many other Data center Visio stencils templates are available.

You can download it from : .

Firewall Visio stencil template

Firewall Visio stencil template comes under the networking Visio stencil templates category, there are many types of networking Visio stencil templates and Firewall Visio stencil template is one among them. This firewall Visio stencil template is a very complex template, but do not worry, you can download it from the below link provided. Firewall Visio stencil template contains, detailed data center and rack diagrams which uses 2000 shapes to represent it. These shapes are considered as the exact photocopies of network devices and they are drawn in a way such that it can even scale port level details.

You can download it from : .


 Visio flowchart template

Flowchart templates are the main reason to create Visio templates, as the name suggests, these templates contain flow charts. You can either create the Visio flowchart templates using Microsoft Visio or download it from the below link provided. These Visio flowchart template make our work easy by not even touching the design of a flow chart.  You can download this Visio flowchart templates for different domains available and just change the inner data as desired. These provide scalability and efficiency in creating a flowchart suing these templates.

Conclusion :

Here by I conclude that, these Visio templates plays a vital role in developing the best diagrammatic representations representation and graphical pictures.  Thank you for reading this article and please do like and share the information if you feel it’s worth and do not forget to comment for any queries or related information regarding this articl

Free, Premium Printable Business Card Templates

What are business cards?

Business cards or simply called as cards holds the information of individual businessman  or  the information regarding a firm, an Industry,  and Company.  These cards play a vital role in conveying the role of the business person holding the card or what a industry or company does.

These cards forms the major way of contacting industry, company or a business person.  These cards are given to a person our company as formal introductions and for a memory aid.

a typical business card includes the business persons name, company name, industry name Or logo of the company. It also includes address of the company a person along with the telephonic numbers, email address, website name and fax numbers.

Considering the modern Aura, these cards may also include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media account names.

These business cards can either be created on our own or can be downloaded from the Internet and just edit the data provided there. Here in this article we will be explaining how to create a business card for a person, company or industry.

What are business card templates?

As I mentioned above, there are two ways to create a business card, these templates fall under one of the ways.  These are the type of cards that can be downloaded from the Internet and can be edited.  Templates can be downloaded from many sites available on Internet.

Free printable business card templates

Free printable business card templates can be downloaded from the Internet and can be edited easily. Here we need not require a professional in order to design a business card. Here you need to just enter the information related to the business card you want to print and a logo that you want to be printed on the card. Once you enter the details required and the style you want then you can click on the submit button and then you can preview the card and can print it on a quality printing papers for efficient look. For small business, small company it is the most desired way of printing a card. You can even get a more efficient card using some paid tools or by hiring a design professional.

You can create free Business Card template from here :

Steps to create free printable business card template

Step 1 : Click on the link to get redirected to the website that allows you to create a free printable business card template.

Step 2 : Now from the list of fields or departments given below,  she’s the one that most fits you. Click on that card.

Step 3 : Now you will be redirected to a new page, wherein you have to select the set  subcategory of the department have selected.  Click on the most desired one.

 Step 4 : Now you will be redirected to another new page,  here click on the button,  click here to customize this template .

Step 5 : Here you need to edit the data and put the data of your company or a person.

Step 6 : once you have completed the editing of the template, you can preview the  business card that you have created.

Step 7 : If you want to add some background to the card,  just click on the add back button .

Step 8 : In this step you need to add the photos or logos,  that you wanted to  print on the business card, to do that, click on the  add photo frames,  and choose the photos that you want to upload.

Step 9 : This complete our free printable business card template, now you can either save the template i.e. business card Or you can Print the card.

Premium printable business card templates

you can get this premium printable business card templates in either of the two ways the first one is by hiring a design professional and make him design the business card the way you want or you can also get business cards  from some premium tools over the Internet. These tools provide you more features than the free printable business card templates here you can also upload your own picture onto the card and get some good designs for your business cards. Here, below we are providing the link for premium printable business card templates. You can just click on the link, and enjoy the features.

You can create free Business Card template from here : .

Steps to create premium business card template

Step 1 : Click on   above link to go to a website   that helps you to create a premium business card template.

Step 2 :  Choose the business card template that you like and then click on the template.

Step 3 :  Now click on the download premium account button that is to the right side

Step 4 : Once you click on the download premium account button you will be asked to register for the premium account, click on the register now button.

Steps 5 : Here  you can see 4 options, the first one is the free account the second one is the monthly premium account which is  $10 per  month, the third Option is yearly premium account which is of $96 per year With no auto renew option, the last one is  the yearly  premium membership plan which is off$72 per year  with auto renew option.

Step 6 : Click on a  subscription plan that most suits you or your interested in,  click on the subscribe  button underneath  Each plan.

Step 7 : Now you need to enter your personal details and then click on the radio button upon each subscription option  and then click on register button

Step 8 : Now you need to pay the amount that you have registered for using your PayPal ,Visa Card, MasterCard, Amex card, Discover card.

Step 9 : Now you can download the business card template that have chosen and can edit them data  and the remaining steps are same as for free business card templates.

Conclusion :

Here ends our article on printable business card templates, we highly recommend you to use  the free printable business card templates for a small company or an industry.  You can also use the premium printable business card templates if you are not worried about the cost or money.  Thank you for reading the article, please do like and share the article if you feel it’s worth and comment your opinion and views  in the below comment box.

Free PSD website design templates

What PSD website template?

PSD stands web Photoshop document, it is a collection of images that supports Photoshop,  this includes color spaces, layers with masks,  ICC profiles, Alpha channels,  transparency sport colors,  text,   clipping path and dutone settings. Generally a PSD file has a maximum width and height of 30000 pixels and length of it is limited to two gigabytes.

As Photoshop is gaining popularity,  these PSD files are mostly used unsupported by many of the computing software.  This dot PSD file can be imported to and from Adobe apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and after effects.

What is a PSD website template?

Typical PSD website template is a website that is encoded,   these websites also includes all the major properties of the websites that are created using HTML and CSS.  It includes all visual elements, images, layouts background, typography and many other elements. These PSD website templates can be used to build a full professional working website without using any sort of coding.  Although we are not using any type of coding it is as efficient as a coded website, frankly speaking it looks more awesome the coded website as these PSD website templates includes high quality and high definition images in it.  If you are not good at coding, then PSD web templates are the way you can build you’re working and professional websites for free, here you need to just download the PSD templates and then edit the data and then just save the changes.

Here we are providing you the best top 10 free latest PSD website templates that can be used to build a custom and efficient website without using any coding language.

 Top 10 free latest PSD website templates

OLIOS PSD website template

OLIOS is a  PSD website template for a furniture shop,  so,  if anyone interested in developing a furniture site then they can download this awesome PSD website template and edit the preferences as they need.  You can also use this template for other similar websites.  This PSD website template looks so fabulous the earth even a wordpress theme cannot compete with it. You can download these PSD website templates from the link given below.

 Woodier Free PSD website template

Woodier is a free PSD template similar to OLIOS PSD website template, but it has a different layout, Different structure and different UI.  This free PSD website template better suits for a company or a ecommerce website that has minimum number of product in it rather than for a company with more number of products. This website template is primarily given as a furniture shop template but you can edit the preferences and change the website as required this PSD website template can be downloaded from the link given below.

Creative agency free PSD website template

This creative agency free PSD website template is developed by Kristoffer Kvale, this PSD website templates design for a self portfolio or for a brand courtesy.  This is the most downloaded creative agency PSD website template for portfolio Creations and for brand courtesy. This PSD free website template can be easily edited handmade ready within a day or two even by non professionals.  You can download this PSD free website template from the link given below.

Hooky creative one page PSD website template

This Hooky creative one page PSD website template can be used first Mall website of a small company to show their portfolio or the work they are intended in. This PSD website template is not fit for a large company or for a company that has much functionality are operations to show on their website. This is a single page beautiful website template to show your creative skills within a single page.  You can download this template from the link given below

Bornfire free PSD ecommerce website template

Bornfire free PSD e commerce website template can be used to build the E-commerce websites with ease. This awesome free PSD ecommerce website template can be used to make any type of website, it may be a fashion shop, crockery, electronics etc. This cool free PSD ecommerce website template was designed by, all though the name is given as lazy, but the template is a full active and awesome template.  You can download this template from the link given below.

Nemesis free PSD website template

 Nemesis free PSD website template is mostly used to create a personal blog or for travel based blogs. This is the small template and it is advised to use only for descriptions and small blogs, although it is used for only small blogs it makes a great difference and it is the most efficient one. You can download this template from the link given below.

Food and restaurant free PSD website template

Food and restaurant free PSD website template is a exclusive template used to build the Food and Restaurant websites. You can also use this template to build the websites that are similar to a Food and Restaurant website, as you need to just change the images and edit the content. However, you will also be doing this for Restaurant and food websites too. You can download this template from the link given below.

Design and tech magazine Free PSD website template

Design and tech magazine Free PSD website templates used for the magazine websites, that showcases their product. These design templates can also be used for websites that focuses on designing part. You can download this template from the link given below.

 Personal website design free PSD website template

As the name suggests Personal website design free PSD website templates are used to create personal portfolio websites that describes a person, profession of the person and many other things. This template can also be used to create the similar type of websites like a personal websites. You can download this template from the link given below.

Conclusion :

These are the best and most downloaded free PSD website templates, you can also download edit the templates that most suits your business and your portfolio. Thank you for reading the article, please do visit again for stunning topics and great content. Do comment for any queries and write your views on it.

Best Top 5 Business Templates

What are Business templates?

Business templates are used in designing or doing some necessary work before starting a Business and also for ongoing successful business. These templates help in evaluating the business in all the areas and also with ease. These templates reduce the time required to fully analyze a business from a low level worker till a CEO.

The great thing about these templates is that these are available for free of cost. Anyone can download and use these templates, either it be a small business or a big industry. Here we are providing you with the best Top 5 Business Templatesthat are mostly used by every company or a business.

Free Business Plan Template

One of the best uses of this template is for pre-planning and paper work of the business you are going to start. Thinking of a good business plan doesn’t bring you success, it only comes from the implementation of it. This template is best suitable for excel sheet and it provides many tables and worksheets to perform certain activities. It is mostly used for creating the financial statements, charts and data tables. You are also provided with a feature to export the excel sheet to word, this can be done just using copy and paste operations. You can also add images to this template.

You can download it from : .

Business Budget Template

Thinking of a Business?

The first and foremost thing that strikes our mind is what type of business and then we estimate the budget of that business. So, budget plays a key role in choosing a business, you can’t think of a business before its budget is estimated. So, here we are providing you a way that reduces the time to make a budget plan for your business. Business Budget templates, these are the ready made budget plans and you need to just edit the preferences as you need. You can easily and efficiently make a perfect budget plan using this template. As, I said before it will be available for free and can be downloaded from internet.

You can download it from : .

Loan Amortization Schedule Template

A Loan Amortization Schedule holds all the details regarding the payments info of mortgages or loans. It shows the amount used on both interest and principal amount. The schedule in it is responsible to show the remaining amount, thus you can easily find the amount left and you need to pay. This templates makes it easy to calculate the amount, rather by sitting for hours on a single topic. This template is used for only fixed rate loan, if the loan is varying, it is not that useful. This template is also available as a premium version and you can download the premium version with some advanced features using the same link below.

You can download it from : .

Profit and Loss Template

Profit and Loss template is one of the most used business template. It may be a small company or a big industry, profit and loss has to be estimated by any of the two companies. Profit and loss templates are also called as Income templates sometimes. This template can be used to create a maximum of 3 year Profit and loss projection. You can even create it for a year or two, there are only some mere differences between both Budget and profit or loss templates. Most of the categories of profit and loss are almost equal to Budget template.

You can download it from :

Sales Forecast Template

Sales Forecast is one of the most essential analytics of a business plan. This Sales Forecast will be useful when someone is planning to take a loan from a bank or expecting some investors. This template makes your work easy by analyzing the unit sales, profit margin, gross profit and growth rate. These templates can calculate Growth rate, margin per unit, gross profit and total revenue. You can use these templates to print either a monthly chart or a yearly chart. There are some other awesome features coming with these templates for making our work go easy.

You can download it from : .

Conclusion :

Here ends our article, the above mentioned templates are created by some experts and we do not own any rights on it. We have just provided you the free source that might help your Business. Thank you for reading this article, Please do like and share, and feel free to comment in the below comment section.